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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Kayla Johnson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kayla Johnson Played by Mary Beth Evans on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Mary Beth Evans (NBC)

    Birthday: March 7 1961
    Birthplace: Pasadena, California, USA
    Marital Status: Married (Dr. Michael Schwartz) Nov 3 1985 - present - 3 children
    Real Name: Mary Beth Evans
    Height: 5' 4"


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    Sami is Pregnant

    Tuesday, January 23 2007

    Steve calls Kayla to let her know that he is with Shawn and Belle and Claire and will take care of them. Kayla relays the conversation to Marlena and then calls Stephanie to check in. While she leaves the room to make the phone call, Marlena holds a photo of John to her chest, and lies down to rest. She falls asleep and Kayla covers her and goes into another room. Marlena starts to dream about John. John talks to Marlena in her dreams. He tells her that he needs her, so she goes towards the balcony door, walks through the drapery but can't reach him. The colors change from white to pink. She's caught up in the drapes and sees John. She can' reach him but asks him if he is trying to get her a message about Steve. She wakes up with a start and tells Kayla that John is trying to get a message to Steve through her. Kayla grows increasingly concerned and tells Marlena about Steve's episodes, and that they started after they had dinner with Benjy. Marlena thinks she can help Steve as a professional and suggests Hypnotherapy as an option. She is positive that she can be of service.

    Secrets revealed

    Monday, January 22 2007

    At the Brady Pub, Bo and Kayla discuss Shawn and Belle leaving town with Claire. Bo sadly tells Kayla that the best news would be if he never saw his son again. This would mean that they got away and are safe. Kayla asks him not to give up, and then Steve walks in. She runs to him and hugs him, then rants and raves that he shouldn't have gone off without her. Steve explains he found EJ in Mexico but wasn't able to convince him to come back to Salem. He did take EJ's "smell phone" (cell phone) and noticed a lot of calls to Stefano in Italy, and he found a Travel Visa in EJ's wallet. He says, "EJ can't travel without it so it looks like he will have to come back to the good old US of A!" Bo runs off to show Abe, and Steve hasn't heard the last from Kayla. Steve tells her that EJ knows about the episodes that he's been having, and Kayla says, "So the DiMera's do have something to do with this!" He goes on to say that Benjy has something to do with it too. Kayla beseeches him to go to the police, but he refuses. He also tells her to stay out of it. "I need to keep you safe," he says. She wants to trust him but asks how she can do so when he is lying to her. Steve is hurt that she doesn't trust him, but she tells him that it hurts her to admit that, but their lives are based on honesty. She asks to be there for him to see him through everything, and the two kiss.

    The Getaway!

    Friday, January 19 2007

    At the Brady Pub, Chelsea complains to Kate that Sami went from "Zero to hero" in two seconds flat. She is determined to find out how Sami did it. She too wants her family's respect. Chelsea wants her family's love while Kate doesn't think she needs it. She tells her to move on, but Chelsea is hurt. She admits that she has always wanted a big family when she was growing up - just like the Bradys'. Chelsea asks Kate if it's tearing her up inside that Sami is getting this award. (It's obvious that it is.)

    In a booth, Hope and Bo worry about Shawn and Belle. Kayla comes in looking for Steve, only to find out that he left to Mexico to find EJ. Bo sighs aloud as he realizes that Steve lied to him when he promised to bring Kayla with him. Kayla is upset with Bo, so he comes clean and tells Kayla that Steve went ballistic when they were at Beverly Healey's office. He goes on to tell her that Steve has had a few 'episodes' as of late.

    Roman, Lucas, Will and Sami arrive at the Brady Pub for Sami's citation. Sami gets a round of applause, and Chelsea goes to Sami to ask how she received this citation. She asks, "You got any tips for a 'pain in the butt' in training? Sami tells her that the Brady's will give her a lot of chances. She encourages her to prove who she is and she'll get a chance like she did. Sami sees Marlena and runs to her to inquire about John's health. There is no change, Marlena tells her.
    Kayla asks Marlena if she has heard from Belle or Shawn and Marlena admits that Belle came to her. She relays what they told her and says it's too late - they're taking Claire! Bo comes back to Kayla and tells her that he didn't get a hold of Steve.

    Kate goes to Will to joke with him about his t-shirt but she gets a cold reception. Will tells Kate to watch herself or she'll lose them as a family.

    Back at the Brady Pub, the award ceremony begins with Roman introducing Sami. He presents her with the award and she starts to cry, while everyone but Kate claps for her. Sami thanks her family for giving her a secondů third and fourth chance, especially Lucas. She thanks him for giving her the strength to save him. Lucas and Marlena hug her and Kate comes to Sami with her hand held out. She tells her that she wants to move on from their past and start fresh. She and Sami shake hands.

