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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Samantha Brady Horton DiMera Brady Hernandez DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Samantha Brady Horton DiMera Brady Hernandez DiMera Played by Alison Sweeney on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alison Sweeney (NBC)

    Birthday: September 19 1976
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married Dave Sanov ( July 8, 2000 - present) 2 kids
    Real Name: Alison Sweeney
    Height: 5' 4"


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    Days Recap: What You Did To Abigail...

    Wednesday, July 09 2014

    In the board meeting, the voting commences on bringing Sami on as CEO. Kate texts Sami during and tells her not to forget she needs her vote. Sami reads the letter Kate gave her "from EJ." It praises Sami and asks the board to approve of appointing Kate co-CEO as well. Kate acts shocked. Sami doesn't like it but says they'll have to accept it. Everyone votes the duo in for a period of no less than 6 months. After the men leave, Kate and Sami shake hands. "Partners."

    Sami arrives at SPD cells and tells EJ about her new job as co-CEO with Kate of DiMera Enterprises. EJ laughs in disbelief. She shows him the papers. He starts to shake and questions her. She says, "I did to you exactly what you did to Abigail. SOB."

    Days Recap: Betray The DiMeras.

    Tuesday, July 08 2014

    In the park, Kate feels she's risking more than Sami in their scam and wants Sami to pay a hefty price for her help. Sami's exasperated but needs Kate. "God I hate you," she seethes. Kate tells her to keep her eye on the prize. It never gets easier. "That never-ending line of hot young things will never end for him." Kate thought Sami could keep EJ satisfied longer. Sami sputters and explodes. That's not why he slept with Abigail. It's because she kicked him out of bed for lying about Kristen. Kate rolls her eyes. "Men are only as faithful as their options." Kate hands over a sealed letter on DiMera letterhead. Sami is to open and read it in front of the board at EJ's behest.

    At the board meeting, Mr. Shin is a bit snide knowing why the DiMera men aren't there to vote for themselves. Kate comments that the meeting's being recorded. His tone and intent will be easy to hear by Stefano. The board members are concerned that their deals could be killed because EJ's in jail. Kate says Stefano shares those concerns. She whips out a letter which states that he is nominating Sami as CEO of DiMera Enterprises. The board members don't think she's qualified, mostly because she's a woman but Sami has worked with her husband on every aspect of the business in addition to doing well with the CW accounts. She asks them to get past their contempt for woman and the vote begins.

    Days Recap: The Mighty EJ DiMera.

    Monday, July 07 2014

    In the SPD jail cell, EJ paces. Sami rants about him being a flight risk but EJ says it makes sense and tells Sami she must vote his shares at the board meeting. They agree, Kate is behind this whole thing. A notary arrives and Sami signs some documents. EJ promises they'll be honeymooning in no time. She leaves and Nicole turns up. "My oh my. Karma really is a b**** isn't it?" Nicole is there to help him. He chuckles and asks why. Nicole says she'll get an exclusive and EJ will get sympathy from her readers, which is needed. She asks, "Do you know who brought down the mighty EJ DiMera?" EJ says he does and doesn't think they'll get away with it.

    Kate and Sami meet at the park and Sami takes off her jewellery. They agree things worked "flawlessly." Sami has EJ's shares and Kate has control of Stefano's. Kate grimaces. Sami realizes that she doesn't have Stefano's shares yet. If she doesn't get them, their plan is dead. Sami starts huffing and puffing and Kate tries to calm her. A call comes in. It's Stefano. He's calling from a plane. He has chosen her to be his proxy since he can't be in town now. Sami struggles not to squee with relief. Kate says some loving words to Stefano and hangs up. She asks Sami what she's getting out of this. Sami's dumbfounded. Kate hands her a paper which Sami gawks at. Kate dead-pans, "The truth is, I don't trust you."

    Days Recap: A Big Storm Coming.

    Thursday, July 03 2014

    In his cell, EJ rails about Stefano doing this to be sure he's not at the board meeting. Sami wonders if Kate's involved. She tells EJ they have to fight together. EJ tells her he's fighting for her and their kids. He admires her dress and Sami thanks him for always making her feel like she's the only woman for him. Later, Rafe appears and trades barbs with EJ. EJ asks who tipped him off. Rafe mentions the board meeting. EJ insists he'll be there.

    Sami walks through the park on the phone making sure 'they' got the tip.

    At the mansion, Sami tells Stefano's portrait he taught her well as she opens the safe. She flashes to videotaping EJ open it previously. Inside she finds cash, passports, the evidence EJ cleaned up from the river, and the evidence that Will shot EJ. She figures EJ saved it for a rainy day and smirks that there's a big storm coming. The doorbell rings. Sami prepares to 'play her part' but it's her parents. The police arrive with a warrant. Sami acts shocked. Hope tells Sami they got another tip and notices Sami used the fireplace. Hope spots the family passports with false names. "Planning a trip?" She says the tip was about the DiMera jet's flight plan - filed for Casablanca which has no extradition treaty with the United States.

    Sami returns to the jail and tells EJ the police found fake passports - they were left on a table. EJ says he didn't do it. EJ blames Stefano and swears he won't get away with this. Sami wonders who will stop Stefano from taking control. EJ says Sami will have to do it. She smiles. "Just tell me what to do."

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