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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Will Horton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Will Horton Played by Guy Wilson on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Wilson (Marie Buck)

    Birthday: November 21, 1985
    Birthplace: San Francisco, California, USA
    Real Name: Guy Wilson


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    Days Recap: This Isn't What It Looks Like!

    Tuesday, March 03 2015

    At the hospital, Will walks in on Sonny and Paul discussing whether or not Sonny married Will because he couldn't have Paul. Sonny says he's leaving Salem to see his brother in Phoenix for a while. Paul leaves them alone and Will begs Sonny to stay but Sonny needs to sort things out. Nicole arrives at the hub to ask if Maxine has seen Daniel. Maxine's snarky and won't help Nicole get 'her claws back into' Daniel. She looks at Nicole's cleavage and says, "I know you have two very powerful weapons in your arsenal but they don't work on me." Meanwhile, in Kayla's office, Paige whines about her mother not responding to her texts and how she must have found something better to do. Talk turns to JJ and Paige tells Kayla she's done with love. Kayla's sorry, knowing how painful this is.

    Paul runs into Adrienne at the hospital elevators. She can tell he's upset. He just hopes Sonny's is okay. He leaves her wondering what's going on. She heads to Sonny's room with Kay just as Will asks if Sonny only said yes to him after Paul said no to his proposal. Sonny doesn't get a chance to answer and asks his mom for a ride to the airport. Will hugs Sonny and reminds him of his love. Will goes and runs into Paul. He thinks Paul can get Sonny back but refuses to lose his husband.

    Days Recap: Back Off, Lady!

    Monday, March 02 2015

    At Will's, he cleans as he babbles to Marlena that Sonny will never forgive him. Marlena thinks Sonny just needs time but when Will accidentally breaks the glass on a photo of him and Sonny, he sees it as an omen of impending doom. He thinks Sonny married him out of desperation when Paul said no. Marlena asks if he feels threatened but he says no - he feels used by Sonny who couldn't have Paul. Marlena reminds her grandson Sonny was away from Paul for a year before they met and they married a year later. She doesn't think Sonny's using him. Marlena accuses Will of trying to shift the blame. Will admits it but mopes that he used to feel special to Sonny. Now he feels like the one who happened to say yes. Marlena encourages him to talk to Sonny and get marriage counselling.

    Paul arrives at the hospital and when asked, gives Sonny his assurance that neither him nor Will knew who each other was before they hooked up. Paul blames himself and admits he tried to get Will into bed once more but it didn't fly. Sonny admits Will thinks he only married him because Paul wouldn't. Paul asks if that's true and Sonny says nothing as Will pokes his head in.

    Days Recap: It Never Would Have Happened If...

    Tuesday, February 24 2015

    Will plays with Arianna at home when Paul calls to see how he's doing and asks to get together to talk. Will is having trouble coming to terms with sleeping with Paul who is in love with his husband. Paul learns Will has a kid and tells him how sorry he is. They hang up and Marlena arrives. Will spills everything to her.

    Back at the hospital, Eric is finished saying goodbye to the nun when Kayla brings up his argument with Serena. She's sure they'll work it out. Eric calls Daniel to ask for the statue back but before he can, Daniel calls it magical and says his son called it Fred. He hangs up and Eric calls Serena to apologize. He can't get her elephant back. Meanwhile, Will shows up in Sonny's room and Kate gives them a pep talk before leaving. Sonny's bitter. Will blames himself but it never would have happened if Sonny had been open and honest.

    Days Recap: It Didn't Mean Anything.

    Friday, February 20 2015

    In her office, Marlena finds it difficult to hide her shock when Paul tells her about his affair with Will Horton. She yells, "Stop!" He freaks out, thinking she's disgusted but she explains she has a conflict of interest. He thinks it's a load of bull so she admits Will's her grandson. She gives him the name of another psychiatrist and sends him away. In his room, Sonny accuses Will of cheating with Paul and Will denies it. Sonny yells that Paul admitted it! Will is more surprised Paul was there but Sonny says that's not the point. Will finally confesses, "It didn't mean anything." It was only one time. Sonny doesn't believe him. Will tries to explain but makes things worse by sounding as though he's blaming Sonny. He talks about how important the article was to him that he'd have done anything. Sonny yells, "You whored yourself out for a stupid magazine article." Will clarifies what happened and apologizes. He wants to pretend it never happened and points out that Sonny was with other guys. Sonny says that was before they were together! He tries to take off his ring and starts freaking out and hyperventilating, assuming Will 'knew'. Will calls for a nurse and a doctor and Marlena rush in. Sonny's given a sedative and Will discloses to Marlena that he hurt Sonny. She gives him a pep talk. Later, Adrienne and Justin arrive and talk about the blood donor saving their son's life. Justin wants the chance to thank him someday.

    From his hotel, Paul notices he has voice mail but ignores it. Will arrives and asks why he divulged their affair to Sonny. Paul realizes Will didn't know that Sonny was the guy he asked to marry. Will's eyes widen in astonishment when he's told. Paul tells Will the story and offers him a drink to relax but Will needs to go.

    Days Recap: What Do You See In That Wingnut?

    Thursday, February 19 2015

    In Marlena's office, Paul begs Marlena for help. He tells her he came out to his mother. She asks, "How did that make you feel?" He would rather avoid the cliché questions but carries on. He thinks she was fine with him living a lie. He tells her his father died before he was born and brings up his grandfather's support and how it relieved him. He hoped his mother would be in his corner. He thinks he's just a big disappointment to her. He brings up the expose and how he talked about the man he loved who wanted to marry him. He says it's all a mess now because he slept with Will Horton who turned out to be married to the man he was in love with. Marlena's eyes widen. Meanwhile, Sonny stews in his room and Caroline pops in for a visit with him and Will. She's grateful they found the ring and says their love gives her hope for the future. She kisses Sonny and Will walks her out. Sonny cries, thinking of Will in bed with Paul and of his wedding to Will. Will returns and through gritted teeth, Sonny lets Will know that Derrick told him Will and Paul were lovers.

    Days Recap: I Remember Everything!

    Wednesday, February 18 2015

    At the hospital, Will prepares to show Marlena his article when she hands him Sonny's wedding ring. In his room, Sonny yells to Paul, "You slept with him. How could you do this to me?" Paul learns Will's Sonny's husband and is taken aback. Sonny accuses Paul of knowing but Paul didn't know. "You never told me your husband's name." Sonny hyperventilates and tells Paul to get out as Abe walks in. Paul apologizes and goes. Abe recognizes Paul but says he is there to see if Sonny remembers anything. "I remember everything," Sonny starts. Will walks in and Abe leaves them alone. Will has a surprise for his husband. He places his ring on his finger. Sonny stammers.

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