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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Tony DiMera

    Full detailed profile on Tony DiMera Played by Thaao Penghlis on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Thaao Penghlis (NBC)
    Tony DiMera

    Actor: Thaao Penghlis

    Who played Tony DiMera over the years

    Thaao Penghlis (1981 - 1986; 1993 - 1995; June 2002 - 2003; 2004 - September 2005; Thursday, May 24 2007 - April 1,2009)

    Useful information on Tony DiMera

    (All below was done by Andre DiMera, we find out years later, in 2008)
    * Kidnapped and raped Liz Chandler.
    * Faked being blind.
    * Attempted murder of Father Francis.
    * Moved the Salem Stalker 'victims' to Melaswen.
    * Mastermind of the Salem Stalker plan.
    * Tony was actually stranded, by Stefano, on one of Stefano's islands, for approximately 21 years.
    * Tony was reunited with Anna, John and Marlena when they found him on the island in 2007.
    * Anna and Tony are now married
    * Tony accidentally fell to his death on the pier, during an altercation with Philip Kiriakis in April 2009


    Current: Businessman - owns Marketing and Advertising company
    Past: Count


    Tony came to Salem to get his wife back and to sort out his assets. He arrived just in time, discovering quickly that the man in charge of his affairs had been skimming them away. Taking control of things, Tony bought the Twilight Bar and, when things weren't going as planned with his wife, Liz, he began looking for love with Renee Dumonde. As things pushed along with her, he abducted Liz when she left him again and forced her to begin spying on Doug for him. (He and Stefano had discovered that there may be titanium deposits under Doug's place and sought a way to get them. It turned out to be a hoax.)

    When Liz finally demanded a divorce, Tony refused and then beat and raped her. All the while he still pursued a relationship with Renee, hiding her when she was attacked by the Strangler. They became closer and he proposed to her. Although she happily accepted, she soon discovered that Lee was really her mother, Stefano her father and Tony her half-brother. This was enough to end things between them, but she refused to tell him the real reason for ending it. Tony blamed Stefano and threatened to leave town. His father faked a heart attack to keep him around. Learning the reason for the breakup, Tony dug around and discovered that they weren't related and he had blood tests to prove it. By then it was too late and Renee had married another man.

    Things were far from settled, however. Tony soon discovered that Liz was pregnant and believed the child to be his although she claimed it was Neil's. He agreed to a divorce only after the baby was born so that he could make sure the child was Neil's, which it was. Turning back to Renee, Tony had to take the 'dead' Stefano's will into account for his next move. The will stipulated that he had to live under the same roof as Renee for a year until he could marry her. He was, by this time, married to Anna. It also stated that the first of his children to have a child would receive an extra five million in their inheritance. Anna got pregnant first, sending Renee into a rage. She decided to blow Anna up and, accidentally, took Tony in the explosion. They both survived, although her baby did not. This did not bring them closer though.

    He soon discovered that she had only managed to marry him by drugging him. While this led to a quick divorce, it did not sever their relations. They banded together to form a fashion company and flew down to Haiti for a photo shoot with much of the family and townspeople. On the way there, Andre DiMera, Tony's twin, popped up and threatened the pilot into changing direction, a move which forced the plane down. In the crash, his mother Daphne DiMera was killed and Tony fought his twin into a patch of quicksand. After returning 'the prism' to Stefano, Stefano was killed by Roman.

    Tony returned to Salem, now married after a pair of unsuccessful attempts subverted by kidnapping and false clergymen. Returning to Salem was far from smooth though. Anna was soon accused of murdering an art dealer and then Tony after he banished. In fact, Tony had been kidnapped by the art dealer. The truth was soon revealed and Anna was let off but the returning Tony had other problems. Emma Donovan blackmailed him into leaving Anna and Salem behind.

