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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Samantha Brady Horton DiMera Brady Hernandez DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Samantha Brady Horton DiMera Brady Hernandez DiMera Played by Alison Sweeney on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alison Sweeney (NBC)

    Birthday: September 19 1976
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married Dave Sanov ( July 8, 2000 - present) 2 kids
    Real Name: Alison Sweeney
    Height: 5' 4"


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    Just a Warning

    Monday, June 18 2007

    In his apartment, Lucas calls the police station to check that they have sent a guard to keep an eye on he and Sami. Sami comes out of her room, pleased to see that she finally has her very own bodyguard. Right now she has some cravings to satisfy, she says, but it's not what her new husband expects. She just wants him to go out and fetch some Rocky Road ice cream and anchovy pizza. He thinks that's disgusting, besides, every time he turns his back on her, she manages to get in trouble. She promises to be there when he gets back and he finally goes. In the hall, EJ arrives and tells the guard that he's family: 'Mrs Roberts is carrying my child,' he smiles. Lucas walks out, unhappy to see EJ. After giving EJ a punch in the gut, he yells at him to stay away. As usual, EJ is completely undeterred and demands to speak to Sami; he is not the enemy here and he needs to speak with her. Lucas won't listen to this; he's had all of their numbers changed and will never let him near his wife again.

    Back inside, Sami asks Will where a bag of mysterious garbage has come from. Will has no idea what she's talking about, but he does get a text message from EJ for her on his cell phone. 'What a loser!' Will shakes his head as he goes back into his room. Sami opens the door with the garbage in hand and asks the guard if he saw EJ. He explains what just happened and she runs over to EJ's door. The guard watches them talk. Sami wants EJ and Stefano to stay out of her life, but he insists that they work this out and end the feud. He's going to go after the person behind all of this: He's going to give the police what they need to put his brother away for good. She assumes this is a scam, but he has never been more serious. He points out that he's already betrayed his family over and over for her and he's sure that even his father can see that Tony is unstable. Lucas returns, agitated as ever. They begin to babble back and forth until Sami sends Lucas into the apartment and she goes down the hall to throw away the trash. Lucas follows her. When she can't push the trash down the chute, he offers to help and they argue about whose trash it is. Since it belongs to neither of them, they become suspicious. Suddenly, they can hear as a strange noise coming from inside. It must be a bomb.

    Blowing Off Steam

    Tuesday, June 12 2007

    One of the DiMera Henchman is after Sami and EJ in a forklift. EJ grabs Sami, and they crouch down beside some crates. Lucas breaks into the warehouse and yells, "Sami!" Sami and EJ get separated when they run away from the forklift, and Sami cries out for EJ. Suddenly, the forklift stops and someone turns it off. Lucas gets out of the driver's side and runs to Sami. Sami is in tears and gasps, "Lucas!" and the two hug. Lucas tells Sami that he didn't see who was driving the forklift and relays that Bart and Tony tied him up, so he had a hard time getting to her. Sami tells Lucas why she went to the warehouse and Lucas explains that he knows all about the letter, Colleen and the vendetta. EJ groans from under a crate and Sami yells to Lucas that they need to save EJ.

    Lucas enjoys the irony when he has to move a crate off of EJ's leg. EJ thanks them for their help and Sami stands up for EJ, when Lucas accuses him of forcing Sami to come to the warehouse. Sami tells him that Stefano agreed to end the feud but stops short when Lucas asks what he wants in return. EJ tells Lucas that Stefano wants him to marry Sami and raise their child as a DiMera. Lucas is angry, but Sami tells him that she turned Stefano down and thinks that's why he tried to kill them. EJ tells the two that this is Tony's work, not Stefano's work. EJ calls the paramedics for EJ and calls Bo and Roman. EJ turns to Sami and asks if she thinks that this is his handiwork. Sami tells him that she knows he wanted to be with her, but he tells her that he didn't have anything to do with this. He tells her that it should be clearer that her family is in danger.

    Nick's Found To Be Innocent!

    Monday, June 11 2007

    Sami and EJ arrive at a warehouse, where they hear Vagner playing loudly. Sami reluctantly follows EJ into the warehouse, where Stefano sits, directing. Sami says," That's the healthiest looking guy near death that I've ever seen," and Stefano barks out a hearty laugh then envelopes EJ into a big bear hug. EJ comments on how well Stefano looks and Sami snips, "Yeah John's kidney seems to agree with you." Tony watches from behind some boxes, unnoticed. Stefano tells Sami she looks as lovely as he remembered, and she asks if he means her or Colleen. Stefano tells her he doesn't know what she means, so Sami asks him who Colleen is and if she's the reason that he decided to try to destroy her family. Stefano gets tired, and EJ ushers him to an arm chair. Sami thinks he's faking it so he can get out of talking about Colleen. EJ and Sami argue when Sami mocks Stefano, and she persists to ask the story about the feud. Sami threatens to rip John's kidney from him and EJ demands respect for his father. Stefano tells her that she'll sit and hear the story but first she will listen to his terms.

