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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Samantha Brady Horton DiMera Brady Hernandez - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Samantha Brady Horton DiMera Brady Hernandez Played by Alison Sweeney on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alison Sweeney (NBC)

    Birthday: September 19 1976
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married Dave Sanov ( July 8, 2000 - present) 2 kids
    Real Name: Alison Sweeney
    Height: 5' 4"


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    Days Recap: Olive Branches.

    Tuesday, December 24 2013

    At the DiMera's, EJ and Sami don't know where things stand but he won't let Nick Fallon destroy what they have, even in death. He doesn't want the others to know that he knows. Abe arrives with Theo who apologizes to Sami for giving her earring to Ciara. Stefano asks, "What earring?" EJ thanks him and sends him off to find his gift. Sami's concerned over Stefano's interest in the earring but EJ warns her not to look guilty. Nearby, Theo tells Stefano that it's not the best gift. His mother told him that the best gift was family. Stefano agrees. Later, EJ asks what's wrong with Kate, Gabi and Sonny in the Santa photos that Sami's looking at. She realizes that Santa is the guy from the woods. EJ's concerned that someone can place them at the crime scene. Sami realizes the man saw Gabi with the backpack. Things are going from bad to tragic after EJ learns they saw the man again and lied to him. They hold each other and promise not to let this get in the way of the family during the holiday. She leaves with the kids. Alone, Stefano tells EJ about his attempt to make amends. EJ's not surprised Rafe didn't accept his olive branch.

    Marlena remembers gifting Eric his vestments and gets up to leave Brady Pub when Roman arrives. She asks about Eric. Roman thinks he needs time. He invites Eric to mass when he joins them. Eric's not going. He wishes them Merry Christmas and leaves. Marlena worries that Eric and Brady won't survive what Kristen did. Later, Sami doesn't want Marlena to blame herself for the family not being together for Christmas. Sami and EJ text 'I love you' to each other.

    Days Recap: Stop-Gap.

    Monday, December 23 2013

    At the DiMera mansion, EJ mentions 'being by the river' to Sami. He pulls out a tag with the initials N.F. on it and says he found it a few feet from where her earring was located. Sami looks ill. He muses it could stand for Nick Fallon and they go back and forth until he wonders if Nick was following Sami when she lost her earring. When he moves to call Hope, Sami stops him. EJ asks why she's lying. Sami tries one more time to deflect, but EJ notices she keeps referring to Nick in the past tense and says he doesn't believe her. He begs her to tell him she didn't kill Nick Fallon. EJ realizes he's right and that Gabi knows too. Sami admits, "We killed him." She tells EJ everything, and that Kate was there too - it was her idea to throw Nick's body in the river. EJ nearly falls off the sofa when Sami says Sonny also knows. She assures him Will is clueless. Sami says they've been covering with his family. EJ stresses that this is all very stop-gap; he won't just fade away. Sami apologizes for not telling him. EJ embraces her. Stefano bursts in, "Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas! I'm back!"

    Days Recap: Washed That Man Outta My Hair.

    Friday, December 20 2013

    Hope runs into Club TBD and breaks up Sami and Ciara's fight over the diamond earring. Sami shows Hope the earring which is more like a down payment on a house, Hope comments. Sami apologizes for scaring Ciara and explains to Hope that Allie told her Ciara had her earring so Hope delicately attempts to get it. When that doesn't work, Sami grabs for the pack and starts yelling. Ciara says it's not fair. "Anybody else would have to have a warrant." Hope finds the earring and returns it to Sami who is relieved. She vows to buy the kid some earrings for being such a hero. She goes and Hope confronts Ciara about the earring. Ciara admits it was a present from Theo.

    From outside the DiMera mansion, Sami calls Kate to update her about finding her earring. Kate's glad and says Sonny didn't tell Justin their secret. When Sami invites her over to conspire, Kate says she's busy. Hope arrives and tells Sami about Theo finding the earring. EJ eavesdrops as Hope says Theo found it at Walker's Falls across the river from Big Rock. Hope finds it suspicious. Sami panics but Hope does a facepalm. She's overreacting. She blames the holidays. Sami says she must be excited for Bo to come home but Hope says Bo's not coming back. She doesn't know how to tell Ciara.

    EJ returns home and tells Sami where he's been. He asks if she lost anything else by the river and shows her Nick's tag. She almost faints dead away.

    Days Recap: Great Picture Of Justin Bieber.

    Thursday, December 19 2013

    From Sonny's, he takes a call from Justin. Sami grabs the phone and she, Gabi, and Kate try talking him out of spilling their murderous secret to him. EJ and Will arrive with the baby and everyone freezes. Sonny asks his father to meet at the pub later, and everyone awkwardly explains why they're there. Will assumes they're getting after Sonny for finding out about the surprise party. Sonny says that's not it. EJ suggests they sort it out. Sami tells Kate it's time to go do 'the thing; buy that thing'. They go and EJ asks Will to put the baby down so he can discuss his present with Gabi. EJ tells her to spill. She gulps. He says he and Sami have no secrets and asks to hear her side of the story. She realizes he's playing her and talks about Kate and Sami trying to run her life by offering her a modelling contract. EJ again says he knows everything just as Will interrupts. EJ goes and Gabi counts her blessings to Will.

    Sami and Kate walk through the square and whisper about Sonny. They see him and follow him to the pub and argue about him telling Justin about Nick's death. Sonny says they're trying to make a case for justifiable homicide. They ask him to wait until after Christmas. He goes in and they wait with bated breath. Sami runs to find Ciara to get that earring. Inside, Justin's relieved to hear Sonny say nobody's life is in danger. Sonny says he has decided to keep this to himself. He goes and finds Kate waiting. She thanks him for keeping quiet.

    Sami arrives at Club TBD. She offers to sit with Ciara while Hope goes to run an errand. Sami butters her up. "That's a great picture of Justin Bieber," Sami offers. "It's a horse," Ciara clarifies. Sami says she lost a diamond earring. She shows her the mate and Ciara holds her bag but insists she's never seen it. Sami knows she's lying and calls her on it. She offers to replace it. Their struggle over it is stopped by Hope's return.

    Days Recap: Living Like A Nun.

    Wednesday, December 18 2013

    At Will's, he tells Sami he knows about the surprise party. Sonny was eavesdropping. Sami's floored. She calls it devious and underhanded and Will scoffs at how hypocritical she's being. She promises there'll be no surprise party and rushes off with Allie. Sami texts Kate to meet.

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