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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Aiden Jennings

    Full detailed profile on Aiden Jennings Played by Daniel Cosgrove on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Edward Herrera/ABC
    Aiden Jennings

    Actor: Daniel Cosgrove

    Who played Aiden Jennings over the years

    Daniel Cosgrove (January 22, 2014 - present)

    Useful information on Aiden Jennings

    * Lawyer
    * New to Salem.
    * Has a son, Chase.
    * From Portland.
    * Wife (deceased) name was Meredith.
    * Meredith accidentally killed herself.


    Current: Lawyer
    Past: Lawyer


    Aiden was first seen January of 2014. His son attends school with Ciara and he met Hope when their children fought. Hope and Aiden didn't initially get along. She saw him as arrogant and he kept putting his foot into his mouth. They fought, but there were times a glimpse of a budding attraction shone through. Eventually things thawed between them when they worked at a school fundraiser bake sale together, and then went on to work the gala fundraiser together. They became friends. They both tried denying their attraction but it finally came out when Aiden had a few drinks with Nicole. He kissed Hope and she realized she had feelings for him. She eventually divorced Bo and let her feelings for Aiden show. Aiden fell for Hope fast and they dated and finally made love in November 2014.


    Meredith (deceased)


    Hope Williams Brady (dating October 2014 - present)


    Chase Jennings (with Meredith)


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    Monday, January 26 2015: Days Recap: Not As Long As I Have Breath.

    At the pub, when Chase asks, Aiden refuses to bring Hope and Ciara along to the beach house. Hope says she's off to see Shawn Douglas anyway. The kids go off and Aiden worries about how his son will take it going back to the place his mother died. Hope thinks Chase needs closure and decides to cancel her plans so she can be there for them. Aiden comes around and they hug. The kids return and are told about the plans. They're happy but Aiden looks worried. He consoles himself, saying it's only for a few hours.

    Friday, January 23 2015: Days Recap: Should I Call You Celeste?

    At the pub, Aiden tells Hope he got an offer on the beach house. Chase and Ciara arrive and Ciara gets pie from Caroline while Aiden takes Chase aside and tells Chase the news. Chase is bummed so Aiden promises to 'make it up to him' by taking him on a trip. Chase wants to go to the beach house one last time so Aiden acquiesces. Ciara returns to Hope saying Grandma forgot the sugar so they should come back later. When Chase goes to Ciara and Hope to invite them to Puget Sound, Aiden shouts, "No!"

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