    Philip interrupts the festivities when he comes rushing into the pub yelling, "Where is she?" He demands that anyone who helped Belle and Shawn take Claire will all pay!

    Unwanted caller

    Thursday, January 18 2007

    At another booth, Stephanie and Kayla enjoy their desert and discuss Steve. Steph wonders why her parents aren't ready to have another baby, and Kayla explains that Steve still has problems with his memories so she feels that the timing for babies is off. Steph lays off but happily recounts how great Steve was with the kids at the hospital, Christmas Eve. She reminds Kayla of a Christmas long passed when she didn't see Santa. Instead she saw Kayla putting together her bicycle, in tears! She went back to bed and prayed that her dad would come back. She has prayed the same thing each Christmas since then, and this is the reason why she can leave town, she says. "Every prayer for my family has been answered!" They leave for the airport.

    Plans in motion

    Wednesday, January 17 2007

    Kayla meets with Bo at Chez Rouge. Bo tells Kayla that he feels responsible for Claire getting temporary custody of Claire. He feels that he should have known that Victor wouldn't play by the rules. He rants about how pathetic Victor has been as a grandfather to Shawn and a father to him. He asks for Kayla's help in finding out what Victor and Philip are up to. Bo worries that Shawn and Belle will kidnap Claire if they don't get custody of her. He plans to put a stop to it but refuses Kayla's help with Shawn, until she convinces him that Victor may listen to reason if it comes from someone else. Kayla prepares to call Shawn to persuade him not to kidnap Claire. Bo is happy and tells Kayla he loves her.

    Belle comes out of John's hospital room in tears. She runs into Shawn, who lies and tells her he went for a drive to think. She's so used to going to her parents for support and realizes that she can't go to John for support this time. She wonders what she's going to do, so Shawn tells her. "We can play by the rules or play the same game Victor is playing." When Belle asks what he's talking about, he spells it out for her. "We're going to take Claire back!" He comes clean that he went to see Willow, and tells her about how she admitted to lying on the witness stand for money - from Victor! He goes on further to tell her that Mimi found out that Victor and Philip are taking Claire out of the country. She's stunned and even more so when she's informed that Shawn's plan is to take Claire away from Philip before he leaves the country. He tells her that they have a choice. They can run. Belle isn't sure if this is a good idea, but Shawn pressures her to make a decision. Now. "Are you with me or not?" he asks. Belle agrees to do whatever he wants but isn't sure that they can trust Mimi. He reassures her that they can and as they prepare to go see Max and Mimi, Kayla calls. Shawn knows that his parents must have put her up to calling him, and he tells her that they're going to get Claire back. She agrees that eventually they will, and relays word from his parents that they are concerned for him. She offers her support no matter what, with a 'no questions asked policy' but Shawn tells Aunt Kayla that he'll be okay. He promises to call his parents tomorrow. They leave for Max's apartment.

    Bo and Kayla continue to discuss Shawn, at Chez Rouge. Kayla isn't convinced that Shawn and Belle will do anything rash, but Bo knows his son. He's just like him! Bo thanks his sister for her help and then Kayla realizes time has gotten away with them and she has to run to drive Stephanie to the airport. She jokes that she should deliberately be late so that Steph won't leave, but then leaves. Maggie gives Bo a cupcake with a candle on it, for the birth of "doodlebug". She says that people often forget the 'Dad's' after the birth of a baby, and asks him to make a wish. He makes several, and wishes that John had never gone to the warehouse to meet EJ, that Chelsea didn't have so many issues, that Zack was a first grader and that Shawn, Belle and Claire were together and happy. Maggie grins at him and says, "I wish I brought a bigger candle!" Maggie gives him encouraging words. She tells him that Shawn will find the way, because he's been raised with love and understanding.

    Stephanie and Kayla go to the Brady Pub to say goodbye to Grandpa Shawn and Grandma Caroline. They promise to visit her a lot. She accepts a gift from her grandfather - a carved race car! He tells her that she's a Brady and never to forget.

    Shawn calls Kayla and asks for her help. He asks her to call the hospital to find out if Claire is being immunized there tomorrow morning. She agrees to call and find out and promises that he can trust her. Later, Kayla calls him back with news. Dr Kinnerly is going to see Claire at 1:00pm tomorrow. She tells him not to take on Victor alone and asks him to call on she and Steve for help. He thanks her they agree once again to no questions asked and they hang up. Shawn relays the news to everyone that they will get Claire back at 1:00pm tomorrow! Shawn thanks Max and Mimi for their help and they order pizza.

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