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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Kayla Johnson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kayla Johnson Played by Mary Beth Evans on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Mary Beth Evans (NBC)

    Birthday: March 7 1961
    Birthplace: Pasadena, California, USA
    Marital Status: Married (Dr. Michael Schwartz) Nov 3 1985 - present - 3 children
    Real Name: Mary Beth Evans
    Height: 5' 4"


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    From bad girl to heroine...

    Friday, December 29 2006

    Kayla goes to check on John, and Steve is surprised to see Benjy show up. Benjy signs to Steve that he forgot to give Steve something important. He gives Steve a death card from the Tarot deck then kisses him on both cheeks and runs off. Steve is confused and looks at the card. The devil has red flashing eyes and lightning bolts across the fingers.

    Christmas in Salem!

    Tuesday, December 26 2006

    Inside the Horton house, Maggie, Nick and Chelsea drink eggnog, while Julie and Doug put out Hors' D'oeuvres. Julie gives Nick a hug and then gives him a gift from his parents. They're still in France, but sent him a part he had wanted for his computer. He is thrilled to accept it and as he reads the card, he gets a little emotional. "I miss them so much," he says. Chelsea watches as he talks about his parents. She is feeling alone and upset and wistfully tells him, "I have all of these relatives who don't want to know that I exist."

    Hope and Bo comfort one another as they think about Zack. Bo asks her to promise him not to go away with Lockhart.

    Shawn, Claire and Belle arrive for Christmas celebrations as a family. They're greeted with hugs from all, and Claire is 'stolen' by Julie, for snuggles. Lucas drags Sami under the mistletoe as Belle happily looks on. She tells Shawn that she's happy that Sami and Lucas are back together.

    Chelsea is happy and feels loved when Hope and Bo hug her. One by one, the Horton and Brady families put up their Christmas ornaments. Sami smiles when Lucas tells her that it'll be her turn next year!
    Chelsea watches with tears in her eyes as an emotional Bo and Hope put up Zack's ornament together. She wants to leave, but Nick stops her. Bo says to Hope, "He'll always be with us." Hope tells Zack, "I'll love you forever." Chelsea goes to the tree to put up her ornament, but has a difficult time with it, when she stares at Zack's ornament. Hope notices this and sweetly holds Chelsea's hand as she puts up her ornament next to Zack's.

    Maggie makes mention that there are family members who are no longer with them and ones who couldn't be here today.

    Kayla and Steve are upset to find that Frankie can't make it home to find Max because he's stuck in an airport in Toledo.

    Stephanie, Steve and Kayla leave for the Hospital in order to read the Christmas story to the sick children. Steve is nervous when he begins but doesn't get far in the book when he stops. "I'm sorry kids. I can't read this," he apologizes. He has to tell them the story in his own words. The children adore his version of the story, which is laid back yet interesting! Bo and Hope drop by the hospital as he finishes up. They love his version of the story, and Bo tells Steve that he is a hard act to follow. (He's to dress as Santa!) Kayla and Steve leave for the Clay Aiken concert as Stephanie, Hope and Bo stay behind. Shawn, Belle and Claire arrive at the hospital. Belle tells the children that Santa's coming soon, and shares Claire's story of when she was in the hospital last year. She asks the kids to stay strong and have faith that they'll get better. Dressed as Santa, Bo arrives. "Ho Ho Ho," he says, and gives out gifts to all of the children with Julie and Maggie's help!

    Kayla and Steve arrive at Dune, only to find out that they're too late! The concert is over and Clay Aiken has gone. Kayla takes it well, and the two kiss, passionately. Kayla goes to use the restroom while Clay Aiken comes into Dune. Clay explains to a band member that his ride is gone, and he needs to get home for Christmas! He is concerned that he will not make the airplane. Steve introduces himself and offers a ride. Clay accepts and Steve has a favor. He explains that he and his wife have been apart for 16 years and he asks Clay if he wouldn't mind singing a song for Kayla, before they leave. Clay is only too happy to sing for the duo. He graciously agrees! When Kayla comes out of the restroom, Steve asks her to have a seat. She sees Champagne on the table and is shocked when she sees Clay! Steve explains that they're giving Clay a ride home. Clay introduces himself and tells her that he has agreed to sing the two a love song, dedicated from Steve to Kayla. Kayla beams, as Clay sings 'Everything I have', from his newest CD, 'A Thousand Different Ways'.