    He returned several years later to marry Kristen Blake. As a death bed wish, Stefano requested that they marry before his passing. Unfortunately for Tony, she left him at the altar to help the man she truly loved, John Black. Later, as they prepared to marry again, John appeared at the wedding with evidence that tied Stefano to the murder of Curtis Reed. As John chased after Stefano, he managed to fake his death yet again. This was enough to put Kristen off of John and she went through with the wedding. Although Tony knew that Stefano was still alive, he kept this from her for fear that she would go back to John otherwise. A year into the marriage, Tony went blind after running into a fire to rescue his father's computer and the files it had on John. Not long after, Kristen began sleeping with John again. She left Tony after discovering he had been switching her birth control with sugar pills and had kept Stefano's survival a secret. Her reunion with John came to an end when she discovered his secret: He was a priest. This was enough to put her off and put Tony off shooting the man who stole his wife. When she returned to Tony, he soon regained his sight but kept this to himself so that he could spy on her. Once John was released from his priestly vows, Kristen dumped Tony and ran to him.

    Left alone, he discovered that he had a fatal blood disease and plotted to frame John for his death. He confessed this plot to Father Francis who then set out to tell John. Tony stopped him, pushing him into a heart attack and then a coma when he was taken to the hospital. This left him open to pursue the plan he soon set in motion. Luring John upstairs and into a fight, Tony rigged things so that John would shoot him at the moment that he got the most attention from the guests gathered downstairs.

    Seven years later, it was revealed that Tony was not dead. The dead man was, in fact, his twin Andre. Although Tony still suffered from a blood disease, he also suffered from an obsession with Marlena. With his return, a set of other truths began to spill out. It was thought that the twins, Rex and Cassie, were his children with Marlena, and John Black was his half-brother, but it turned out that they were Roman and Marlena's kids. His return didn't sit well with anyone and the recent slayings by the Salem stalker put a harsh light on his emergence from the shadows. When he was imprisoned as a chief suspect, Mickey Horton got him out on bail and he set out on another public display. This time he publicly proclaimed his knowledge of the real culprit, only to be attacked then wound up in the hospital and on his death bed. But he didn't die: He went to the island where all of the other 'murder victims' were held. The island was where he had been hiding for years and, after he sabotaged every attempt of his captive's escape, he revealed himself to be the one behind all of their abductions. They soon escaped, although he recaptured a few of them and held them captive in his European castle. After they escaped from there, he began using a resentful Sami Brady as his tool to extract revenge from afar. She eventually turned on him when he threatened those closest to her, but she still broke him out of jail when he threatened to reveal their association.

    In 2007, Tony found a judge to get him out of jail and he went back to Salem to help his ailing father, Stefano.

    When Anna DiMera came back to Salem and reunited with Tony, she began to suspect something off about him. Soon after she discovered that Andre DiMera was back in Salem and pretended to be Tony. Shortly after, Andre died, and Anna and Tony finally carried on happily, and started working at an advertising company together.

    A frustrated Anna could not understand why Tony was not proposing to her, and dumped him to go work at a rival advertising company. Tony then started working with Kate, and a jealous Anna struggled to get him to propose marriage. When they finally got married, the company Anna worked for went bankrupt, so she and Tony started working together.

    When Tony's father came back to wreak havoc on Salem, Tony was caught in the middle, as he was unable to stay loyal to his family. Later on, Stefano went into a vegetative state as Marlena injected him with a drug as revenge for his kidnapping of John Black, whom everyone believed to have died in a hit-and-run. Tony, EJ, and Lexi decided to leave Stefano in long term care, however, he later came out of his catatonic state. Tony and Anna soon after moved into the DiMera mansion.

    While living in the DiMera mansion, Tony saw that Stefano had the most faith in EJ as a son, and grew to resent both of them. He also eavesdropped on several unusual situations, including Nicole Walker's friendship with a Mia, a pregnant teenager. He noticed Nicole's awkward behavior after her and EJ's baby, Sydney, was born. Eventually, Tony pressured Mia to tell him the truth and Mia confided that Sydney was actually her baby that Nicole took in as her own. Right before Sydney's christening, Tony blackmailed Nicole with her secret and thought that it would be a great way to get back at EJ, but he kept quiet, and continued to taunt her.

