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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Sheryl Connors

    Full detailed profile on Sheryl Connors Played by Jade Harlow on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Nikki Nelson/
    Sheryl Connors

    Actor: Jade Harlow

    Who played Sheryl Connors over the years

    Jade Harlow (January 7, 2014 - present)

    Useful information on Sheryl Connors

    * Arrived in Salem to interview for a job.
    * Was a friend of Jordan Ridgeway's years ago.


    Current: Unemployed
    Past: Unknown


    Kate Roberts had Sheryl located in an attempt to access dirt on Jordan Ridgeway's past and had her brought to Salem to interview for a job with Lucas. When Sheryl spotted Jordan, she ran off and later admitted to Kate that she knew Jordan. They used to be friends but she wasn't sure if they were anymore.










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    Wednesday, April 09 2014: Days Recap: Better Than A Simp Like That.

    As Lucas showers at home, Sheryl overhears Kate leave a message about Sheryl's information about Jordan paying off. Sheryl's hurt and rushes out. When Lucas gets out of the shower, he listens to Kate's message and freaks out.

    Sheryl barges into Lucas' office where she finds Kate. She confronts her about using her to nail Jordan. Kate wonders what her point is. For her pawn, she's being really well treated. Besides, Lucas' answering machine is at his bedside. She smirks and Sheryl asks if she's supposed to be grateful for being used. Sheryl plans on telling Jordan but Kate cautions her against it. She'll destroy her career. Kate offers to transfer her to their Houston office. Sheryl calls her cold-hearted. Lucas bursts in and asks Sheryl not to listen to anything Kate says but Sheryl's done and runs out. They go after her.

    Sheryl stomps through the square, texting Jordan.

    Jordan and Rafe arrive at the square. Sheryl almost spills the beans but she sees Lucas and Kate. Kate asks if she told them the good news. Sheryl says she was promoted to the Houston office. Kate is sorry but says Sheryl earned this opportunity. Sheryl holds back tears as Kate says she leaves tomorrow. Lucas is sad to see her go. Jordan and Rafe hug her and she cries. Rafe and Jordan leave and Kate commends Sheryl. Lucas tries to explain that he cares for her but she doesn't believe it. She leaves and Lucas disowns Kate who thinks he can do better than a "simp like that."

    Tuesday, April 08 2014: Days Recap: Lip Gloss.

    At work, Lucas and Sheryl banner as they work. Things get intense and Lucas asks, "It may sound like a strange question but are you wearing any lip gloss right now?" Sheryl tells him to see for himself and then devours his lips. She likes him - a lot. Sami knocks and Sheryl wants to ignore her. Lucas says, "She won't go away. She's like Malaria. She never truly goes away." He lets Sami in, who notices Sheryl's lip gloss is smeared. Sheryl goes and Sami teases Lucas. She has him sign a document for Allie's field trip and says she's glad he's happy. She goes and Sheryl returns and invites him to a late lunch. They go and Kate arrives. Ortiz calls with news about Jordan...

    Sheryl and Lucas rip off their clothes at his place and make love. Afterward, Lucas showers and Kate calls. She leaves a message on his machine about the information Sheryl giving them about Jordan paying off.

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