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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Stephanie Johnson (past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Stephanie Johnson (past) Played by Shayna Rose on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Shayna Rose (NBC)

    Birthday: 1983-03-11
    Real Name: Shayna Rose


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    Internet Bimbo.

    Wednesday, October 08 2008

    Max and Stephanie are taken to Salem PD and Stephanie waits outside Roman's office while Roman demands Max tell them everything. The fibers on Trent's body were from Max's shirt and the blood from Trent Robbins.

    Bomb's A Dud

    Tuesday, October 30 2007

    Stephanie tells Kayla she did something stupid last night. There is no other guy for her but she's not going to drown her sorrows in any other guys to forget Max. She apologizes to Steve for not being a better daughter. He tells her she's perfect and thinks he can help with Max! He thinks she should work at Adrienne's bar and if she's around Max, he'll start to notice she's the girl for him! Stephanie apologizes for how she handled the Jeremy issue and wishes she handled things like her mother. Steve comforts her and tells her it took years for Kayla to become the woman she is today. "Making mistakes are part of being human," he says. Steph thinks she's definitely human! When Kayla returns and tells them she's taking the day off, Steve goes off to check his text messages (he says) and get her a coffee. Kay thinks Stephanie should let Max go and start over with someone new. They snuggle in bed together and Steve arrives and tells Stephanie that he got a text message from Adrienne, who may need someone at the Cheatin' Heart! Kayla thinks Steve has fixed it for Stephanie and Steph says she's gone through a ton of her savings! Stephanie goes to shower and Kayla calls Steve a hopeless romantic! Steve says at least they know Max is a good kid! He wonders why she was crying earlier, but Kayla refuses to tell him. They start kissing and dive under the covers.

    Unwanted caller

    Thursday, January 18 2007

    At another booth, Stephanie and Kayla enjoy their desert and discuss Steve. Steph wonders why her parents aren't ready to have another baby, and Kayla explains that Steve still has problems with his memories so she feels that the timing for babies is off. Steph lays off but happily recounts how great Steve was with the kids at the hospital, Christmas Eve. She reminds Kayla of a Christmas long passed when she didn't see Santa. Instead she saw Kayla putting together her bicycle, in tears! She went back to bed and prayed that her dad would come back. She has prayed the same thing each Christmas since then, and this is the reason why she can leave town, she says. "Every prayer for my family has been answered!" They leave for the airport.

    Plans in motion

    Wednesday, January 17 2007

    Steve says goodbye to Stephanie at their home. Stephanie is really excited to leave for Dayton, even though she knows that her parents will miss her terribly. Steve tells her that she reminds him of himself. He says that she has her mom's good looks and his need to push the envelope! He wants her to be safe but knows she was born to race cars like demons were after her. "You're following your dream," he says and gives her advice. "Don't ever let that fire inside you die." Stephanie hugs her dad and asks him why he doesn't take his own advice? Steve tells her that he has everything under control and thinks that when she gets older, she'll see that it's okay sometimes to pull back. Stephanie asks him to test himself and take an adventure! She notices the time and has to leave. She starts to cry as she leaves and Steve comforts her and tells her that her decision is a good one. Stephanie leaves for Dayton. After she's gone, Steve is hurting inside - in his head and his heart. He flashes back to his last episode and then starts to play his harmonica. He looks in the mirror and tells himself, "Something isn't right with you boy. What are you gonna do about it?" He tells himself to take an aspirin if he has a headache, and then starts to feel another episode come on. He falls to the desk in pain.

    Stephanie and Kayla go to the Brady Pub to say goodbye to Grandpa Shawn and Grandma Caroline. They promise to visit her a lot. She accepts a gift from her grandfather - a carved race car! He tells her that she's a Brady and never to forget.

    Shawn calls Kayla and asks for her help. He asks her to call the hospital to find out if Claire is being immunized there tomorrow morning. She agrees to call and find out and promises that he can trust her. Later, Kayla calls him back with news. Dr Kinnerly is going to see Claire at 1:00pm tomorrow. She tells him not to take on Victor alone and asks him to call on she and Steve for help. He thanks her they agree once again to no questions asked and they hang up. Shawn relays the news to everyone that they will get Claire back at 1:00pm tomorrow! Shawn thanks Max and Mimi for their help and they order pizza.

    The bandages are off!

    Monday, January 15 2007

    At Max's garage, Abby and Nick once again go into a discussion about how Nick should tell Chelsea the truth. Stephanie arrives to tell them that she is moving to Dayton Ohio to race cars. They're very happy for her but they're interrupted by Chelsea, who has news of her own. She tells them that she and her mother got a new apartment! She's happy that there will be, "No more crazy Lockharts." Stephanie finds Chelsea rude and tells her that the Lockhart's were good enough to give her a home when she was in need, so she should be thankful. She goes on to say that she's leaving town and finally has a chance to tell Chelsea how she really feels about her. She goes off on a rant and calls her a "Scared, angry little brat." Chelsea's sarcasm comes shining through and she feigns that she's hurt. She asks Steph why she isn't having a last bash, before she leaves but then stops short and cruelly implies that Stephanie doesnít have any friends. After rolling her eyes, Stephanie remembers who she's speaking with and refuses to exchange barbs with Chelsea any longer. She hugs Nick and Abby goodbye.

    After she leaves, Nick and Abby tell Chelsea that they don't like how she treats people. A disinterested Chelsea changes the subject. She tells Abby and Nick that has a new strategy to get her online love to talk to her. She says, "I'll tell him I know his real name and if he doesn't talk, I'll stalk him!" Abby doesn't think much of Chelsea's idea and tells her that when she is slapped with a restraining order, they'll all be there for her! Chelsea asks Abby to get Max to give her a job. Even though Abby doesn't think that Max will hire her, she agrees to do it. After she leaves, Abby rhetorically asks Nick why she puts up with Chelsea so? Nick has his own thoughts. He promises he is going to dump Chelsea. Tonight!

