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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Samantha Brady Horton DiMera Brady Hernandez DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Samantha Brady Horton DiMera Brady Hernandez DiMera Played by Alison Sweeney on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alison Sweeney (NBC)

    Birthday: September 19 1976
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married Dave Sanov ( July 8, 2000 - present) 2 kids
    Real Name: Alison Sweeney
    Height: 5' 4"


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    Days Recap: Love Is Not Deceiving.

    Tuesday, July 01 2014

    Outside the DiMera mansion, Abigail tells EJ after today, she never wants to see him again. Ben arrives and he and Abigail admire each other. Inside, EJ tells Stefano's portrait that whatever he is up to he won't get away with it. "I learned from the best." Abe and Theo arrive. Abigail enters the room with Ben. After Abigail exits, Theo asks Ben if he's Abigail's boyfriend. In a room, Sami vows she won't cry. She finds the vows she'd written previously and flashes to making love with EJ, and then to finding the photograph. Abigail appears. "Are you alright?" Sami composes herself and invites Abigail to read the vows. Abigail encourages her to read them. Sami muses, "And you'll read the poem, Abigail." Downstairs, Will and Sonny enter. EJ booms that now all they need is the bride. They head outside and Abigail follows Sami downstairs. "You look beautiful." Sami takes a deep breath and the wedding march begins. EJ nods and Johnny goes to walk Sami down the aisle. Abe begins, Will reads, and then Abigail reads a poem about love not being deceiving. Abe asks if there are any objections. No one speaks. Soon EJ is saying, "I do." When it's Sami's turn she pictures EJ kissing Abigail and doesn't speak.

    Days Recap: Two-Faced Little...

    Friday, June 27 2014

    From the Horton square, Sami talks to Kate on the phone and learns she's out of town. She freaks. Kate urges Sami not to tip Abby or EJ off. Sami spots Abby with Ben and says, "The two-faced little w**** showed up." Kate talks Sami down. "Eyes on the prize," she coaches. Sami hangs up and rushes to Abby, grabbing her in a hug, excitedly. She's glad Ben is joining Abby for the wedding "especially after that last guy you hooked up with." Sami cringes and claims she's embarrassed for putting her foot in her mouth but fills Ben in anyway.

    Sami arrives at SPD and leaves Roman a note. She thinks about seeing EJ kissing Abby and loses it. She snipes that her whole life is one big damned mistake, and throws papers around, just as Rafe walks in. He asks what's wrong but she lies that she's fine. He can still read her. Whatever it is hurt her. He thinks it's about her parents' refusal to attend the wedding. Sami says nothing and Rafe questions why she's not snarking off to him. Sami wants to spare him the lecture.

    Days Recap: Long Time No See.

    Tuesday, June 24 2014

    At the park, Sami makes Kate laugh by telling her she asked Abigail to be her maid of honor. Kate thinks Sami's much smarter than she was years ago. They discuss Stefano. Sami warns Kate not to underestimate him. Kate says he's in love with her. She tells Sami he was beside himself when she said she wouldn't move into the mansion as long as Sami was there. Sami cautions her to stay focused; her plans to destroy Jordan will have to wait. Kate says she encouraged Jordan to help Rafe. Sami realizes that she wants to distance herself for when the bomb drops. Kate confirms it. Sami tells Kate that even if she breaks them up, Rafe won't go back to her. Kate wonders if Sami will try to get Rafe back now that she's dumping EJ. Sami tells Kate she’s marrying EJ. Kate sighs, "Yes, for revenge." They bicker about whether Sami could get Rafe back. They finally agree to stay focused and not to see each other until after the wedding. Kate wishes she could be there to hear Sami say, "Until death do us part."

    Sami returns to the DiMera mansion where Will tells her to ease up on Abigail; she’s snapping.

    Days Recap: Keep An Open Mind.

    Monday, June 23 2014

    At the DiMera mansion, EJ and Abe chat about the wedding. EJ asks Abe to perform the ceremony as Sami arrives. She grits her teeth as EJ tells Abe it's a surprise. Sami whispers that she has some surprises of her own. Sami makes her presence known and Abe agrees to be there for her at the wedding. He mentions Abigail being a great girl. EJ kisses Sami. EJ thanks Abe for putting his feelings about him to one side.

    At Club TBD, Abigail stresses about getting roped into doing the wedding. Tad appears and says Ben's not there and teases her about liking him. She mentions helping Sami plan the wedding. Tad muses that you don't want to get on that woman's bad side. When Tad say EJ's a pretty cool guy, Abigail's reaction twigs his curiosity. Abigail shrugs that she just can't wait for this wedding to be over. Later, outside, Abigail meets Sami and tells her she's not entirely comfortable with her role. Sami offers to let Abigail back out as maid of honor, but says she's the only friend she has who knows firsthand what an incredible guy EJ is. Awkwardness ensues as Sami gushes about EJ. Abigail finds herself agreeing to give a reading at the ceremony.

    In the park, Kate encourages Sami to stay steady. Sami assures her she's got this - the two of them won't know what hit them.

    Days Recap: All Up In My Grill.

    Thursday, June 19 2014

    Inside the DiMera mansion, Sami asks Harold to bring snacks to the garden. Sami gazes at Stefano's portrait. "What is it you always say? Revenge is a dish best served cold? I'm on it." Sami follows Harold outside later and becomes manic, babbling about wedding plans. She sends EJ to the garden house and thanks Abby for everything. They hug and Sami seethes. She offers tastes of wedding cake and makes remarks about Abigail being above temptation. Meanwhile, Kate barges into the mansion looking for Sami. She finds her with Abby in the garden. Sami tells her to get lost and Kate throws lemonade at her. Sami smushes cake into Kate's dress and food flies everywhere. Harold and Abigail attempt to stop the madness and EJ arrives. Kate throws cake at him and accuses him and Sami of getting her fired. She promises Stefano will hear about this. She stomps out and Sami nonchalantly tastes cake from EJ's chest. She sends Abby with Harold to get cleaned up and tells EJ she let a lie slip to one of Victor's henchman that they managed to steal the secret formula from Madworld. EJ gawks. The board meeting is going to be difficult enough. Sami apologizes and he grins. Later, EJ has changed and Abby returns. She's afraid of what Sami would do if she ever found out... Sami walks in and drags Abigail home. Later, Henderson is on a call with Stefano. He says Kate seemed sincere and protective of Stefano.

    Sami meets Kate at the park. They hug and agree that went perfectly. Sami will be in touch. She goes.

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