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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Samantha Brady Horton DiMera Brady Hernandez DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Samantha Brady Horton DiMera Brady Hernandez DiMera Played by Alison Sweeney on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alison Sweeney (NBC)

    Birthday: September 19 1976
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married Dave Sanov ( July 8, 2000 - present) 2 kids
    Real Name: Alison Sweeney
    Height: 5' 4"


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    Days Recap: He's At Peace.

    Monday, May 12 2014

    At the parkette, Sami's in a panic, thinking Nick was trying to point the finger at them. EJ grabs her, "Trouble, breathe." This doesn't calm her down. EJ says even if he saw the hitman, he can't connect him to them. She fakes a smile and they head to the hospital.

    At the hospital, a doctor arrives and tells everyone Nick died ten minutes ago. Julie, Maggie, Gabi, Hope, and Abigail break down while everyone else looks stunned. Julie asks Gabi to go with her to see him once more. Rafe steps down from the case so it's all on Hope. EJ calls someone to find and destroy all photos - now. Sami overhears and questions 'what photos'? He says the ones of them dragging Nick's body into the river. In another room, Hope says a tearful goodbye to Nick. She feels she let him down and is sorry. Gabi, Julie, and Maggie are next. The ladies feel they've failed him. "Sleep well, my angel," Maggie sobs. They go and Gabi flashes to better times with Nick when they were together, and then married. She touches him and then pulls away, fast. In the community room, Rafe's not sure how to comfort Gabi. Gabi comes out and tells Rafe Nick's at peace. By the hub, Hope questions Julie who tells her Nick was trying to point at the killer. Julie recounts who was there, "Sonny Kiriakis, Will Horton, Lucas Horton, Kate Roberts, Rafe and Gabi Hernandez, Jordan Ridgeway, Ben Rogers, Abigail, and that snake, EJ DiMera, and Sami Brady." Later, a nurse covers Nick's face with the sheet.

    Sami and EJ arrive home. Sami's miserable.

    Days Recap: He's Been Shot!

    Friday, May 09 2014

    At home, Sami feels guilty about Nick. They're no better than Stefano. EJ says Nick made this necessary. The alternative is prison for her and Kate and a lifetime with Nick as Arianna's father. EJ suggests they take a walk. "It's a lovely night." Sami mutters, "For a murder."

    Jordan and Allie greet Gabi at the Horton Square. Gabi is texted by Rafe and goes. Later, Sami and EJ walk around trying to be seen to get an alibi.

    Back at the square, Lucas goes to EJ and Sami looking for Allie and Jordan. Sami sneers. He left her with Jordan? Lucas says it was fine. He had business to attend to. Nearby, Gabi tells Will and Sonny she's sorry they had to hear about the court case from someone else. "It'll be okay." Kate watches. Abby sees Ben and he follows her. Julie sits down and Rafe spots Allie and Jordan. Allie screams and points - at Nick. He made it to the square and collapses into Julie's arms. She screams, "He's been shot! Who did this to you?" Everyone stands and watches as Rafe calls it in and Nick looks like he's trying to point to someone in the crowd.

    Days Recap: Golden Boy.

    Wednesday, May 07 2014

    Nick follows Sami from the pub to the park. He knows something is going on and wants to know what it is. Sami says she doesn't know what to make of him. He helped Allie with her homework and gave Sonny and Will a beautiful present for their wedding... Nick's meek and says he likes his family and what Sonny and Will have. He timidly says he just wants to fit in. She asks if that's true. If so, maybe it's not too late. If he stays out of the custody battle and stops seeing Gabi for a while people could accept him. Sami moves close and Nick's demeanor changes. He says it'll never ever happen. Sami's confused. Nick says maybe he did those things because he wanted to or maybe he was just messing with their heads. He tells her to get used to it. He's not going anywhere. She should tell Will to mind his P's and Q's, and maybe he'll see his daughter once in a while.

    Sami arrives home, a bundle of nerves. She cries. EJ arrives. He can see she's in turmoil about Nick and offers to stop the hitman. She doesn't want him to. They snuggle.

    Days Recap: Nicholas Fallon Is A Dead Man.

    Tuesday, May 06 2014

    Sami tells EJ to "do it." He lets her know it cannot be undone once he sets things into motion. She hands him the phone and he makes a call to a hitman. EJ tells him he needs something taken care of. They agree to meet outside the square. They hang up and Sami kisses EJ passionately before he goes. Later, she attempts to help Allie with her homework but says it's too complicated. Allie comments that Nick helped her. Sami's surprised. Allie says he's her favorite cousin and he said she would grow up to be as beautiful and as smart as Sami. Sami feels guilty and runs out.

    At the park, Nick calls Abigail a w****. She slaps him across the face and he laughs maniacally. He says, "Okay not a w****. W****s get paid." He judges her and calls her a hypocrite. A thought occurred to him when he saw the photos: "If Grandma Horton saw them she'd be rolling in her grave." Abby starts to cry and hopes Nick won't tell anyone. Nick says it's going to come out and Sami will come gunning for her. Julie intervenes. They cover and Abby goes. Julie bumps into the hitman on her way out of the park with Nick. Later, EJ arrives and spots the hitman on the bench. Before he can make contact, he runs into Rafe who is glad Will has a shark like EJ representing Will in the custody hearing. The hitman leaves and Rafe brings up Nick's manipulation of Gabi. He goes and the hitman returns. EJ leaves a bag of cash and the man says, "24 hours," and goes. Sami comes running over. EJ tells her, "Nicholas Fallon is a dead man." Sami has second thoughts. EJ gets a text from Abby and dashes off.

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