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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Kayla Johnson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kayla Johnson Played by Mary Beth Evans on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Mary Beth Evans (NBC)

    Birthday: March 7 1961
    Birthplace: Pasadena, California, USA
    Marital Status: Married (Dr. Michael Schwartz) Nov 3 1985 - present - 3 children
    Real Name: Mary Beth Evans
    Height: 5' 4"


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    Full Circle

    Tuesday, November 07 2006

    Bo, Hope and Caroline arrive at the hospital, talking to Kayla through the glass. They are happy she's going to be alright, but when she tries to talk to them, she has breathing troubles again.

    Steve tells the family her breathing is rough and she is on sedatives but her mind is fine. They thank him and are encouraging, telling him that just knowing she has a future with him, is keeping her going. He looks off, wondering if he is up for this.

    The Rose...

    Monday, November 06 2006

    At the hospital, Billie visits Steve. He thanks her for getting the Bradys home safely and coming back. She tells him she'll be there until he gets better. Steve relays his concerns about Kayla. She wonders what he can do, but he's not sure. She goes off to get something to eat while he rests some. After Billie leaves, He holds Kayla's hand.

    Later, Billie arrives back at the hospital only to hear Steve tell Kayla "It happened I've gotten my memory back!" He holds Kayla's hand as he tells her that he got his memory back and Stephanie was right. He remembers how much he needs her and that's why she has to get well and come back to him. Billie turns off the sound from the intercom, sadly. Steve flips through the notepad, asking her if she remembers the pool cue, and how she gave it to him for no reason. He reminds her of an old kissing game they played and tells her there are more kisses where they came fromů all she has to do is wake up! He kisses her hand. He continues on this path, reminding Kayla of their life together. He starts to hum the song, 'The Rose' to her and she wakes up as Steve looks on incredulously, saying "Kayla?!"

    Cliff's notes for Steve!

    Friday, November 03 2006

    At the hospital, Steve snuggles with Kayla, telling her he doesn't want her to die but doesn't know how to save her. Stephanie visits her parents, again requesting her dad talk to Kayla, giving her a reason to live. He's frustrated, not remembering Kayla and not knowing what to do.

    "Silent Partner"

    Thursday, November 02 2006

    The doctors work on Kayla, at the hospital while the family looks on, mortified. The blinds are pulled, and Stephanie starts to cry more, asking Bo if everything is going to be okay. Bo promises that the doctors are doing everything they can. After stabilizing her, the doctor explains that Kayla had an allergy to the drug. Their researchers are talking to the FDA, but only have 48 hours to save her. They're doing all they can, but the family is not taking it well. The family is encouraged to leave, with Billie as there is nothing they can do for them. Billie tells Steve she'll be back later, while Bo and Hope stick around. Hope is afraid for poor Steve, who seems so distant but Bo reminds her that he's probably just numb. She asks that he talk to Steve, but makes a good point that Steve has always listened to her, so she agrees to talk to him. She calls him over to the window, speaking through an intercom system. She asks how he's doing, and he's emotional, telling her, "A lot better than Kayla." He thinks that it should be him not well, and Kayla standing there. He doesn't know what to do, and starts to cry, telling Hope that he would fall in love with Kayla if he could. Hope is saddened more, telling him that he's her friend as much as Kayla is. He asks her to do him a favor - Billie has been a good friend to her, he wants her to buy her a nice gift from Steve. Hope doesn't want to but does it for him anyway.

    Steve tells Kayla to hang in there, because a lot of people need her. Shawn shows up, asking about Kayla and Steve. They relay the news and he's upset, agreeing to go see Stephanie and give her his support. Before he goes, he tells them that he got a new job, working for E.J. Wells! Both parents are shocked! Hope is proud of him, but Bo has reservations. Hope goes off on an errand while Bo asks for more information about his job. Shawn explains that E.J. has a lot of cars, and then shrugs. Bo's happy Shawn took the initiative to get a job but wonders if he would rather work with Max. Bo tells him that E.J. associates with disreputable people, but he can't say who. Shawn asks if E.J. is doing something illegal, but Bo says that he's working on finding this out. It's not good enough for Shawn, so Bo grabs him, asking that he watch his back.