    EJ is fingered!

    Wednesday, January 10 2007

    At Chez Rouge, Stephanie, Kayla and Steve dine. Stephanie tells her parents that she has news and hopes they're happy for her. She asks them to guess what her news is and Kayla guesses that she's pregnant! Steve just about falls over but he recovers quickly when Steph explains that she was offer to join a new race team in Dayton Ohio. She has already accepted the position! She starts out in the pit crew, but will be racing soon. Her parents are happy for her but clearly saddened at losing their daughter to another city. She tells them she has to leave as soon as possible. Kayla and Steve try to be supportive as they can. Steve is upset that he is just getting to know Stephanie again and this makes Stephanie cry. She tells them she won't go, but Steve encourages her to do her thing. They promise to visit her in Dayton. "We'll always be a family, no matter how far apart we are," Steve promises. Stephanie leaves to meet her friends.

    After Stephanie leaves Chez Rouge, Steve comforts Kayla. They both know that Stephanie wouldn't have gone if she had known that Steve was having these episodes. She tells Steve that she is afraid to lose him, but he tells her "There is nothing that we can't do together, sweetness!" They stay on for a drink.

    The lap dog retires!

    Monday, January 08 2007

    At the garage, Nick spills the beans that although he had intended on telling Chelsea the truth, he lied to Chelsea. He told her that a Dr. Shane Patton is 'Lonely Splicer'. Abby thinks he's nuts, but he tells her that the timing was off. He flashes back to making love to Billie. Abby asks him where his belt is, but he changes the subject. He promises her that he has things taken care of, but she offers to tell Chelsea the truth that he is 'Lonely Splicer'. Nick throws her feelings for Max back in her face and reminds her that she hasn't exactly come clean with her feelings for Max. She tells him that she would but she knows that he thinks of her like a little sister.

    In her room, Chelsea argues with Stephanie about Dr. Patton. Stephanie thinks that he is playing her and but Chelsea disagrees. She says that she knows men and thinks that Stephanie could learn a thing or two from her. Chelsea tells Stephanie that she's spontaneous and full of life and isn't interested in taking Steph's advice until she gets a man of her own. A hurt and annoyed Stephanie leaves. Chelsea messages Lonely Splicer.

    Later, Chelsea arrives at the garage to see Abby and Nick. She asks, "Nick? I need you to stop being a jerk." She reminds him of his promise to find Dr. Shane Patton. She calls him 'Nicky' and tries to sweetly beg him for help. Nick tells Chelsea to stop calling him 'Nicky' and tells her starting now, I donít' do anything for you!" Chelsea is shocked! He tells her, "Find some other poodle to kick. I'm over it and I'm over you!" He uses her words when he tells her that he doesn't want to be her "lap dog" any longer.

    Christmas in Salem!

    Tuesday, December 26 2006

    Inside the Horton house, Maggie, Nick and Chelsea drink eggnog, while Julie and Doug put out Hors' D'oeuvres. Julie gives Nick a hug and then gives him a gift from his parents. They're still in France, but sent him a part he had wanted for his computer. He is thrilled to accept it and as he reads the card, he gets a little emotional. "I miss them so much," he says. Chelsea watches as he talks about his parents. She is feeling alone and upset and wistfully tells him, "I have all of these relatives who don't want to know that I exist."

    Hope and Bo comfort one another as they think about Zack. Bo asks her to promise him not to go away with Lockhart.

    Shawn, Claire and Belle arrive for Christmas celebrations as a family. They're greeted with hugs from all, and Claire is 'stolen' by Julie, for snuggles. Lucas drags Sami under the mistletoe as Belle happily looks on. She tells Shawn that she's happy that Sami and Lucas are back together.

    Chelsea is happy and feels loved when Hope and Bo hug her. One by one, the Horton and Brady families put up their Christmas ornaments. Sami smiles when Lucas tells her that it'll be her turn next year!
    Chelsea watches with tears in her eyes as an emotional Bo and Hope put up Zack's ornament together. She wants to leave, but Nick stops her. Bo says to Hope, "He'll always be with us." Hope tells Zack, "I'll love you forever." Chelsea goes to the tree to put up her ornament, but has a difficult time with it, when she stares at Zack's ornament. Hope notices this and sweetly holds Chelsea's hand as she puts up her ornament next to Zack's.

    Maggie makes mention that there are family members who are no longer with them and ones who couldn't be here today.

    Kayla and Steve are upset to find that Frankie can't make it home to find Max because he's stuck in an airport in Toledo.

    Stephanie, Steve and Kayla leave for the Hospital in order to read the Christmas story to the sick children. Steve is nervous when he begins but doesn't get far in the book when he stops. "I'm sorry kids. I can't read this," he apologizes. He has to tell them the story in his own words. The children adore his version of the story, which is laid back yet interesting! Bo and Hope drop by the hospital as he finishes up. They love his version of the story, and Bo tells Steve that he is a hard act to follow. (He's to dress as Santa!) Kayla and Steve leave for the Clay Aiken concert as Stephanie, Hope and Bo stay behind. Shawn, Belle and Claire arrive at the hospital. Belle tells the children that Santa's coming soon, and shares Claire's story of when she was in the hospital last year. She asks the kids to stay strong and have faith that they'll get better. Dressed as Santa, Bo arrives. "Ho Ho Ho," he says, and gives out gifts to all of the children with Julie and Maggie's help!

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