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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Maxine Landis

    Full detailed profile on Maxine Landis Played by Aloma Wright on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Fayes Vision/
    Maxine Landis

    Actor: Aloma Wright

    Who played Maxine Landis over the years

    Aloma Wright - (February 28, 2008 - Present)

    Useful information on Maxine Landis

    * Is the head nurse at University Hospital, Salem.
    * Is friendly with Dr. Daniel Jonas and Jennifer Horton.
    * Started dating Abe Carver in April 2014.


    Current: Head Nurse at University Hospital
    Past: Unknown


    Maxine is the head nurse at Salem's University Hospital. She often gets into the lives of the Salemites to offer a piece of advice. She has mentioned having two children in the past, a son and a daughter, and her husband Carl has passed away. She has been friends with Dr. Daniel Jonas and Jennifer Horton, and is now starting to date Abe Carver.


    Carl Landis - husband (deceased)


    Abe Carver (Dating)




    Son (unnamed)
    Daughter (unnamed)


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    Friday, November 14 2014: Days Recap: Wild-Eyed Junkie With A Box Cutter.

    Daniel and Maxine interrupt Paul and his agent, Satoru, in his hospital room. Paul's having surgery today and hopes to someday play the violin as a result of the surgery. Daniel notices Satoru frown at the mention of his client's dream. Satoru wants Paul ready for spring training but Daniel says he'll be ready when he says he's ready. By the hub, Jordan's glad to have Abigail back at work. Abby admits Chad is to thank. Daniel leaves Paul's room and Abby tells him she's running Jenn's office while she's gone. Abby was sorry to hear about the break-up. They agree to keep their friendship up. Later, Abby and Jordan discuss Ben's new apartment and head to see Paul. He's flirty. He signs the donation form and Abby grins. He says when she smiles like that, he'd do anything she asked. Satoru interrupts and everyone files out. Later, Daniel performs surgery on Paul's rotator cuff and it goes well. Meanwhile, Abby notices when she brings up Clyde to Jordan it's uncomfortable so she promises to can it. They discuss Chad and Jordan says he's been good for her. Paul gets out of surgery and is recovering in his own room. He thanks Dr. Jonas and flirts with Jordan while Maxine rolls her eyes. Dan leaves and Satoru puts on pressure to get Paul back training. Daniel snaps that he doesn't care about any of that, just about Paul's recovery.

    Monday, October 06 2014: Days Recap: You Are No Longer My Son.

    At the hospital, Eve rushes to her sister's side, happy that her throat surgery is a go. Theresa's mind is on John's memory returning and she snaps at Eve. In his room, John remembers it was Theresa who hit him with the fire poker. He uses his call button and Maxine appears. Later, Maxine goes to Theresa and lets her know John wants to see her. Theresa has a meltdown and Eve forces her to face it, head-on. Theresa does so and John asks where she was when Brady hit him. Theresa lies and then hopes they can have a better relationship going forth. He says his only concern is for his son. Wide-eyed, Theresa goes and then relaxes, thinking John knows nothing, while John whispers, "It was her." Theresa texts Eve that all is well and is kind when Jenn walks up. Jenn's surprised she's not her usual nasty self. Theresa mentions Kristen harassing her. Jenn says good luck. She's going to need it! Meanwhile, Marlena visits John, who asks her to get Brady for him. He knows what happened that night and Brady needs to hear it from him. Marlena brings up what Kristen did for him. Later, when Daniel shows up, Maxine tells him John's starting to remember.

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