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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Aiden Jennings

    Full detailed profile on Aiden Jennings Played by Daniel Cosgrove on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Edward Herrera/ABC
    Aiden Jennings

    Actor: Daniel Cosgrove

    Who played Aiden Jennings over the years

    Daniel Cosgrove (January 22, 2014 - present)

    Useful information on Aiden Jennings

    * Lawyer
    * New to Salem.
    * Has a son.


    Current: Lawyer
    Past: Unknown


    Aiden is first seen January of 2014. His son attends school with Ciara and he meets Hope when their children fight.


    Chase Jennings


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    Friday, July 25 2014: Days Recap: Totally, Totally Destroyed.

    From TBD, Nicole approaches Jenn, wanting to talk. Jenn's not in the mood so Nicole asks what's up. Jenn mentions the lawsuit and Nicole apologizes, not wanting to add to her issues. She just wanted to say she's sorry about Jenn and Dan's break-up. Jenn's not sure if she believes it but right now doesn't have time to figure it out. Nicole's trying to atone for her actions - which is more than what she can say for Jenn. They bicker and Aiden breaks it up. Nicole wonders if Jenn really isn't good enough for Daniel. She goes and Aiden tells Jenn next week they'll know if they can get the case thrown out. Jennifer's appreciative of his time. He says this case is good for him right now.

    Thursday, July 24 2014: Days Recap: Abigail's Cupcakes Are So Good.

    In the park, Chase wants Aiden to take a video of him practicing Judo to send to grandma. Aiden finds a video of Hope dancing with Aiden on his son's cell and questions him. Chase shrugs. Didn't he like dancing with Ciara's mom? Aiden did but calls it just a dance.

    In the Horton square, Hope tells Ciara they're going to Mount Rushmore. Ciara would rather go to New Orleans. Hope smiles. It's where she and Bo took her. They lament missing Bo and Hope changes their tickets. Aiden and Chase show up and Ciara tells them the good news and invites them. Hope and Aiden say, "No," simultaneously. The guys leave and Hope asks Ciara to check with her before asking people along on holiday. Hope has left her purse on a bench so Aiden returns it and they share a moment. She goes and Chase asks to go to mom's beach house at Puget Sound. They haven't been since the... Aiden says no and mutters he doesn't miss it.

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