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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Aiden Jennings - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Aiden Jennings Played by Daniel Cosgrove on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Edward Herrera/ABC

    Birthday: December 16, 1970
    Birthplace: New Haven, Connecticut
    Marital Status: Married (to Marie in 1997 with 4 children)
    Real Name: Daniel Cosgrove
    Height: 5' 11'


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    Days Recap: Case Closed.

    Wednesday, August 20 2014

    Aiden and Jenn are at her place when JJ arrives. Jenn tells him, "Case closed." He's happy.

    Days Recap: A Nail In Kristen's Coffin.

    Tuesday, August 19 2014

    At the Brady's pub, Hope asks Aiden why he deliberately misled her about dating Jenn. He sighs. He did it for her. He likes her but he's not looking to get into a relationship. She asks if that's his way of letting her down gently. He reminds her she's a married woman. She also calls herself a grown up. They agree this was all for naught but each stares at the other and then suddenly talks up how busy they are. They part ways.

    Aiden arrives at Jenn's. He tells her Hope got the wrong idea that they're more than friends. Jenn is sure she didn't. "Because you and Hope are just friends right?" Aiden stammers that they are, but he's not very convincing. Maggie shows up with an offer to pay Eve off. Jenn is grateful but they've a really strong case. Jenn asks Aiden to draw up an insurance policy before she decides.

    Aiden and Jenn drop by Eve's with an offer. "This deal has an expiration date. It's today. So you need to go over this document with your lawyer today and sign it today, so we can put this behind us, today. Or we're going to court."

    Days Recap: Broke Down In Tijuana.

    Monday, August 18 2014

    Outside of the Brady's pub, Hope runs into Aiden and brings up his date with Jenn. Aiden says she had to cancel but it wasn't a 'date date'. Hope wonders why she thought it was. Aiden insists he has no idea. He goes inside and to herself, Hope says, "Oh I think you do, Mr. Jennings."

    Days Recap: Nosy Old Hag.

    Monday, August 11 2014

    At the Brady's pub, Aiden surprises Jenn by clumsily asking her on a date to some comedy production. Jenn thinks he wants her to be his beard. Aiden laughs awkwardly but says that's not it. She doesn't listen and says she's game. She goes.

    At SPD, Hope's business with another cop is interrupted by Aiden. They discuss the kids and school and each tells the other how busy they are. Aiden brings up his date with Jenn. Hope's taken aback.

    Days Recap: Over My Dead Body.

    Friday, August 08 2014

    Brady meets Aiden outside of the Brady's pub. He sincerely apologizes for wanting to take a swing at him the last time they met there. Aiden is forgiving. Brady goes and Aiden heads inside. He receives a kind note from Father Louis, thanking him for planning the gala. Aiden flashes to dancing with Hope and Jenn walks up. Aiden says going to court will be expense and painful. He hopes Daniel can support her but she says not to go there. Aiden says he'll be there as a friend and lawyer.

    Days Recap: Little Miss Perfect.

    Thursday, August 07 2014

    Aiden leaves Jennifer's place as Jenn tells JJ she's off to court and thinks the judge will rule today about the lawsuit.

    Days Recap: Totally, Totally Destroyed.

    Friday, July 25 2014

    From TBD, Nicole approaches Jenn, wanting to talk. Jenn's not in the mood so Nicole asks what's up. Jenn mentions the lawsuit and Nicole apologizes, not wanting to add to her issues. She just wanted to say she's sorry about Jenn and Dan's break-up. Jenn's not sure if she believes it but right now doesn't have time to figure it out. Nicole's trying to atone for her actions - which is more than what she can say for Jenn. They bicker and Aiden breaks it up. Nicole wonders if Jenn really isn't good enough for Daniel. She goes and Aiden tells Jenn next week they'll know if they can get the case thrown out. Jennifer's appreciative of his time. He says this case is good for him right now.

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