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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Maxine Landis

    Full detailed profile on Maxine Landis Played by Aloma Wright on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Fayes Vision/
    Maxine Landis

    Actor: Aloma Wright

    Who played Maxine Landis over the years

    Aloma Wright - (February 28, 2008 - Present)

    Useful information on Maxine Landis

    * Is the head nurse at University Hospital, Salem.
    * Is friendly with Dr. Daniel Jonas and Jennifer Horton.
    * Started dating Abe Carver in April 2014.


    Current: Head Nurse at University Hospital
    Past: Unknown


    Maxine is the head nurse at Salem's University Hospital. She often gets into the lives of the Salemites to offer a piece of advice. She has mentioned having two children in the past, a son and a daughter, and her husband Carl has passed away. She has been friends with Dr. Daniel Jonas and Jennifer Horton, and is now starting to date Abe Carver.


    Carl Landis - husband (deceased)


    Abe Carver (Dating)




    Son (unnamed)
    Daughter (unnamed)


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    Wednesday, July 09 2014: Days Recap: What You Did To Abigail...

    At the hospital, Daniel asks Maxine to give Eve's file to Dr. Chung who is taking over his patient. Maxine jokes that he needs to work on his people skills or he'll lose all his patients. He thinks about Eve's honesty and straight-forwardness and grins. He tells Maxine about her. "She's got moxie." He guesses she's a handful.

    Thursday, May 22 2014: Days Recap: Raised To Be A Better Liar.

    At Daniel's, Jenn asks what's going on between him and Nicole. Daniel promised he wouldn't say anything until Nicole could find a way to deal with it. He sighs and assumes Nicole has already taken care of things. The ordeal is probably over. A knock comes to the door. It's Abe and Maxine, with food for their luncheon they were supposed to hold. Jenn's sorry - they forgot! She decides to pull it together. Abe and Jenn go get the salmon at the market and Maxine says she feels guilty. She was using Dan and Jenn as a crutch. Abe's been talking about becoming more than friends. They decided not to complicate things. Daniel thinks that's just fine. Maxine calls him a good friend. He looks unhappy and Maxine questions him. He admits he thinks he has failed a friend. It reminds him of being unable to promise his now deceased wife Rebecca that he wouldn't tell her family she was sick. Dan says he gave Rebecca an ultimatum to tell the truth - or he would. It worked out well but he gave the same ultimatum to a friend and it's not working out as well.

    Back at Dan's, lunch is over, and Maxine privately suggests Daniel tell Jenn about his friend. Abe and Maxine leave and Dan tells Jenn they'll talk after he receives a phone call.

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