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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Samantha Brady Horton DiMera Brady Hernandez - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Samantha Brady Horton DiMera Brady Hernandez Played by Alison Sweeney on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alison Sweeney (NBC)

    Birthday: September 19 1976
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married Dave Sanov ( July 8, 2000 - present) 2 kids
    Real Name: Alison Sweeney
    Height: 5' 4"


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    The truth finally comes out!

    Friday, March 09 2007

    Sami and Celeste are still at St. Lukes, where Sami demands to know what Celeste's tarot cards said. Celeste admits that EJ wants her child and won't give up until he gets it. Sami already knows this; she admits and tells Celeste that EJ wants her to get a DNA test complete in 48 hours. Celeste tells her that EJ hopes to secure the family empire for the next generation. Sami doesn't know why, but Celeste reminds her that Stefano was obsessed with her mother and now EJ is the same with Sami. Celeste goes on to say that what they really want is a son to continue the line of DiMeras. "And God help that child," Celeste says with passion. Sami is indignant and reminds Celeste that it's her child she's talking about but Celeste answers that she is just trying to enlighten Sami as to what EJ wants and the reasons for it. Sami figures that EJ picked Sami because he figured any kid of hers would already be a bad seed. She wishes aloud that she told Lucas and Celeste agrees - she should have. Sami doesn't want a DNA test because she worries she may be carrying the DiMera spawn. She begs Celeste to tell her what to do, considering she knows more about the DiMeras than anyone. Celeste reminds Sami what she did to her daughter, Lexi and wonders why she should help. She tells Sami that she's not her friend but she will help her anyway. Sami wants to con a doctor into forging DNA results but Celeste reminds her that it won't work with the DiMeras. The only solution is to make it permanent. She goes on to say that if it doesn't work this time, he'll try again. Sami thinks she can hide from EJ but Celeste says it's impossible. She must kill him!

    Desperate measures

    Thursday, March 08 2007

    At St. Luke's, Sami is still trying to convince Lucas to leave Salem with her. He demands that she explain herself but all she can do is sob. Lucas asks her if she really wants to pull their lives apart like this but she tries to see it as and adventure and promises him she'll tell him when they're on the road. Lucas guesses that EJ is the problem and tells her they can leave town and he can get another job. Sami lies and tells him EJ isn't the problem but Lucas knows she's lying. "I've had it," he says with a sigh. "I'll do whatever you want. Just tell me why I'm doing it!" he asks, in frustration. "I can't," she whispers glumly. "Then I can't marry you," Lucas states. Sami thinks she will never be able to escape her past but Lucas doesn't agree and reminds her he has a past too! They go back and forth for a while and Sami worries that if she comes clean, he'll take back her love. After he promises not to walk out on her, a frightened Sami cries and admits that EJ was at the church when Lucas was gone. As she is about to tell Lucas what EJ said, Celeste walks into the church! She apologizes for interrupting them and says she's there to light a candle for Lexi. Lucas wants to leave but Sami decides to stick around. He presses her to finish what she started so she lies and tells Lucas that she's just hormonal and that EJ just messed with her head a little. Lucas tells her he has a prescription for that - one chick flick and a pound of chocolate! Sami smiles and the two part ways.

    Sami goes to Celeste and asks for her help. Celeste tells Sami she already knew this. "That's why I'm here!" She declares.

    48 hours

    Wednesday, March 07 2007

    At St. Luke's, Sami tries to cover up for praying to God that EJ isn't the father of her child but EJ knows she's lying. He tries to tell her that all the prayers in the world won't stop what's meant to be. He believes that they'll have a son and promises to bring the child up just like his grandfather! Sami's eyes narrow and she tells him, "Over my dead body!" She starts beating on his chest and threatens to kill him. She yells that he forced her to betray Lucas and Roman but he denies any wrong doing. He wonders aloud what the product of their 'unholy alliance' will look like but Sami promises never to let him see the child. EJ caresses Sami's hair and lets her know that he will take their child from her whether she likes it or not. They argue and Sami asks why this is so important to him. He doesn't answer but advises Sami that the child "Is going to be brought up by his father and only his father." Sami's mouth drops as he asks, "Is that straight?" Sami claims she will fight him and never allow him to take her child. He suggests that since she wants proof that the child isn't his, that they get a DNA test through the amniocentesis. Sami refuses and tells him it's not right for the baby. She refuses to risk the baby's life but he yells that he needs time to prepare. Sami gasps and asks what he's preparing for. He tells her he's preparing for fatherhood but she doesn’t believe him. He demands that she get the ball rolling and threatens to tell all to Lucas if she doesn’t. She turns the tables on him and threatens to go to the police with her version of what happened the night John Black was shot. Through gritted teeth, EJ points at depleted Sami and commands, "48 hours. You have 48 hours." He leaves the church as Sami weeps.

    Lucas arrives back at the church and finds Sami a mess. She grabs his hand and tries to drag him from the church. "We need to leave Salem," she cries. Lucas stops her and asks what this is all about. Sami lies and tells him that she worries that everyone will make fun of her. "We will never find happiness in Salem," she cries out. She begs him to take her away from Salem but Lucas is bewildered.

    God and EJ hear Sami's prayers!

    Tuesday, March 06 2007

    Sami and Lucas meet Father Kelley at St.Luke's cathedral to run through their wedding ceremony. They light a unity candle and Father Kelly tells them that Father Jansen is now asking that each couple who marries at St. Luke's must make full confession of their sins before they marry! Sami freaks out when she hears this and tries to put things off. She asks to wait until Father Jansen gets back, but Lucas tells Sami he doesn’t feel comfortable with putting off the wedding. Father Kelly tells them that they needn't be concerned as God doesn't judge. He leaves the two alone.

