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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Paige Larson

    Full detailed profile on Paige Larson Played by True O'Brien on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Paige Larson

    Actor: True O'Brien

    Who played Paige Larson over the years

    Paige Larson (March 3 2014 - Present)

    Useful information on Paige Larson

    * Does volunteer work picking up trash at the Horton Square.
    * Good student.
    * Went to Juilliard.
    * Played piano.
    * Dating JJ.


    Current: Student


    Paige Larson met JJ Horton March 3, 2014 in the Horton Square when she returned the wallet he dropped. She started volunteering after being inspired by a teacher and learned from Abe that JJ was doing mandatory community service. She started seeing that he wasn't a horrible person but her friend Mary Beth didn't think she should be consorting with a 'loser'. Paige didn't see JJ as a loser and they started talking and eventually dating. When her mother Eve Donovan-Larson came to town, with a lawsuit for Jennifer Horton, things became dicey with the couple. Eve wanted half of Jack's book proceeds and half of the movie rights.


    Jack "JJ" Deveraux Jr. (March 2014 - present)


    Eve Donovan (mother)
    Theresa (Jeannie) Donovan (maternal aunt)


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    Monday, October 27 2014: Days Recap: It Feels Good...

    In the park, Clyde comes upon Jordan and Ben. She daydreams about how things would be if Ben found out the truth and lets her brother know she won't stand in the way of him having a relationship with Clyde. Ben's psyched. He agrees to let Clyde pay for school and when he leaves, Jordan asks Clyde to keep his word and not hold this favor over Ben's head. If he does, she'll tell him everything. "You'll be dead to him." She goes and Clyde calls Jeremiah and asks how their friend Miguel is doing. He tells him to get back up to Salem with another load. Nearby, Paige finds Jill and reminds her of who she is. She makes accusations about that night and Jill says she didn't drug JJ but someone did. She talks about what happened but plays it up, telling Paige JJ gloated about getting a lot of action in England. Paige looks upset. Jill goes on to say they took selfies and the cops came so they left.

    Paige and JJ connect in the Horton square. She fills him in on seeing Jill and a little of what they discussed and then asks to take a break. "I just need to figure all this out," she says. She really thought she knew him.

    Friday, October 24 2014: Days Recap: The Hollywood Guy.

    At the Horton house, Rory tells JJ and Paige he saw Jill, so the gang races off to find her.

    Outside the Brady's pub, JJ, Rory, and Paige can't find Jill. Paige heads home to retrieve a photo of Jill from her computer. Meanwhile, inside, Kate receives a call that makes her happy and she agrees to another dinner date with Clyde.

    Eve and Jill argue at home and Eve ushers Jill into her bedroom when Paige turns up, excitedly telling her about the search for Jill and wanting to make the girl confess. Paige hears an unfamiliar cell tone and questions her mother. Whose phone is that? Eve rallies, saying she's trying out something new. Satisfied, Paige runs off. Jill returns and Eve tells her to stay away from the square. She gives her cash, sunglasses and a hat as a disguise and throws her out.

    Chad and Abby walk to the square and Chad accuses Abby of being jealous. Abby scoffs. She asks him not to hurt Jordan. Chad tells her as a DiMera they get what they want. Back at the park, Clyde watches as Ben asks Jordan to explain what happened. At the parkette, Jill takes off her sunglasses and Paige finds her.

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