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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Will Horton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Will Horton Played by Guy Wilson on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Wilson (Marie Buck)

    Birthday: November 21, 1985
    Birthplace: San Francisco, California, USA
    Real Name: Guy Wilson


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    Days Recap: My Little Bluebird.

    Thursday, January 29 2015

    Sonny arrives home just as Kate yells that he 'can't tell Sonny'. Sonny questions them and Kate says she pushed Will into showing her the pre-draft of his cover story which was unethical. Will admits he's been feeling bad about it. Sonny asks why he did it and he says he wasn't satisfied with what he wrote. Grandma used to run Titan Publishing so he thought she could help. Kate admits she told Will to dig deeper after reading the draft. Sonny agrees nobody can know about her involvement. Kate goes and the guys make plans to be together once this article is out.

    Days Recap: Romantic Claptrap.

    Wednesday, January 28 2015

    In Will's office, Paul admits to Will that he's still in love with the guy he was once with. Will urges him to get the man back but Paul says he's taken. Will says he'll meet someone new but Paul already did. Trouble is, he's taken too. Outside, Zoe finds Sonny with a rose. She stops him from heading inside, knowing Will is busy with an interview. Sonny wants to wait but Zoe can't allow it. He'll see the subject of their cover story which is confidential. She agrees to give Will the rose and Sonny leaves. Inside, Will's surprised Paul hasn't told his mother he's gay. Yet. Will explains tomorrow's the last day for his final submission. Paul's grateful to Will for all his help. They shake hands and Paul goes. Zoe steps inside and Will's happy to accept the rose. He tells Zoe that with Paul's cooperation, they're outing him in the expose.

    Will arrives home, surprised to see Kate. He says he's considering telling Sonny what he did but Kate says there is no good reason why he should ever know. Unless Will's falling for him. Will says Sonny's the only one he loves. Kate wonders if Will wants to share the spotlight with Paul and Will reacts badly and points at Kate, saying that's not what he wants. He cries that he's happy with Sonny and won't let anybody destroy that. This is why he thinks he has to be honest with Sonny. Kate says it'll only hurt Sonny. "Don't ruin Sonny's life," she begs. He has to deal with the guilt. "That's the price you pay for cheating." What Sonny doesn't know won't hurt him. Will has a canary and Kate yells that he can't tell Sonny just as Sonny walks in.

    Days Recap: A Clydesicle.

    Tuesday, January 27 2015

    From TBD, Will calls Sonny, who is not up for another lecture about their finances. They hang up and Kate arrives. Will's sad and Kate assumes it's because of his finances. She offers to write him a check. Will refuses her and whines about how he hasn't been there for Sonny. He confesses he feels guilty because of what he did. She guesses he cheated. He cries and she consoles him. The important thing is that it never happens again. When Paul calls, Kate learns he's the one Will cheated with. Kate blames herself for telling Will to do anything to get the story but Will says this is on him. He goes to meet Paul.

    Paul arrives at Sonix offices, ready to come out. He talks about losing the one man who asked him to marry him because he was too much of a coward to say yes. Will is supportive. Paul says he'd say yes if he could get a second chance. Meanwhile, Sonny arrives outside.

    Days Recap: What's Worse Than A DiMera?

    Tuesday, January 20 2015

    In Paul's hotel room, Will says he fell in love with the first man he was with and it was right. Paul says if that's the case, then why did they have sex? He moves in close and reminds Will he never said he didn't want it to happen again. He caresses Will's arm and they start kissing. Off come the shirts but Will stops things when he flashes to marrying Sonny. "This can't happen again." Paul's not happy. Will says he was flattered that someone like him would find him interesting. Whatever he decides, Will must submit some form of the story - soon. After some discussion, Paul decides to come out but he needs time to choose his words. Paul's glad he met Will. Will says, "Me too." He goes and puts on his wedding band. Later, Paul calls his mom to invite her and his grandfather to Salem but she barks that it's not possible right now. They're busy. He's disappointed and after they hang up, he mopes that they'll read about him coming out.

    Will heads home and Sonny tells him that TBD lost money tonight because of the new club. They argue over not being able to pay the bills. Will wants him to take a handout from Victor but Sonny won't.

    Days Recap: Beyond The Pale.

    Monday, January 19 2015

    In the park, Paul tells Will his grandfather would be heartbroken if he came out. Will suggests he give his family a chance. Paul accuses Will of only caring about his story, but apologizes after. They decide to talk it through at Paul's hotel.

    At Paul's hotel, he and Will discuss his doubts about coming out. Will's only regret is that he didn't come out sooner. Will says Paul will help a lot of people; he'll be a hero. Paul wonders if he'd find the man of his dreams. Will says he did. Paul wonders why Will slept with him then. Will says it shouldn't have happened. Paul moves in close; Will never said he didn't want it to happen again.

    Days Recap: Temptation Island.

    Friday, January 16 2015

    At home, Will and Sonny deal with financial issues, deciding to use credit cards to make ends meet. Will says Sonix refuses to front him money until they see the story, which should go international once it's ready. Sonny's impressed. Will must be asking the right questions. Will's mouth works as he flashes to sex with Paul. Lucas arrives to babysit since Adrienne hasn't responded yet. Will goes to work and after Sonny's gone, Adrienne arrives. They decide to co-babysit. Lucas says he ran into Paul Narita, a famous pitcher. Has she ever heard of him? Adrienne pulls a face and covers. Lucas laughs when he learns Sonny and Will are getting old before their time, playing cribbage. Lucas and Adrienne decide to play.

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