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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Jordan Ridgeway - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jordan Ridgeway Played by Chrishele Stause on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.


    Birthday: 1981-07-21
    Birthplace: Draffenville, Kentucky
    Real Name: Chrishele Stause


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    Days Recap: That Classy Broad.

    Friday, August 15 2014

    In the woods, Jordan tells Rafe his apology means a lot. He wishes he was the one to tell her the truth and is glad she has her brother there to lean on. Clyde's name is brought up and she doesn't want to discuss him. Rafe hopes they're getting back on track and asks her to take time to figure things out.

    Abigail meets Jordan at the square. Jordan fills her in on her talk with Rafe. She's confused. Abby thinks it's a shame to throw it all away on one terrible mistake.

    Days Recap: Christmas In August.

    Thursday, August 14 2014

    Jordan goes to Ben at TBD and mopes. She's been listening to Rafe's old voicemails like a teenager. He urges her to talk to Rafe.

    Rafe jogs by Jordan in the park.

    Days Recap: Little Miss Perfect.

    Thursday, August 07 2014

    In the park, Ben hits Rafe and yells, "You swore you would never hurt her!" Abby and Jordan stop Ben from beating on Rafe's head. Rafe explains he hopes Jordan can forgive him someday because he still loves her. Jordan takes Rafe away and disgusted, Ben sounds off about what kind of person Kate must be for sleeping with another girl's man. Abby says she did the same thing. Ben apologizes but Abby says he's right. Ben muses that she's nothing like Kate. Abby admits when he was beating on Rafe, his anger scared her. Ben's sorry - he grew up around that sort of thing. His mother was afraid of her own shadow, never knowing what would set Clyde off. Abigail's shocked and realizes he's nothing like Clyde. They kiss.

    At the Brady's pub, Rafe explains that the night he cheated with Kate, he felt he failed Gabi. He was disgusted with himself and got drunk. He thought Jordan deserved better than him. Jordan admits she has trust issues with men and he was the first she ever loved. Rafe loves her and calls himself an idiot for risking it all. Jordan says he destroyed it. She thinks Kate had Sami tell her about the fling on purpose. Rafe defends Kate and Jordan calls him naive. She should have left town when she had the chance. She blinks a few times and runs out.

    Days Recap: Detective Egomaniac.

    Wednesday, August 06 2014

    Outside TBD, Jordan tells Kate she's not going to let her get to her anymore. They argue and Kate says she has no time to worry about hurting someone "as insignificant as you." Kate assumes Jordan keeps reinventing herself because she knows she's not woman enough to satisfy a man - especially Rafe. Jordan raises her hand to hit Kate but stops herself. Kate encourages her to go ahead, so Jordan smacks her. Kate is glad she can express an emotion. She tells the physiotherapist that she'll ruin her relationship with Rafe on her own. She thinks the secret she's hiding is significant and knows she's not good enough for him.

    At the park, Clyde introduces himself to Abigail while Ben sneers. Clyde takes off and Abby comments that he seemed sincere. Ben flies off the handle and lets her know his father can't be trusted. He receives a text from Jordan. He tells her to meet there and when she shows up, Abby toddles off. Jordan asks Ben to promise not to lose it and tells him Rafe cheated on her with Kate a few weeks ago. She squints and tries to drum up some tears.

    Days Recap: Little Conquest.

    Tuesday, August 05 2014

    While jogging through Horton square, Jordan flashes to Rafe confirming he cheated with Kate. She sees Clyde and runs off. Clyde spots Abigail, "If it ain't my boy's little conquest." Adrienne stops Abby, angry about what Sami did to her. Abby shrugs. She did violate the terms of her employment. She talks about sleeping with Sami's husband as Clyde listens. Abby says she's moving forward.

    At home, Jordan remembers better times with Rafe and wonders if it was all a lie.

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