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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Kayla Johnson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kayla Johnson Played by Mary Beth Evans on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Mary Beth Evans (NBC)

    Birthday: March 7 1961
    Birthplace: Pasadena, California, USA
    Marital Status: Married (Dr. Michael Schwartz) Nov 3 1985 - present - 3 children
    Real Name: Mary Beth Evans
    Height: 5' 4"


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    Abby puts two and two together!

    Tuesday, January 09 2007

    Billie arrives at Brady Pub and tells Hope that she looks wonderful after the birth of her baby. She asks Kayla how she and Steve is and it's awkward but Billie tells Kayla that she got Steve's letter and is truly glad that the couple is back together. Kayla thanks her and tells Billie that Steve meant his words. Billie asks what the baby's name is. They explain that they're having a hard time naming her and have temporarily named her 'doodlebug'. Billie suggests "Ilene". Neither Hope nor Kayla like the name. They find that it sounds as though it's from an old movie. Hope runs to get a diaper change while Billie and Kayla offers Billie to hold the baby.

    Victor gets custody of Claire

    Friday, January 05 2007

    Outside John's room, Steve tells Kayla the bad news about how John could be brain damaged. He says that although John is supposed to be unresponsive, he remembers how John's heart rate spiked when he was in the room. Kayla doesn't know what to make of this and tells Steve that miracles happen all the time. They go off to the Chapel to pray.

    In the Chapel, Belle cries as Shawn tells her that he feels that Victor is trying to take Claire away from them. He promises that he won't allow it to happen. Belle asks if Bo can get Victor to back off and the two head towards to door to find his dad. They open the door to Beverly Healey who says, "Mr. Brady, we're here to take Claire." She holds up a court order. Shawn slams the door in her face, and Kayla and Steve arrive. They start asking questions about who Beverly is and what she is doing there. Beverly shows an upset Steve and Kayla the court order. She demands that Belle and Shawn come out, but Steve requests 10 minutes alone with them, claiming that they're scared and he can help. Shawn lets the two in and locks the door behind them. Belle cries as Kayla comforts her, and Steve tells Shawn that Victor has filed for full custody of Claire. Shawn adamantly declares, "I don’t care who is outside. I'm not letting anyone take our baby." Shawn asks Steve for help in escaping, but Steve doesn't feel that running away is the answer. He encourages him to go by the books until he can get a Lawyer to take Victor to court. They're frightened, but listen as Kayla reminds them that she and Steve had a terrible life when they were on the run. Steve promises that family and friends will support them all the way, if they stay and fight. Beverly Healey pounds on the door. Shawn unenthusiastically agrees to let Beverly take Claire. Belle holds Claire close and as she cries she begs Beverly to let her keep Claire. She reminds her of the first day they met and how nice Beverly was, but Shawn knows that it was all a lie, and asks Beverly, "How much did Victor pay you?" They try to make things easy on the baby as Beverly takes Claire away.

    A Photo-Opp!

    Thursday, January 04 2007

    Steve and Kayla arrive at the hospital, bearing gifts for the baby. He asks Kayla to visit the baby while he checks in on John. As he turns, he sees a child wearing a t-shirt with a decal of a devil on it. He spins around and flashes back to the devil tarot card that Benjy gave him. He holds his head as if in pain, and almost collapses, while Kayla struggles to hold him up. He tells her that he hears a banging in his head and doesn’t know what it is. A frightened Kayla wants to get a doctor, but Steve refuses and downplays his issues. She goes off to find a neurologist friend of hers - Dr. Dan Carlisle. Steve and the doctor go off to perform an emergency MRI with Steve joking, "Take me to your torture chamber!" Steve kisses Kayla deeply before he leaves, and says, "My brain may be on the fritz, but my lips aren't!"

    Kayla goes into Hope's hospital room to give the baby gifts. She asks Bo if he fainted like he did at Shawn Douglas' birth. He laughs but informs Kayla that he didn't! Hope boasts about how great of a delivery that Bo did for them. Kayla tells the two that Steve is having an MRI and the reasons why. They are both concerned for Steve but Bo jokes that, "I always knew that he had a screw loose!" Bo leaves the ladies together while he goes to check on Steve. Kayla admits to Hope that she has concerns that she'll wake up one day to find Steve gone. Hope tries to comfort her by telling her that she knows that Steve loves her. Kayla knows that is true, but remembers how her grief over Steve's 'death' took what felt like a lifetime. She finds it hard to trust him because she doesn't think he trusts himself. She thinks he's afraid of what happened during those years he was gone. Hope thinks that Kayla should just stand by Steve no matter what. The neurologist, Dr. Dan Carlisle arrives to tell Kayla that the results of the MRI are perfect! He still thinks that Steve needs a complete physical. Hope agrees and thinks she should also ask Marlena to counsel him with hypnotherapy. Kayla agrees and goes off to find Bo and Steve.

