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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Jordan Ridgeway - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jordan Ridgeway Played by Chrishele Stause on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.


    Birthday: 1981-07-21
    Birthplace: Draffenville, Kentucky
    Real Name: Chrishele Stause


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    Days Recap: Breakage And Spillage.

    Monday, September 08 2014

    At the hospital, Lucas tells Jordan he's sorry about her and Rafe. She wonders why he cares - Kate's his mother. Lucas assures her he wouldn't want to see Rafe and his mother together, but he believes her that what happened meant nothing. Jordan thinks he wants her to reconcile with Rafe to punish Kate. Lucas tells Jordan she's beautiful and amazing - he'd love to see her happy with someone.

    Outside TBD, Ben tells Abigail he knows she was thinking about EJ when they kissed. She admits it. Ben tells her he doesn't do rebounds. She protests that she doesn't want EJ. Ben goes inside, where Tad asks Ben if he can ask Abigail out. Ben glowers, so Tad suggests maybe it's not over after all. He sends Ben to the storage unit for olives. Outside, Abigail runs into Jordan and tells her she and Ben might be over. They discuss her issue with EJ. Abigail thinks the article dredged it up again. She cares about Ben and thought they had a chance. Jordan urges her to fight for what they have. Later, Abigail enters TBD and finds Ben in the storage unit.

    Jordan enters Rafe's office in time to see Kate kiss him and thank him for looking out for her.

    Days Recap: Whistling Past The Graveyard.

    Friday, September 05 2014

    At home, Jordan tosses and turns as she dreams of being a teenager five years after the death of her mother. Clyde comes to her and says they'll always have each other. She tries to get away and he grabs her.

    Ben finds Jordan at TBD, upset. She says Clyde ruined her life. They finally stopped running and had a sense of a home. She cries. He knows Clyde and nothing is ever going to be the same again. Ben vows to protect her.

    From the park, Jordan cries that they can't let Clyde win. Nearby, Clyde bumps into EJ and introduces himself.

    Days Recap: I Hate Talking.

    Friday, August 29 2014

    Jordan meets Rafe at the Horton square. The job Abby wanted at the sportsplex is taken. Jordan picks fluff off Rafe's shoulder and then stops herself. She thanks him for trying. From nearby, Clyde watches. Jordan wonders why Rafe just didn't text her this. Rafe grins. It was an excuse to see her. She runs along and Clyde walks up, glad they're working things out. Rafe doesn't want to discuss his personal life. Clyde gets it but wants his daughter's happiness. Like his son has "with that little cutie Abigail." It gets awkward and Clyde makes a point to thank him for introducing him to Kate.

    Abigail winds up at the park thinking about kissing EJ. Jordan finds her and tells her the sports complex job was taken. They discuss Rafe. Jordan says she was able to talk to Rafe as friends and forget about their problems. Abby sees that as a positive sign. She goes and Clyde shows up. She asks him to return to Poplar Bluff but he's sticking around to see how things go with her and the 'po-lice man'. He tells her he was introduced to Kate Roberts. Does she know her? Jordan walks off without answering and Clyde says, "Bulls-eye."

    Days Recap: Hell-Cat In Bed.

    Wednesday, August 27 2014

    Abigail arrives at TBD and tells Jordan she's having a tough time finding a job. They discuss Rafe and the break-up. Abigail offers to lend an ear. Ben arrives with keys to the storage closet. Abby offers to help with moving supplies. They head into the closet and flirt and Abigail accidentally locks them in.

    Jordan runs into Rafe at the park. Abby's applying for the marketing job at the sports complex in West Salem. She asks Rafe to put a good word in for her. Rafe will do what he can. He has no idea why Will wrote that article. At the parkette nearby, Hope gets a cramp during her run. Aiden walks up and offers his assistance.

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