    Meanwhile, Tony heard about the promising alternative fuels project as he knew EJ and Philip were at war over it. He then convinced Melanie Layton that neither of them could take the project as far as he could, and he got her to give him the last copy of the blueprints of the project. When Philip heard of this, he threatened Tony and the two fought on the pier, where Tony accidentally fell to his death, as Nicole Walker looked on. He was rushed to the hospital, and as he laid in critical condition, he tried to tell EJ about Nicole's secret, but died before he could. Philip was immediately listed as a suspect, and hit-listed by the DiMeras. Stefano swore revenge on the Kiriakis' for Tony's death, even though Nicole told the police that it was an accident. Stefano and EJ refused to believe this and plotted to have Philip killed. During a romantic surprise in a hotel room with Stephanie, Philip was shot by a DiMera hitman.

    Will Tony's death be the start of more bloodshed between the Kiriakis' and the DiMeras?


    Liz Chandler (divorced)
    Anna Fredericks (divorced)
    Kristen Blake (annulled)


    Renée DuMonde (unknowingly incest)


    Stefano Dimera (father)
    Daphne DiMera (mother)
    Megan Hathaway (paternal half-sister - deceased)
    Renée DuMonde (paternal half-sister - deceased)
    Alexandra (Lexi) Brooks Carver (paternal half-sister)
    Benjy Hawk (paternal half-brother)
    EJ Wells (paternal half-brother)
    Philomena Alamain (maternal half-aunt - deceased)
    André DiMera (paternal cousin - deceased)
    Lawrence Alamain (maternal cousin)
    John Black (maternal cousin by adoption / maternal biological half-brother)
    Theodore Brandon Carver (paternal half-nephew)
    Brady Victor Black (maternal biological half-nephew)
    Belle Black-Kiriakis (maternal biological half-niece)
    Nicholas James Alamain (maternal first cousin)




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    Wednesday, April 01 2009: Nicole's Call...

    At the hospital, Stefano is horrified that Tony’s dead and Philip tells him how sorry he is. "It was an accident," he tells Stefano. EJ takes Stefano to see Tony, while Hope tells Nicole to stop stalling. "I just need to be sure," Nicole says, and Hope wonders what type of deal she struck with Philip. Hope calls it obstruction of justice and when Brady arrives, he asks Nicole what she did! Nicole tells them both that Tony and Philip got into a fight. Brady knows Philip would never hurt Tony intentionally, but Hope disagrees. She asks if it was an accident or not. EJ comes out of Tony’s room and tells everyone his brother’s dead. Nicole rushes to his arms and Brady urges Nicole to tell EJ that it was an accident. Nicole wants to know if Tony said something. EJ denies this but Tony left him a message. Hope asks what he said and EJ says Tony left him a note.

    In Tony’s room, Stefano says this never should have happened and nobody should outlive their children. "I would have given my life for yours," Stefano says. People have called him arrogant, making him laugh, but now he calls himself arrogant. "I toyed with you, with my own son," he says. Stefano thought he could teach Tony a lesson and then bring him back to him, when he chose. Stefano realizes he’ll never hear Tony call him ‘Father’, again. Stefano will feel guilt for this forever and he’ll vindicate Tony’s death or die trying, he promises. He weeps, as he calls Tony’s name.

    Back out in the waiting room, EJ says he wants Philip arrested and charged with murder. Brady knows this isn’t his call. EJ agrees. It’s Nicole’s call! Hope tells her she’d better come clean, and be honest, or Hope will charge her with perjury.

    Nearby, Phillip wants a do over. Victor knows it was an accident. Philip says it wasn’t an accident that Tony was there or that they fought. Philip will have to deal with this for the rest of his life. Victor doesn’t understand how Philip has this introspective streak, considering Kate’s his mother and he’s his father! He’s proud of his son and asks if he and Nicole are on good speaking terms. Nicole will determine whether he goes home or to jail.

    Nearby, Nicole says that Tony’s death was an accident. Philip had nothing to do with it. Stefano returns from Tony’s room and tells her that this was the wrong answer. Nicole says this is the truth. Stefano calls it an accident that was planned and solved a lot of problems, for Philip, who he calls sniveling. Philip jumps at Stefano but Hope tells Stefano she’s sorry for his loss. Stefano knows what needs to be done, he says, and won’t forget Nicole’s lies. Brady asks why Nicole was there, but Philip has no idea. Victor goes to talk to the doctor, while EJ rants to Nicole that he enjoyed the fact that Father put him ahead of Tony. He will have to live with that forever. EJ looks at Philip and blames him, though Nicole says she told the truth. It was an accident. EJ says not to worry. Stefano’s lashing out, but EJ’s not angry with her for telling the truth. "It’s lies that kill," he says. Brady watches Nicole from across the room. Hope tells Victor that forensics and Dr. Jonas think the death could have been accidental and she is doubtful Philip will be prosecuted.