    Thursday, December 21 2006

    Hope and Kayla decorate the Christmas tree at the Brady Pub. Kayla is glad that her parents are getting some rest, even faced with concern for Max and Mimi. Patrick arrives and takes Hope outdoors to talk, while Steve comes in to tell Kayla he has a surprise for her for Christmas - two tickets to see Clay Aiken, at Christmas! She's thrilled but says they can't go because they're needed at University Hospital, reading the Christmas story to the kids and giving them gifts. Its tradition and Alice Horton wants Steve to read the Christmas story this year. He tries to refuse but Kayla tells him that nobody has ever refused this tradition, making it difficult for him to say no. He of course agrees to it, as long as she agrees to catch that concert - right after! They 'hug' on it! Steve then reassures Kayla he has written Billie the letter of apology. Kayla is sure that it will give Billie closure.

    Blood on his hands

    Wednesday, December 20 2006

    At the Brady Pub, Billie hugs Steve close and tells him she has missed him, but he pushes her away and asks if they can be somewhere private. They go outside, where Steve tries to break things off with Billie. He doesn't get a chance when Kayla drops by the pub. Billie looks from one to the other and says, "Poor Steve. I didn't let you get to the punch line." He tells her he has his memory back and Kayla leaves the two alone, while Billie cries. She tells him this is a good thing but is angry that he didn't call to retract his words. He apologizes for hurting her, and explains why he didn't come to her sooner. (He had been getting constant flashbacks in his head and was flustered.)

    Inside the pub, Kayla tries to cheer Steve. She asks him to write Billie a letter to explain things. He agrees to apologize in a letter and asks Kayla to go home and get naked with him.

    An apology to remember!

    Tuesday, December 19 2006

    At the Salem Inn, Steve and Kayla look through an old photo album, laughing at old times of the two of them and Benjy. He tells her that she was pretty out of it when Benjy visited him at the hospital. She is in awe of his memory return, and kisses him. He wants to make love to her, and tells her he feels so "romantical". She giggles as he professes that he wants to carry her across the threshold again. He escorts her to the door and as they open it they see a surprised Hope standing there! Hope recovers from her surprise, smiles at the two and says, "I must have missed a chapter or two!" She gets a further shock when Kayla tells her that Steve remembers! Steve says, "I'm back, good to see you again, sweet thing!" Hope is shocked into silence but Steve promises that he's not lying this time! Hope tells them that the reason she is there is to tell them that Max and Mimi are missing. They're very concerned, and agree to go to the pub. While Kayla grabs her coat, Hope asks if Billie knows about his memory. He is uncomfortable and admits that she doesn't know yet. He asks for cheat notes in order for him to tell her gently but she tells him he's on his own this time!

    At the Brady Pub, Caroline, Bo, Roman, Abby, Chelsea and Stephanie await news on Max. Stephanie comforts her grandmother, much to Chelsea's discomfort, so Stephanie takes her to a booth with Nick so that they can talk about Max and Mimi's disappearance! Once seated, Chelsea grins to herself, and tells the two she doesn't think they've been kidnapped at all. She thinks they're off on a romantic trip. Abby is jealous and thinks that Mimi is to blame. Chelsea brings up 'Lonely Splicer'. She wants to go away to Fuji with him to marry!

    Over at the bar, Roman tells Bo that they need evidence in order to get back into Victor's house with a search warrant. Bo thinks he can break in unnoticed, but Roman doesn't want him to take the chance. Bo thinks that even though there will be servants about, he wants to take on the challenge. After all, he points out that he has nothing to lose and he knows how to get around the security! Roman realizes he has lost this battle and asks him to be careful.

    Back at the Brady pub, Kayla, Hope and Steve arrive. Bo tells Hope he's off to do a favor for Roman. She tells him that Steve has his memory back, and Bo goes off to congratulate him. Steve jokingly reminds Bo that he owes him some money from 1989! Bo laughs and tells him that there must be some kinks in the old memory bank. Bo asks for his help, and the two go off together. Hope finds out from Roman that the two men are off to Victor's place.

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