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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Aiden Jennings

    Full detailed profile on Aiden Jennings Played by Daniel Cosgrove on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Edward Herrera/ABC
    Aiden Jennings

    Actor: Daniel Cosgrove

    Who played Aiden Jennings over the years

    Daniel Cosgrove (January 22, 2014 - present)

    Useful information on Aiden Jennings

    * Lawyer
    * New to Salem.
    * Has a son.


    Current: Lawyer
    Past: Unknown


    Aiden is first seen January of 2014. His son attends school with Ciara and he meets Hope when their children fight.


    Chase Jennings


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    Wednesday, April 16 2014: Days Recap: That Criminal.

    From the Brady's pub, Eric tells Marlena about Daniel being drugged, which reminds him of Kristen drugging him. He tells her he and Nicole are going to be married at some point, just not in the Catholic church. Marlena can tell this has been a tough decision since the Catholic teachings are his life. Still, she's happy for him. He's paged and leaves as Aiden walks in. He thanks Marlena for interviewing a client of his for a case. She thanks him in turn for referring a new client to her but he's confused. He never sent her a referral. When he took her card he meant it for himself.

    Hope runs into the pub and sees Aiden with Marlena. They cover and Marlena goes.

    Thursday, April 10 2014: Days Recap: A Tragedy Waiting To Happen.

    In the square, Aiden sends Chase into judo class and takes a call. Chase comes back out and tries to phone Aiden, since he was dropped off at the wrong place. A man appears and wrestles him for the phone. Hope arrives with her gun drawn and takes the man down. Aiden returns as Hope calls it in. After, Aiden tries to dissuade Chase, who insists on going to judo class. Aiden thanks Hope. He rambles on about protecting his son. "He's my life." He apologizes for being rude to her before and for judging her. Hope accepts his apology. He proposes they work together on the committee. Ciara comes up and says she heard Hope's a hero. Aiden watches them and smiles.

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