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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Samantha Brady Horton DiMera Brady Hernandez DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Samantha Brady Horton DiMera Brady Hernandez DiMera Played by Alison Sweeney on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alison Sweeney (NBC)

    Birthday: September 19 1976
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married Dave Sanov ( July 8, 2000 - present) 2 kids
    Real Name: Alison Sweeney
    Height: 5' 4"


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    The Next Mrs. Nick Fallon!

    Friday, July 27 2007

    On a private jet, Bart ices a black eye given to him from a feisty Sami, before he drugged her. Rolf tells Stefano that Sami's almost ready to give her donation to them. Sami lies unconscious on a gurney while Stefano hovers over her and says that youth is wasted on the young! Stefano asks Rolf if God will forgive him for sacrificing Sami for his life. He regrets that he was not able to wait until his grandchildren were born. "Ah Samantha. I wish things could be different but I'm afraid you must make this sacrifice." he says as he rubs her belly.

    Candy Pants!

    Wednesday, July 25 2007

    At Sami and Lucas' place, EJ's briefcase continues to beep, and Lucas pushes Sami. "It's a bomb! Stand back, Sami!" he yells as EJ tries to make sense of who could have planted it. He gently opens the case and a blast of smoke causes the three of them to pass out.

    Later, Lucas and EJ awake groggy and EJ finds an ether canister in his briefcase. He says they're lucky to be alive. The men panic as they realize that Sami's gone!

    Your Reign Of Terror Is Over. Period.

    Tuesday, July 24 2007

    In Sami and Lucas' apartment, Roman has forensics check out the card that came with the bouquet. It reads, "May the two of you live happily ever after in heaven, Love, EJ!" Sami is aghast and doesn't believe that EJ would try to kill them. She asks why he'd risk getting caught by placing his business card along with the flowers! Roman says he is one step ahead of her.

    EJ walks into the apartment and is upset to learn that Nick was involved in the bombing. He tells Roman he was at an SEC meeting and can have someone vouch for him. He apologizes to them for his family but Lucas vents his frustration on to EJ. Sami knows that EJ he's in as much trouble as they are. Roman suggests that Sami move in with him, when she refuses to go to a safe house, but both Lucas and Sami refuse that, stating they want to stay home and prepare for their babies. Roman is convinced and leaves with a promise from Lucas that he'll take care of Sami. After Roman is gone, EJ has a seat, and asks Sami and Lucas if they want to relax and play some cards. Lucas and Sami look perplexed, and EJ bursts into laughter. He says he's just lightening up the mood, but Lucas is not in a good mood, so shows EJ the door! EJ grabs his briefcase and heads to the door, but stops suddenly, noticing that his briefcase is ticking!

    A Sinful Request

    Monday, July 23 2007

    As Sami answers the door, she finds Nick standing there with news. She's surprised to see that he has a bouquet of flowers in his hands. They were just sitting in the doorway when he picked them up and seem to be beeping. Slamming the door shut, the flowers explode. Sami has safely fallen inside the doorway and Lucas helps her up before they pull the door open and find Nick on the hallway floor surrounded by smoke. They assume that this was another bomb sent by the DiMera's. As they worry and apply a rag to his head, Nick gradually regains some consciousness. When Lucas tells him that he saved Sami and the twins from a bomb, Nick asks: 'What bomb?' As they question him, he can't remember anything since he was on the beach with Chelsea. Sam tries calling Chelsea but she doesn't pick up. Lucas asks Nick what he needed to tell them, but he doesn't know. Later, the police arrive and question Nick, who still doesn't remember anything. After the cops leave, Nick begs Lucas to help him find Chelsea. He needs to talk to her; she's mad but he doesn't know why. Suddenly, he believes that he and Chelsea are over. He starts to feel ill and they help him to the bathroom. Sami is shaky, knowing that she was the target of this attack. Lucas assumes that Stefano must want them dead now. 'I'm scared,' she says, hugging him. Moments later, the paramedics arrive to get Nick, but he has vanished. We see that he has returned to the beach searching for Chelsea and mumbling to himself before calling Hope. After hearing about the explosion, Bo gets on the phone. Nick has already hung up and calls the airport for a ticket to Vegas.

    DNA Results Are In!

