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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Samantha Brady Horton DiMera Brady Hernandez - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Samantha Brady Horton DiMera Brady Hernandez Played by Alison Sweeney on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alison Sweeney (NBC)

    Birthday: September 19 1976
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married Dave Sanov ( July 8, 2000 - present) 2 kids
    Real Name: Alison Sweeney
    Height: 5' 4"


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    Something up Kate's sleeve!

    Monday, March 19 2007

    Back at Sami's place, Sami encourages Chelsea to at least yell at her parents and get out some of her disappointment, but Chelsea says she has tried to yell at them but it made her feel worse. Sami tells her that they've forgiven her for the crap she has tried to pull and she thinks that her cousin should do the same! Suddenly, EJ comes to the door. Chelsea goes off to talk to Billie while Sami demands to know what EJ wants now. "What I always want," he tells her… she asks the seamstress to leave them alone and he asks after 'their' baby. She tells them that it's not their baby and says he'll have tests to prove that Lucas is the father soon. Until they find out who is the father, he tells her that it's his business who she hangs around. He accuses her of being a naughty girl again and she tells him she's busy with wedding plans and doesn't have time for this interrogation and doesn’t appreciate being spoken to as a child. She snidely tells him that if he was the father of her baby, she'd be able to feel the horns sticking at her already. He refers to the baby as little Stefano and plans to name the baby after his father! She tells him to get out and he does so but with a warning: She had better not be up to something.

    Chelsea tries to get into her mom's apartment but her key won't work and when she calls out to Billie, Steve stops her from responding. Chelsea leaves, dejected and Billie remarks, "Thanks. You just made me ruin my relationship with my daughter." She gives him her keys and asks him to get out but he doesn't trust that she won't tell anyone and asks her to get him over the state line. He grabs her arm, "It's time to go," he says.

    Lucas arrives back at home and lies to Sami, telling her that Kate loved the swatches. They start off to take a shower but Kate calls and asks if it's okay to throw a wedding shower for Sami.

    Secret meetings

    Friday, March 16 2007

    Chelsea and Sami dine at Penthouse Grill and discuss how terrible Chelsea is. Sami commiserates. She knows that feeling after having been in her position for years. She thinks that Chelsea is a lot like her in many ways such as getting hurt easily, reacting without forethought, and basically shooting themselves in the foot! They discuss the wedding and look over Sami's checklist. Chelsea is very supportive and Sami asks her to be a bridesmaid. Before Chelsea can answer, EJ walks in and comments, "Don't you think you're taking a lot for granted, Sami?" They chat for a bit and EJ wanders off to his own table. Chelsea tells Sami she can't accept her request for becoming a bridesmaid because being a part of her wedding would involve facing the family. Sami smiles sympathetically. Of all people understands and tells her that she will just have to keep working on things and she'll be a part of the family. Sami convinces Chelsea that facing the world and acting like you belong, even when your heart is breaking …. 'That's a real hero', she tells her cousin. Chelsea smiles. She's feeling more positive and says, "You've actually managed to make me feel needed!" Chelsea agrees to become a bridesmaid and they discuss getting their fittings. Sami thinks that Nick will eat his heart out when he sees her in her dress! That sounds good to Chelsea.

    Sami meets with Celeste in the restroom and Celeste tells her about the conversation she had with Benjy. She quotes him, "He thinks the child is a gift from God". Sami says it's more like a gift from the devil. Celeste tells her that the DiMeras will take her child away from her for good. Sami tells the woman she has a new plan in place to convince EJ that Lucas is the father of her baby. Celeste thinks she's not only playing with fire but she's naïve! They argue again when Celeste tells Sami that she needs to kill EJ. Sami tells Celeste to kill him herself and then asks her not to let EJ see her leave the restaurant. She goes back to her table and EJ eyes her the whole way back!
    Roman and Kayla get up from EJ's table to leave and EJ promises that he'll put out some feelers to find Steve. "Once I do I'll personally bring him to Salem PD! This way, everyone will understand that I'm just as interested in law and order as everyone else is! " EJ tells them with a grin. Roman & Kayla leave and EJ follows them out.

    Back at her table, Sami witnesses EJ leaving and wonders aloud where he's going. Chelsea tells her that it's funny because EJ came by their table while she was in the ladies room and asked the same of her! Sami insists that Chelsea tell her everything! S As they talk, Celeste takes off out of the ladies room and into the elevator … almost unnoticed! EJ spots her as he's on his cell phone and frowns.

    Sami is worried when she hears that her dad and Aunt Kayla went to talk to EJ, and she realizes that the fitting is coming up, so they rush out!

    The gloves are off!

