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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Kayla Johnson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kayla Johnson Played by Mary Beth Evans on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Mary Beth Evans (NBC)

    Birthday: March 7 1961
    Birthplace: Pasadena, California, USA
    Marital Status: Married (Dr. Michael Schwartz) Nov 3 1985 - present - 3 children
    Real Name: Mary Beth Evans
    Height: 5' 4"


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    Days Recap: Aiden starts becoming suspicious of Clyde

    Tuesday, July 28 2015

    At the hospital, Kayla tells Abigail she's eight weeks along and can get a paternity test done. They already have Chad's DNA on file. Abby tells Kayla that Hope knows she's pregnant and if her family learned Chad was the father, they'd go through the roof. Kayla thinks they'll be supportive either way. Kayla assures that the test will be confidential. She goes to find Martin in the lab and asks a big favor of him.

    Days Recap: Clyde begs to donate to the hospital prenatal unit

    Thursday, July 23 2015

    At the hospital, Serena intimates that Eric's got a secret. Brady doesn't want to hear it and puts her on notice to stay away from his brother. When he hears she has a grant from the hospital, he tells her he's on the board and won't let it go through. Elsewhere, Anne flirts with Clyde who has requested a tour of the hospital. He gushes about how he'd like to donate to the prenatal care unit, saying his wife was pregnant with his son when she died in a car accident, on her way to get an amniocentesis. He'd really like to donate to that department for those who can't afford to get this test. They take the tour and Anne tells him somebody named Martin runs the lab. In Abigail's office, she and Kayla discuss her paternity test. Kayla senses Abby's feelings for Chad are unresolved. Later, Abby crosses Clyde's path and they chat about her making Ben happy. Anne finds Kayla to boast about Weston's donation. Kyle finds Clyde and he confirms his donation.

    Days Recap: Eric declares his love for Nicole

    Tuesday, July 14 2015

    Chad enters Kayla's office and Abigail grimaces. He apologizes and goes. Kayla tells Abigail to do a paternity test she'll need Ben's blood. Abigail needs to eliminate someone else and his information is on file. Kayla asks, "Chad?" Abigail won't tell anyone until she knows. Kayla comforts her as she cries. How could she or her family ever accept Chad as the father? Abigail explains that Chad doesn't care about her. She needs that test. Kayla says she can't do it because Abigail's not far enough along - she has to wait three weeks. Abigail says they'll stay quiet until then. Kayla brings up the laws. Abigail begs Kayla to stretch the rules. Kayla will think about it. She questions Abigail about her feelings for Chad and recalls their previous conversation. Abigail insists she loves Ben.

    In Kayla's office, Chad talks to her about Abigail being a spokesperson for his new project. "If she's up for it. Is everything okay with her?" Kayla says her tears were personal and won't interfere with her work.

    Days Recap: Kayla confirms Abigail is pregnant

    Monday, July 13 2015

    In the park, Chad talks to Kayla about growing Lexi's program. She agrees and says she doesn't hold anything against him except what he did to Abigail. She considered Lexi a dear friend and hopes Chad can resist Stefano's influence like she did. Chad hopes so too. Nearby, Paige tells Daphne that her mom got the message that she's done with her. Daphne thinks this whole thing with JJ has changed her. Paige wishes JJ could know what it feels like to hurt the way she did. They wonder why JJ got back with Paige or bothers to act like he has regrets. Paige says he makes her crazy; like last night. She tells her about Kyle's party, where JJ got upset because she was talking to Kyle. They spot Kyle. Daphne leaves. Kyle flirts with Paige. JJ hears from the bushes as Kyle asks her out.

    At the hospital, Kayla crows to Abigail about her project. Abigail needs something personal - to run a confidential pregnancy test. Kayla asks if she's late and thinks she is in a good place to have a baby. "If you're worried about your mom's reaction..." Abigail cuts her off. She just wants the test. Kayla assures her the busybodies won't find out; she'll do the test herself and get the answer she needs in 20 minutes. Abigail flashes to sex with Chad and sex with Ben. Kayla returns and confirms she's pregnant. Kayla goes on about how great it could be. Abigail hollers, "Stop!" She cries - she's scared to death and has every right to be. Abigail asks Kayla to run another test - a paternity test - as Chad enters.

    Days Recap: Eric and Nicole are hospitalized with heat exhaustion

    Wednesday, June 24 2015

    Daniel, Brady, Serena, John and Abe arrive at the hospital with Eric and Nicole. Kayla ushers them into rooms and gives Eric water as his body temperature comes down. He begs her to find out how Nicole is. Daniel watches over Nicole in her room. He tells Brady her temperature is still 104 and her heart rate's elevated. The longer she's out of it the greater the risk of brain damage. In another room, John calls Marlena with an update. Brady's visibly upset. Nicole dreams about Daniel and Eric and starts to wake up. Daniel tells her she's safe. He's sorry he doubted her. He calls her strong and brave and professes his love. Nicole calls his name and he tears up. Meanwhile, Brady, Abe and Serena appear and Abe gets the scoop on what brought Brady and Serena to Titan TV and how he believes Xander Cook wanted Nicole and Eric dead. Abe takes a call. Xander's nowhere to be found. Abe tells the caller to check Victor's place. Serena goes to Eric. He's bitter and accuses her of not trying hard enough to get Nicole to leave Xander alone. Serena knows she deserves his wrath but is grateful he's alive. She admits she came to Salem for the wrong reasons and explains herself. She calls herself a coward but was terrified of Xander, who knew she cared for Eric. She sobs, sorry she hurt him. Kayla interrupts to tell Eric Nicole is awake. He's grateful. She goes. Eric admits he doesn't care what happens to Serena. She disgusts him and he wants her gone. Startled, she leaves, quietly. A cop stops her. She's wanted for further questioning. Back in Nicole's room, she asks if she's dreaming. Daniel assures her she's not and she'll be fine. She was so scared, she cries. They profess their love for each other and she flashes to kissing Eric.

    Days Recap: Jenn catches Eve snooping on Marlena's computer

    Thursday, June 18 2015

    At the pub, Kayla worries about Paige but Paige insists she's fine and asks for a letter of recommendation so she can work the night shift at the yoghurt shop. She doesn't want to work at the hospital for fear of seeing Jenn, Abby or JJ.

    Days Recap: I Felt Dirty.

    Wednesday, June 03 2015

    In her office, Abigail greets Kayla, who worries she's using work to avoid the drama with JJ, Jennifer and Eve. Abigail admits it's upsetting - she doesn't get Jenn encouraging JJ to lie to Paige. Kayla defends her. Abigail knows mistakes are inevitable. They have a conversation about men who may seem wrong turning out to be right. Kayla recalls knowing Steve was right for her despite what people thought. Abigail wishes she could be like that. Kayla says Jenn approves of Ben. Abigail has other doubts, about her ability to be loyal. She refers to losing control. Kayla thinks she puts too much pressure on herself. She goes on about Ben being a great guy. "Let your heart tell you what's right."

    Kate encounters Kayla at the hospital, who has great news - she's still cancer-free. Kayla asks if she fired Lucas. Kate says Victor did it because Lucas is sleeping with Adrienne. Kayla doesn't get why Adrienne would cheat on Justin. Kate says he was sleeping with someone else too.

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