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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Jordan Ridgeway - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jordan Ridgeway Played by Chrishele Stause on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.


    Birthday: 1981-07-21
    Birthplace: Draffenville, Kentucky
    Real Name: Chrishele Stause


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    Days Recap: Loverboy's Not Here.

    Thursday, July 31 2014

    Clyde finds Jordan at the hospital and says he knows she's been "avoiding daddy." She's annoyed that he told everyone who he is. She hands him a check. She'll send more if he leaves. Rafe arrives.

    Days Recap: Abigail's Cupcakes Are So Good.

    Thursday, July 24 2014

    In the woods, Jordan snaps that the money she took was dirty anyway. Clyde says it was for a new life but Jordan snaps that she already has that.

    In the park, Clyde has lost too much time with his kids. He touches her cheek. She flips out and Ben arrives. Clyde says he's going nowhere. They've time to work through their issues. He goes and Jordan says they can't call the police because they've nothing on Clyde. Rafe arrives for their talk but Ben tells him later and takes Jordan away. Meanwhile, Clyde tells someone, "You know what to do," when he learns they haven't paid yet.

    Days Recap: I Can't Stop Loving Him.

    Wednesday, July 23 2014

    At TBD, Jordan and Ben discuss their meeting with Clyde. She doesn't want to drag Rafe into this.

    Clyde arrives at TBD. He takes Jordan out while Abigail and Ben catch up. He explains he's not judging her over her affair with EJ.

    Clyde takes Jordan to the woods and tells her he did the best he could after her "momma passed." He wants to make it up to them. She asks him to let them be. He can't.

    Days Recap: Pointy Hats And Brooms.

    Friday, July 18 2014

    Clyde finds Jordan at the park. He tells her fathers never stop worrying about their little girls. She counters that he's not her father. He's her step-daddy. He reminds her the lowlife on her birth certificate didn't want anything to do with her. She was five years old when he drank himself to death. He asks if she has heard from her brother. He asks her to call Ben but she won't do it. He warns that he has his people watching him.

    Ben arrives at the park. "Hello Ollie," Clyde says. Twangy music plays and he tells the kids he has his family back and he's not letting them go. They stole money from him and Jordan took a minor across state line. That's an offense. He threatens they don't want to make him that unhappy again. He wants his money back. He took Jordan's id cards so she can't run again. She gasps.

    Days Recap: How Could You?

    Wednesday, July 16 2014

    Jordan texts Ben to meet from the woods.

    Ben meets Jordan in the woods and they discuss how she'll tell Rafe the truth. Ben knows how she felt about Clyde, especially after their mother's death. Ben's tired of hiding behind her. He should go back to Poplar Bluff and teach Clyde a lesson. Jordan asks him to promise not to. They know the kind of man he is. They part ways and later, an unknown text comes in for "Tammy Sue" and she drops her phone. From behind her, Clyde says hello.

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