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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Will Horton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Will Horton Played by Guy Wilson on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Wilson (Marie Buck)

    Birthday: November 21, 1985
    Birthplace: San Francisco, California, USA
    Real Name: Guy Wilson


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    Days Recap: Sample The Possum Stew?

    Monday, May 04 2015

    From home, Will calls Zoe to complain that there's nothing he can use from that confidential file she sent on Paul Narita. He asks why he should expense money on going to Poplar Bluff on that Weston piece. "Take in the local ambiance and sample the Possum Stew?" He's told to do it. Kate arrives and attempts to dissuade him from writing the article on Clyde since he's so private. Besides, Will has better things to do like holding on to his husband. Will plans on doing both. Will will take into account that Kate's his friend. They ponder why Zoe would even want to do a piece on Clyde. Will says Sonix was purchased by some unnamed company, which piques Kate's interest.

    Ben sees Will in the square and turns his offer for coffee down. Nearby, Nicole wants to tell Eric about Serena's call with Xander but knows it's her word against Serena's. She could talk to Xander but worries about how Daniel would feel about that. Daniel watches her and asks what she's thinking about. "You." Daniel apologizes for taking out his worry over Melanie out on Nicole. He asks to start over but she spots Xander and says, "No, as in hell no."

    Days Recap: Your Sister Is Dead.

    Friday, May 01 2015

    Caroline arrives on Will's doorstep. "Talk to me," she cries. He tells her he screwed up so badly. She hugs him. She tells him marriage can survive this if that's what they both want.

    Days Recap: Wrecking Ball.

    Wednesday, April 29 2015

    At their apartment, Sonny is in disbelief over what Will tells him about Marlena visiting Paul to keep him away. Will accuses Sonny of making plans to go to Italy with Paul. Exasperated, Sonny says Paul is in San Francisco. Will realizes Marlena has the wrong address and is gone to Italy looking for Paul and John. Sonny lectures him. Will says he'll make it up to Marlena. Sonny notes he's said that a lot lately. Will says he overheard a conversation about wanting the marriage to work. Sonny says he was talking about his parents - Justin had an affair in Dubai and his mother slept with Will's father. Will is stunned. He tells Sonny he doesn't want to lose him. Sonny asks Will to stop trying to control him; let him breathe. "Can you do that?" Will can do it. Adrienne calls Sonny to get Ari. Will wants to see Lucas. They hug. Once alone, Will emails Zoe to give him everything she's dug up on Paul Narita.

    Days Recap: Justice Will Be Swift.

    Tuesday, April 28 2015

    At the pub, Will tells Clyde the article he's writing about him for Sonix will be written with or without his permission. Clyde makes it clear he doesn't want this but Will's dealt with the likes of EJ DiMera and Victor Kiriakis. Someone from Poplar Bluff doesn't worry him. Clyde repeats he doesn't want this which only fuels Will's curiosity.

    Days Recap: She's Out Of My Life.

    Monday, April 27 2015

    From the pub, Will looks for dirt on Paul online when Zoe calls to tell him to make Clyde's article a priority. He does some digging.

    From The Edge, Will asks Ben for Clyde's number and Will fishes for information. Later, Ben calls his dad to warn him. Kate arrives. Ben tells her she makes his dad happy.

    Will meets Clyde at the pub and confesses he's writing a piece about him for Sonix. Clyde doesn't like the spotlight. Will doesn't care. With or without his permission, the article will be written.

    Days Recap: That Low-Rent Neurotic.

    Friday, April 24 2015

    In the square, Will's upset to hear Victor fired Lucas. Lucas tells him it'll work out.

    Will finds Marlena at the pub, whines about Victor and voices his insecurities. He asks his grandma if she heard from John. She says he won't respond to her calls. Will tells her Victor knows Paul's address.

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