    New beginnings for some...

    Wednesday, November 01 2006

    At the hospital, Grandpa Shawn, Caroline and Bo wait impatiently for changes to Kayla and Steve's state. Billie and Hope arrive to hear the doctor tell them that both Steve and Kayla are responding to stimuli. It's too soon to tell, so he asks them not to get his hopes up, as it could go either way. Just then, Steve opens his eye, much to everyone's surprise! Bo explains to a conscious yet concerned Steve, what happened to he and Kayla and the events leading to getting the experimental drug. He shares that they've all been here all along, supporting him and Steve gets out of bed, touches Kayla's head then wheels his IV over to the window, asking Billie if Stephanie is safe. He calms down, smiling. He tells her he can't believe she is the first person he saw when he woke up and that she means a lot to him. Billie replies that she feels the same and wants him as he is 'now', and will be there until he gets better.

    The doctor tells the family that Kayla's fever has spiked. She appears to be worsening while Steve is getting better. Grandpa Shawn asks if there is anything else they can do, and he suggests giving Kayla more of the experimental drug.

    In the waiting room, the family agrees to give Kayla more of the experimental drug, even though it could mean she has more side effects. Max and Frankie show up at the hospital and they all agree to have faith and keep praying. Bo takes Max aside, asking him for a second chance for Shawn, not only for him, but for his daughter. Max agrees that Shawn is a hell of a mechanic, but just hired Mimi as a part time book keeper. If Shawn wants his job back, he'll have to find a way to get along with Mimi. He tells Bo he'll try to come to an agreement with Shawn.

    Hope comes back to the room with Grandpa Shawn and Caroline. They tell Billie and Steve that Kayla isn't waking up. They're confused, not understanding why Steve is awake but Kayla is still in trouble. The doctor gives more serum to Kayla as they wait things out. Stephanie comes out, thrilled that her father is awake but torn, upset that her mom is not awake yet. Steve comforts an emotional Stephanie, asking her to have faith. She tries, but then Kayla starts seizing and the doctors use defibrillators on her.

    Wedding crasher!

    Thursday, October 26 2006

    Steve and Kayla are in a hospital room, hooked up to oxygen. They were exposed to a biotoxin that is attacking their lungs but will be administering an antidote soon. Bo comes in, asking how they are and Stephanie says, "They're both going to die, and it's all my fault." Bo assures her it's not her fault as she explains what happened to her parents. He goes off to talk to Abe. Billie arrives to lend her support, but is faced by Stephanie, who wants her to get lost. Grandpa Shawn wheels Stephanie to her room, but Caroline stays behind to apologize to Billie, explaining that they all still think of Kayla and Steve as together. Billie understands and Caroline goes off to take care of Steph.

    Billie talks to herself, watching an unconcious Kayla and Steve through the glass. She admits that even she can see that Kayla and Steve belong together. She starts to cry as Bo overhears her, telling her he wont' tell them she said so, and hugs her.

    Weddings and disasters!

    Wednesday, October 25 2006

    Kayla visits Stephanie in the hospital. She's depressed that Max tried to break up with her but couldn't because she hyperventilated. She tells her mom, "I just can't take anymore bad stuff right now." The black gloved person (E.J.) watches the two talk from outside the room. Stephanie asks, "What is wrong with us?" They're in love with men who love others! Kayla is paged and has to leave, but Stephanie thinks it's very strange that someone is trying to page her, thinking it's a set up. She presses her mom not to leave.

    Kayla goes into an empty examining room, only to have the door lock shut behind her. She tries to call out but nobody answers her, and when she finds that the phone is dead, she starts to get suspicious. Heavy breathing is heard through the vents, and then she hears someone call her name over and over. She asks them who they are.

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