    Lucas arrives at the warehouse and hears Wagner playing. He calls to Sami from behind the door, and Tony reaches out to touch him. "I don't think you should go in there," he says, quietly. Tony admits that Sami's in the warehouse with Stefano, and Lucas demands that Tony open the door. Lucas moves in and threatens him. Tony asks why everyone keeps threatening to kill him and snaps his fingers. A gun wielding Bart appears and sprays a liquid into Lucas' eyes. Lucas screams in pain and Bart holds Lucas back.

    Inside the warehouse, EJ tries to shush Sami, and Stefano laughs and tells his son that he has his hands full with Sami. Sami tells him that they're not together and accuses Stefano of lying and killing people. Sami gets snarky again, but Stefano reminds her that her moral superiority is laughable. He tells her that what she wants is honorable but naïve. Stefano tells Sami that he knows that her child is a DiMera and says that "Celeste knows these things". Stefano tells Sami that if she marries his son EJ, and brings up their child as a DiMera, the Bradys will spend eternity free from harm! Sami's jaw drops open. She tells Stefano she's happily married, and EJ asks him to give her time. Sami yells, "NO!" Stefano tells them there is no discussion. The lights start to flicker and they go out, and someone drives a forklift at EJ and Sami. Sami falls to the ground and EJ grabs her. Sami screams and Lucas, arms bound, calls for Sami and pounds at the door. Sami and EJ hold each other close, as the forklift comes closer to them.

    Is Claire Miss US- Adorable?

    Friday, June 08 2007

    While preparing to leave University Hospital, Sami chit chats about the things she's planning to do when she gets home, until she notices how silent Lucas has been. He admits he's still very worried about her and doesn't like that she took off with EJ. Sami says that she wants to save her family from the DiMeras, and would never endanger the baby. Lucas says that he doesn't know how much longer he can put up with her shenanigans. "You're saying you don't trust me anymore." Sami states. Lucas asks if she's really surprised and tells her to look around and take a gander at where she is and why. Sami says she thinks that she was meant to stop the Brady/DiMera feud and flashes back to her visit with Stefano. She tells Lucas that Stefano mistook her for someone named Colleen and wants to find out who Colleen is. Lucas thinks that Stefano was just out of it, but Sami explains how Stefano seemed real, and vulnerable. She figures she can get him to open up about Colleen and bring her back from the dead. Sami is shocked when Lucas thinks she sounds crazy, and forbids her to go near Stefano. Sami is frustrated that Lucas is trying to control what she does. She unhappily agrees to stay behind as he goes off to talk to Bo. Once Lucas leaves, Sami gets a call from EJ, who asks to see her right away. Dr. Jacobs has Sami sign release papers and asks Sami not to minimize what happened to her. Sami apologizes for being a pain in the butt and the doc leaves.

    EJ enters the room, and says that the new guard, Officer Bennett agreed to let him in. He gives Sami a note from Stefano that reads, "Perhaps we can settle our business once and for all. Warmest Regards, Stefano." Sami calls it a forgery, but EJ thinks Stefano had a change of heart. He asks her to stop being stubborn and take the truce. They argue and Sami admits she promised Lucas that she'd stay put. EJ comments that Lucas has her on a tight leash, but she retorts that Lucas cares about her and their baby. EJ asks Sami if Lucas cares about the other Bradys and reminds her, "You're the only one who can diffuse the DiMera's contempt for the entire Brady clan." He tries to change her mind, and promises that he'll protect her, and they don't have to tell Lucas anything. His words get under Sami's skin and she reminds him that he held a gun to her head and raped her, but he retorts, "You seem to forget that I'm trying to keep you alive." Sami kicks him out. EJ tries one last time to convince her to go, before he walks out. Once he is gone, she runs after him, calling, "EJ, wait!" EJ walks back into her room with a wheelchair, saying, "Yes, darling?!" Sami writes a note to Lucas and they leave.

    My Favorite And Best Pawn

    Thursday, June 07 2007

    Stefano continues to call Sami Colleen, and EJ tells him, "No Father, this is Samantha, Marlena's daughter." Stefano asks what she wants and she tells him, "Peace between our families." She offers her baby's stem cells in return for peace. Stefano tells Sami that the Bradys started it all and brought it on themselves. "Get away from me," Stefano tells Sami, but EJ tells his father that Sami is pregnant and willing to give him the stem cells. Stefano wants no part of it and tells EJ that he has a lot to learn. The EMT puts the oxygen tent over Stefano's face again and tells them to leave him alone. He tells them that Stefano's Lawyer ordered them to turn back to the mansion, so that’s where they're headed. EJ attempts to talk to Stefano once more, and Stefano tells them there is only one way.. He says, "Until all of the wrongs of the past have been righted. Shawn ... ask Shawn Brady, the old man… he knows." Stefano passes out, and the EMT puts the oxygen tent back over his face.

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