    Off the wagon

    Monday, January 01 2007

    Elsewhere in the hospital, Steve looks at the devil tarot card that Benjy gave to him, and starts to feel dizzy. He falls to the floor, and passes out. A concerned Kayla finds him and when he comes to, he is perplexed. He asks Kayla, "Where are we? What am I doing on the floor?" Kayla explains they're at the trauma center to see John and that he passed out. She convinces him to get his vitals checked by an unbiased doctor and gives him water, while she goes off to find a colleague. While she's gone, he looks down at the floor and sees the devil tarot card! He picks it up and his head starts to hurt. Kayla comes back as Steve stuffs the card into his pocket. As she calls his name out, and asks how he is, Steve stares at her unsteadily. He tells her he feels a little faint but is fine. The doctors are too busy, so she has to examine him herself, she explains. Steve jokes around as she examines him. His blood pressure is high. He kisses her and says, "That's because I'm feeling a little faint. I think I need some "Kayla oxygen"! She giggles and then kisses him! She is very worried as she has buried him once before. She goes off to make him an appointment to get a complete neurological work-up while he sits and stares at the devil tarot card.

    From bad girl to heroine...

    Friday, December 29 2006

    Steve and Kayla dine at Chez Rouge with Benjy and his wife. They toast to true love, and surviving the gas leak at the hospital. Kayla thanks Benjy for visiting them in the hospital and tells them she'd like to have them over for dinner. She goes off to the restroom while Steve gets a call from the hospital. Steve has heard that John has been shot. When Kayla returns, he shares the bad news and the two apologize and dash. Benjy's wife asks him, "What are you waiting for?" She tells him to give 'it' to him, so that they can leave. Steve and Kayla have already left, so Benjy agrees to go to the hospital to give 'it' to him.

    At University Hospital, Dr Berman examines John, while Marlena stands at his side. He tries to talk, but his words aren't clear. Kayla and Steve arrive and Marlena asks Kayla why John had to go back on his word. Kayla reminds Marlena, "We can't change people." As Steve visits John, he goes into convulsions then once he is stable, he looks at Steve and says, "Killer…. Killer… killer.." Kayla and Marlena are puzzled. Marlena tells John, "I can't understand." She tries to get him to clarify himself but he passes out. Later, Kayla comes to the conclusion that if John was deprived of oxygen, he wouldn't know what he was saying. Marlena tells Kayla, "He can't die. He can't die." John is taken into surgery.

    Kayla goes to check on John, and Steve is surprised to see Benjy show up. Benjy signs to Steve that he forgot to give Steve something important. He gives Steve a death card from the Tarot deck then kisses him on both cheeks and runs off. Steve is confused and looks at the card. The devil has red flashing eyes and lightning bolts across the fingers.

    Christmas in Salem!

    Tuesday, December 26 2006

    Inside the Horton house, Maggie, Nick and Chelsea drink eggnog, while Julie and Doug put out Hors' D'oeuvres. Julie gives Nick a hug and then gives him a gift from his parents. They're still in France, but sent him a part he had wanted for his computer. He is thrilled to accept it and as he reads the card, he gets a little emotional. "I miss them so much," he says. Chelsea watches as he talks about his parents. She is feeling alone and upset and wistfully tells him, "I have all of these relatives who don't want to know that I exist."

    Hope and Bo comfort one another as they think about Zack. Bo asks her to promise him not to go away with Lockhart.

    Shawn, Claire and Belle arrive for Christmas celebrations as a family. They're greeted with hugs from all, and Claire is 'stolen' by Julie, for snuggles. Lucas drags Sami under the mistletoe as Belle happily looks on. She tells Shawn that she's happy that Sami and Lucas are back together.

    Chelsea is happy and feels loved when Hope and Bo hug her. One by one, the Horton and Brady families put up their Christmas ornaments. Sami smiles when Lucas tells her that it'll be her turn next year!
    Chelsea watches with tears in her eyes as an emotional Bo and Hope put up Zack's ornament together. She wants to leave, but Nick stops her. Bo says to Hope, "He'll always be with us." Hope tells Zack, "I'll love you forever." Chelsea goes to the tree to put up her ornament, but has a difficult time with it, when she stares at Zack's ornament. Hope notices this and sweetly holds Chelsea's hand as she puts up her ornament next to Zack's.

    Maggie makes mention that there are family members who are no longer with them and ones who couldn't be here today.

    Kayla and Steve are upset to find that Frankie can't make it home to find Max because he's stuck in an airport in Toledo.

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