    An upset Sami paces anxiously and as she panics she refuses the bag pipes and unity candle that she wanted for the ceremony and tells Lucas that she has walked down the aisle so many times that she doesn't deserve to be happy. She asks him to take her somewhere else to get married as she doesn't want to marry at St. Luke's, she presses. Lucas thinks that she's feeling guilty about something and asks, "What don't you want to tell me?" She admits that she has told so many lies in the past, but Lucas interrupts her and promises that he doesn't care about the past lies, Carrie and Austin, Stan or his mother. She cries and yells that she's not going to get married. She tries to storm away but Lucas stops her and demands, "Don't you leave me! Don't you hurt me like this!" Lucas admits he is ashamed of the way he has treated her in the past and understands why she'd back away from him. Sami attempts to explain that it's not him but Lucas interrupts again and reminds her that he has seen all of the good things she has done. They kiss and agree to marry. Later, Sami asks if he can invite Kate to the wedding. She wants to bury the past, she explains. Lucas agrees reluctantly!

    Lucas leaves to see Kate and Sami hangs back at the church. She kneels down, prays to God and confesses, "I lied. Obviously you knew that. It's certainly nothing new." She says as she looks up. She goes on to tell God that she lied only to save someone, this time. "If Lucas knew that I let EJ have sex with me, I don't think he'd understand but I did so in order to save Lucas. The truth is, no matter how much I hated it and EJ and myself, I'd do it again. I would do anything to save Lucas," she says with passion. She talks about a fresh start and her new life and asks God not to let Lucas find out what happened. She asks for one last thing, "Don't let EJ be the father of this baby." EJ walks up the aisle clapping. He grins and tells her that God can't unravel DNA. He tells her that confession is good for the soul!

    Blood Poisoning

    Monday, March 05 2007

    Sami visits Roman at Salem PD. They discuss the wedding and Roman jokes that the seamstress probably has his measurements on file from the last six times she walked down the aisle! Sami brings up the set up of EJ the night that he shot John Black. She paces as she tells Roman that she wishes EJ would have stayed in Mexico. As instructed, [by EJ] she asks her dad if there are any new leads that will put EJ away for good. Roman looks at her quizzically and then asks her, "What is this really about? Why are you really here?" Roman thinks Sami ought to be thinking about her wedding, not EJ Wells. She explains that EJ ruined Marlena's life, and is always in her face. Roman tells her that putting EJ Wells behind bars is Salem PD's number one priority. He refuses to give details about the ongoing investigation, but admits that they're trying a new angle. He tells Sami that he hopes Shawn will sign an affidavit to say that EJ is a criminal and they'll charge him with conspiracy. He hopes that Patrick will talk, after this happens. Roman winks at Sami and asks her not to touch anything as he leaves the room for a moment. Sami takes a call from EJ, who wants to know what she found out about him. She explains she's still in her dad's office and will talk to him later, but he's in no hurry and presses her for information. Sami gets irritable and threatens EJ, "If you call me again, I'll kill you!" Roman overhears her and she covers by telling him that she was speaking with the florist, who has been driving her crazy. She blames her foul mood on her hormones and apologizes for what he overheard and admits she should call them back and apologize to them as well. She tells her dad that everything will be perfect once EJ is behind bars. Roman promises her that they won't give up until EJ is off the street for good! He assures her that nobody is safe until EJ is off the streets… especially the Brady's.

    Sami arrives at Mythic to tell EJ about the news that Roman is going to try to get Shawn to sign an affidavit. EJ isn't surprised and congratulates Sami, after she tells him she has completed her mission.

    Later, Lucas and Sami leave for an appointment with Father Kelly to plan their wedding, while EJ talks to someone and tells them that he needs to know the moment that anyone else knows any word about Shawn. He says," I should have killed Shawn when he had the chance."

    Say your goodbyes...

    Thursday, March 01 2007

    Lucas shows up at EJ's door. He's puzzled as to why Sami is there and she asks to talk about it later, but he barges in and asks EJ why he called and hung up on him. EJ smiles and tells Lucas that Sami hung up. Lucas is confused and looks from one to the other. He says, "Someone is going to tell me the truth!" Lucas doesn't trust EJ, he admits and tells EJ that his stipulation for agreeing to work for him was that he'd move out of the building, so he asks why he hasn't yet! EJ tells Lucas it takes time to move to a new place but Lucas wants him out now, and asks him to keep his deal and move out right away. Lucas turns to Sami and tells her that he thinks that EJ won't leave because he wants to be closer to her! EJ tells Lucas that the accusations are becoming tiresome and today is a day for the truth. He closes the door and tells them that it's going to be interesting. EJ tells Lucas, "I'll be direct as that does seem to be your preference." He tells Lucas that he gave him a job when nobody else would touch him with a ten foot poll and he still gets insubordination from him! EJ promises to give Lucas the truth. "I never had any intentions of moving out of this flat because of you, Samantha!" He goes on to tell her that he can't seem to get enough of her. "And since I have the maturity of a 15 year old, I don't want anyone else to have you." He confesses. He asks Lucas what the consequences would be if he stayed. Lucas reassures him, "I'll quit and move my family to another town." Sami's eyes widen and EJ asks if Lucas is serious. He is, he expresses, so EJ agrees to move out as soon as possible. Lucas goes to find some boxes for EJ to help pack while EJ keeps Sami behind to ensure she does his bidding [getting all information about his case from Roman].

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