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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Jordan Ridgeway

    Full detailed profile on Jordan Ridgeway Played by Chrishele Stause on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jordan Ridgeway

    Actor: Chrishele Stause

    Who played Jordan Ridgeway over the years

    Chrishele Stause (August 15 2013 - present)

    Useful information on Jordan Ridgeway

    * Is a Physiotherapist at the hospital.
    * Hired by Kate to help Rafe Hernandez with his therapy.
    * Rafe's her main client.


    Current: Physiotherapist at Salem University Hospital
    Past: Physiotherapist


    Jordan Ridgeway came to Salem August 15 2013, hired unseen by Kate Roberts to help Rafe Hernandez.


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    Wednesday, April 09 2014: Days Recap: Better Than A Simp Like That.

    In the woods, Rafe tries to get Jordan to open up about herself. He doesn't like that she doesn't trust him enough to tell him about herself. Jordan says it's not about trust but Rafe begs to differ. She accuses him of making things complicated but he's pretty sure her life was problematic before they met.

    Back in the woods, Jordan receives Sheryl's text. Since it's an emergency, she and Rafe rush to the square.

    Jordan and Rafe arrive at the square. Sheryl almost spills the beans but she sees Lucas and Kate. Kate asks if she told them the good news. Sheryl says she was promoted to the Houston office. Kate is sorry but says Sheryl earned this opportunity. Sheryl holds back tears as Kate says she leaves tomorrow. Lucas is sad to see her go. Jordan and Rafe hug her and she cries. Rafe and Jordan leave and Kate commends Sheryl. Lucas tries to explain that he cares for her but she doesn't believe it. She leaves and Lucas disowns Kate who thinks he can do better than a "simp like that."

    Jordan and Rafe arrive at the park and Jordan's sad. She liked having a friend there. Rafe says she'd have friends if she let her guard down. Jordan doesn't want to get into it. She reminds him he doesn't like to talk about his sister Arianna and thinks keeping the lid on certain memories is best sometimes. He gets it.

    Tuesday, April 08 2014: Days Recap: Lip Gloss.

    In the park, Jordan gets off a call with Rafe and smacks into Ben. She yammers at him about not wanting anyone to see them in public together. He's sorry he made things worse.

    Back at the pub, Rafe searches Ben's name online but comes up with nothing. He types in Jordan's name but can't bring himself to commit to a search. Hope leaves and Jordan arrives. The two go for a walk and Jordan questions how distant he's being.

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