    Thursday, March 15 2007

    Sami and Lucas have coffee with Billie at her apartment while they listen to Billie's rants about Chelsea. Sami sticks up for Chelsea when Billie fears that Chelsea may have set the fire to Bo's place. All eyes are on Chelsea as she walks into the apartment. Chelsea is heartbroken as she declares that Bo thinks she set the fire to his house. Sami and Lucas tell her that Bo is just covering all bases as a cop, but Chelsea feels as though she hasn't anyone to turn to. Billie starts to remind her that she still has her but she cuts her off and lets Billie know that she isn't her mother. She starts to yell at Billie and insults her by calling her a failure an addict and a back-stabber. Lucas and Sami stop her mid sentence and tell her that Billie doesn't deserve that. "She's your mother," Lucas reminds his niece. Sami adds, "She feels bad enough as it is." Chelsea appears drained and admits that she feels awful. She goes to Sami for comfort and receives a hug. Chelsea wants to leave but tells her family that she has no place to go. Tears stream down Billie's cheeks as she begs Chelsea to forgive her but Chelsea looks at her mother with resentment. When Lucas tells her that he and Sami have plenty of room, she agrees to stay with them. Billie is fine with the arrangements and stops Chelsea before she leaves. She reminds her daughter that she has always shown her love and forgiveness even when others turned their back on her. She asks for the same consideration and lets her daughter know that she's not the only one who's hurting. Chelsea listens but doesn't respond. Instead, she turns to Sami and asks if she can leave. Chelsea and Sami take off while Lucas stays behind to comfort Billie.

    EJ meets with Sami in the hallway and tells her that time is running out. He wants the results of the amniocentesis.

    Lucas comes into the hallway and interrupts the two. He lets Sami know that Billie is going to bed and Sami shares that Chelsea cried herself to sleep. The two kiss and go off to bed.

    It's all about the evidence!

    Tuesday, March 13 2007

    Sami drops by Chelsea and Billie's place and finds Nick there. She asks Nick if he'll fake test results to make it look like Lucas is the father of the baby she's carrying. Nick admits he's having a bad night and trails off about some issues that he and Chelsea are having. She ignores his problem and launches into her own problems. He's confused and asks why she'd need a bogus report from the lab, if Lucas is the father of her baby. She explains that it's complicated but that there is someone giving her a hard time about Lucas being the father of the baby. Nick is concerned he'll get caught and lose his job if he were to falsify documents but eventually she convinces him to at least get her a blank report from the lab. Sami impresses upon him how important it is that it's done tonight and offers to wait for Chelsea until he comes back. As he opens the door they find Lucas about to knock. Nick says he has to run an errand and leaves as Lucas enters the apartment. He asks her what's going on and she rants and raves but can't explain to Lucas what the problem is. Lucas doesn't press her but suggests that she see a shrink. Sami agrees to it and they kiss. Lucas wants her to come home for their chick flick night, but she explains that she needs to stay there until Nick is back just in case Chelsea shows up. He leaves as she promises she'll be home soon.

    Nick arrives back at Billie's place with a blank lab report and a thrilled Sami kisses him all over his face as she thanks him! She dashes off to be with Lucas but once she's out in the hallway, Sami bumps into EJ. She hides the report behind her back and they argue. She screams at him when he grabs her and he apologizes. "I don't want to help raise your blood pressure," he says, with sincerity in his voice. Sami frantically tries to put the report in her purse but becomes light headed and faints into EJ's arms! EJ yells, "Sami? Sami. Lucas? LUCAS!" Lucas comes running out of the apartment and asks EJ to call an ambulance but when Sami comes to, she claims she didn't eat earlier and tells them that she doesn't need an ambulance. Both EJ and Lucas hover around her and when Lucas guides Sami into their apartment, EJ smirks as he notices that she is hiding the report behind her back!

    Weaving baskets

    Monday, March 12 2007

    Back at St. Luke's Cathedral, Sami tells Celeste that her plan [to kill EJ] is crazy but Celeste assures Sami that this is her only way out. She calls EJ Satan himself. "If you're not willing to destroy him, he will certainly destroy you!" she guarantees. Sami reminds Celeste that she's talking about Lexi's half brother, but Celeste doesn't care. She knows who and what EJ is and that he has to be stopped. Sami admits that she still doesn't think that Lexi is dead, but Celeste disagrees. She's certain that EJ murdered her daughter and tells Sami that EJ wants to control her and even if the child is not EJ's, he'll always have power over her. "He'll tell Lucas that we had sex," Sami concludes, with a frown. She knows that Lucas won't believe the truth after all of the lies that have been told. Celeste promises Sami that unless she kills EJ he will eventually demand a son from her. Sami ruminates for a moment but doesn't think she can kill a man and worries that she'll get caught. Celeste tells her that she's going to help her rid the world of her daughter's murderer and suggests that Sami lure EJ to a secret place where they can kill him. Sami thinks about it momentarily but claims that she can't do it. Realizing there is nothing more to be said, Celeste wishes her good luck and leaves the church.

    Sami shows up at EJ's office and tells him she'll get the DNA test. EJ appears very happy with her news, but she's not finished! "I'll do it but I want something in return!" she says. If the child isn't his, she wants him to leave her alone for good. He agrees to it but tells her that he cares for her and that they share a bond. Sami disagrees. "There is no bond between us, Elvis" She makes a quick call to someone to meet with her.

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