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    Days of Our Lives CAST - EJ Wells DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on EJ Wells DiMera Played by James Scott on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    James Scott (NBC)

    Birthday: January 1 1979
    Birthplace: Newcastle Upon Tyne, England
    Marital Status: engaged
    Real Name: James Scott
    Height: 6 '4


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    Days Recap: Women Are Women.

    Thursday, September 18 2014

    Roman catches Sami and EJ making out in the DiMera mansion. Is she out of her mind? Desperate? EJ assures Roman he loves Sami and leaves. They discuss how Sami humiliated Stefano and Sami says she trusts EJ to protect her. Roman doesn't like that she and EJ reunited but Sami reminds him he married Kate once. They laugh but Sami asks him to put himself in her shoes. If Marlena wanted him back after cheating with John wouldn't he have taken her back? It pains him to say, he would have. Things thaw between them. They laugh and hug, tearfully.

    EJ finds Chad in the park and puts his brother on notice. He has a chance to bring his family back together and doesn't want interference.

    EJ returns home and Sami cries into his arms.

    Days Recap: I'll Always Love You.

    Wednesday, September 17 2014

    Over breakfast, Kate accuses Sami of sleeping with the enemy but Sami hasn't but believes EJ is on their side. Kate reminds her of his betrayal. EJ walks in and Sami comments on his cut lip. Chad interrupts, half naked. Everyone's surprised and happy to see him. Chad says he's impressed with what they've done with the company. Especially how they took EJ down. Things are awkward and Chad says he's there to make a fresh start. He'll live in the manse. Sami takes EJ outside and confides she sent Chad Will's article out of revenge. EJ admits he'd been putting off telling his brother. Inside, Chad offers to help Kate nail Stefano, who hasn't changed a bit. If Sami's not up for it, they'll keep her out of it. He wants to ensure Stefano never returns to Salem and EJ winds up with nothing. Kate's intrigued. Outside, Sami thinks Chad will come around, eventually. EJ doubts it. He pulled a gun on him. Sami's shocked but thinks Chad just wanted to see him squirm. EJ is concerned his brother will attempt to ruin their reunion. Later, they head inside and alone, they kiss.

    Days Recap: Beueller. Beueller.

    Monday, September 15 2014

    At the DiMera manse, Chad punches EJ for sleeping with Abigail and then pulls a gun. EJ understands his brother's upset but he doesn't have to do this. Chad asks why. "Just because the minute I left town you banged my girlfriend?" EJ won't make excuses. It was a terrible mistake. Chad laments stepping in front of that bullet made for EJ. He pulls the trigger a few times but the gun's not loaded. He leaves.

    Days Recap: I Don't Cotton To Threats!

    Friday, September 12 2014

    In the park, EJ wonders why he should trust Clyde, let alone let him live. Clyde articulates, "Mr. DiMera I don't cotton to threats." EJ warns that the consequences of playing games will be lethal. Clyde assures he's not. He says he's never had a run-in with the law enforcement and can provide EJ with quality stuff for a lower cost. EJ gives him one week to see what he can do and asks him never to contact him again directly. EJ leaves and a smirk plays on Clyde's face.

    EJ arrives home and receives a punch in the face from Chad. "I'm home."

    Days Recap: Heavy Artillery.

    Thursday, September 11 2014

    At the DiMera mansion, Sami tells EJ that she'll let her heart decide what happens between them. They talk about the threat of Stefano. EJ says he couldn't care less about Kate, but he's there for Sami always. He says he made a terrible mistake, but his heart has always been hers. EJ assures Sami he won't rush her or push her, and shares Stefano's fatal flaw - he assumes his enemies are stupid. He thinks Sami can best him.

    Outside the pub, Kristen needles Marlena to thank her for accessing the drug that may save John. Marlena says she hasn't heard if they'll be using the drug yet - if they don't, Eric can testify against Kristen. Marlena guesses that means they're both on pins and needles. Kristen snarks that they'd be stupid not to use it. They trade insults. Kristen says she has the upper hand now. Marlena warns her if she's doing this to get Brady back there will be hell to pay. Later, Kristen runs into a smirking EJ. She baits him about Abigail and talks about how supportive Stefano's been. EJ asks, "What have you done?" Kristen realizes he's upset about what Sami will think and calls him whipped.

    EJ meets Clyde in a dark, forested area. EJ's goon Miguel, pats Clyde down. EJ wonders why he should trust Clyde or even let him live.

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