    Friday, July 20 2007

    At the apartment, Sami feeds Lucas strawberries and whipped cream and things heat up. They start kissing when Lucas jumps up and remembers he has left ice cream in his car. He opens the door to leave, and we see the beeping bouquet through a crack in the door. Lucas is dragged to the sofa to make love, by Sami, who tells him the ice cream can wait! Basking in the afterglow, Sami admits she's craving curry, but Lucas apologizes and says he's cooking for her. Sami is impressed that he made peace with EJ. Lucas asks her to promise that when the twins are all grown up, she'll allow him to kick the crap out of EJ. Sami laughs and says she'll pull the first punch! They feel the baby kick, and Sami says she wants their little girl to be a princess. Lucas says he wants their son to be a football player! Sami is touched when Lucas calls the twins his kids, and tells him it's the sexiest thing she's ever heard. More kissing ensues, as the beeping continues in the bouquet. Later, Lucas gets dinner out of the oven and Sami hears a knock at the door.

    Nick arrives at Sami's place, holding the bouquet. He tells her that they it was there when he arrived, but he thinks they're beeping! Sami's eyes widen in shock.

    Reunited With The Real Tony!

    Thursday, July 19 2007

    At the Brady home, Hope glances at the photo of Santo in amazement. She can't believe how much he looks like EJ. Sami excuses herself to get some water, and Hope assumes that the connection between Sami and Colleen is starting to freak Sami out. Roman says he thinks that this is also why Stefano is so obsessed with getting Sami and EJ together. Roman goes off to find Anna and once Sami returns from the kitchen, she tells Hope that this is fate and it's creepy. She sadly tells Hope that she's bonded to EJ forever now, because of the babies. They agree to hide the photo of Santo from Lucas when Sami mentions how jealous and "bent out of shape" Lucas gets when she brings up the word 'forgiveness' in the same sentence as EJ. Hope wonders if Sami has feelings for EJ, but Sami dispels that thought. "I couldn't have them, I mean what kind of person would I be?" she asks. Hope says that if she does, and tries to fight them, they'll only end up stronger. Sami retorts, "I love Lucas." Sami says she should want to kill EJ for what he did to her. "I did try to kill him," she vents, and Hope jumps up. "What?!!" she gasps. Sami relays the story and says she didn't want him dead because she liked EJ and he was her friend, when nobody else was - and in spite of her past. Hope reminds Sami that he raped her but Sami thinks that EJ was brainwashed by the DiMeras and she wants to believe he has changed. Hope thinks that it all could have been an act, but Sami thinks that EJ wants to be a better person. Hope asks her to make sure she's doing the right thing.

    EJ arrives unexpectedly at Lucas' door to ask for peace. Lucas snidely asks, "Oh now, you want peace?" EJ says he wants to be a part of the children's life and asks that Lucas consider respecting him as the father. "You want respect? Give up your parental rights!" Lucas doesn't know what love is and EJ quietly suggests that the children will teach him and they shouldn't be told how they were conceived until they're at an age where they can make up their own mind about him. He tells Lucas that the children deserve to be loved. Lucas softens and says that if he is serious, and wants to be a good father, he won't stand in his way. He threatens that if he does anything to harm the kids, or Sami he'll make sure EJ doesn’t see them again. The men shake hands and Sami interrupts, surprised to find no bloodshed. EJ shares that he and Lucas have made peace. Sami is pleased and says she feels very relieved. EJ heads home and Sami notices that the table is set for a romantic dinner, and hugs Lucas, thanking him for the thought and being civil with EJ. "I am the luckiest woman in the world." She cries.

    Why did you abandon me daddy?

    Wednesday, July 18 2007

    At the Brady home, Hope and Marlena sip tea while Hope tells Marlena that she can't get over the fact that Andre was posing as Tony for 20 years! In walks Sami, and Marlena immediately demands to know where her guards are. Sami laughs and says that Roman said she didn't need them anymore, since Andre is in the hospital. She shows them the newest letters and starts to read one from Santo to Colleen. She reads that Santo was very pleased that she showed up on the picnic but he didn't expect to see the unexpected company, plotting behind her, when she came to meet him!

    At the Brady's, Sami stops reading and she, Marlena and Hope start laughing hysterically when they read that Colleen brought a nun along to see Santo! Sami thinks it's crazy that a feisty woman would want to be a nun, but Hope says that back then it was either that, or "marry and have a bunch of kids"! Marlena says that Sami not only resembles Colleen's looks but her feistiness. "I think you're Colleen reincarnated!" Marlena says, jokingly.

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