    Brady goes to Nicole and reminds her she went to the pier to make sure Tony didn’t tell anything about Sydney. Nicole says it wasn’t like that. Hope asks if there’s something she should know. Brady denies this. Hope thinks it’s interesting timing that Nicole was there during Tony’s fall. Nicole goes to talk to Philip, who thanks her for telling the truth. Hope watches as they talk, and Philip asks what Nicole wants. She’d like him to stop blackmailing her and Brady. Philip realizes he was wrong about her. Stefano is upset to find Nicole talking to Philip. Nicole says Philip was apologizing, and this leaves Stefano disgusted with her.

    Inside Tony’s room, EJ reads the note and promises Tony that somehow, he’ll find out the truth.

    Tuesday, March 31 2009: He's Gone....

    Hope grills Nicole, in the hospital waiting room, asking if Philip pushed Tony on to that piece of wood or if Tony fell. Nicole is nervous and refuses to answer. Philip urges her to tell the truth but Nicole runs off, yelling that she needs to think. Meanwhile, Stefano watches her like a hawk. Bo tells Philip to relax and Stefano asks Nicole if she’s going to tell the police what Philip did to Tony? Bo tells Stefano not to influence the witness and Hope tells Nicole they need an answer. Philip tells her not to put a DiMera slant on it and Bo tells Philip to shut up. Philip is worried she’ll lie. Victor comes into the hospital and tells Philip not to say another word. Stefano confronts Nicole, who walks away. He follows her and demands that she talk. Lexi and Bo rush to Nicole’s side and tell Stefano to stop badgering her. Nicole reminds Hope that last time she spoke with her, she was the one who was being grilled for murder. Lexi asks Nicole not to let Stefano upset her too much. Stefano picks on the easiest target. Nicole wonders if Tony will live through this. Lexi says Tony’s chances aren’t good. “I think he knows that.” Lexi says Tony wants to clear the air with EJ about something and that’s why he’s with him.

    Victor thinks Philip did what he did to try to get back into his good graces. Philip says he just got into a fight and was ten feet away from Tony, during the fall. Bo hopes that Tony or Nicole backs it up. Otherwise the DA will make her own ruling.

    Inside Tony’s room, Tony tries to communicate to EJ that Sydney’s not EJ’s kid with Nicole. EJ says he’ll be able to speak when the tube comes out of Tony’s mouth. “Are you sure this can’t wait a day or so?” Tony shakes his head and continues to write. He runs out of ink and EJ goes to grab a pen while Tony thinks to himself that EJ has no idea what’s coming to him. EJ asks Tony to forget about this. It’s making him so upset. When he comes home, he, Anna and Nicole will all take care of him. Nicole comes into his room and Tony becomes very agitated. EJ tries to calm him and Lexi rushes into his room, demanding to know what the hell is going on. Nicole and EJ leave the room and Lexi calms Tony down.

    Back in Tony’s room, Lexi tells Tony to stay calm. She needs to consult with Dr. Jonas and will be right back. EJ returns and agrees to get the pen and paper for him if he agrees to relax. Tony starts to write. EJ asks, “Is this something about Philip?” Tony becomes more agitated and suddenly his monitor goes crazy as he flatlines. EJ yells, “Tony! Tony! Help!” A nurse rushes into the room and works on Tony. EJ looks at the letter B on the paper and wonders what on earth it means. Lexi works on Tony with the nurse and when she can’t bring him back, she calls his time of death and starts to cry, as she holds his hand. EJ walks out of the room and a weeping EJ tells Nicole Tony had a heart attack. Nicole comforts him. Lexi returns to the waiting room and tells everyone they did all they could. “He’s gone.” She cries and EJ comforts her as Nicole ponders her next move and Stefano goes white and turns to Philip.

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