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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Jordan Ridgeway

    Full detailed profile on Jordan Ridgeway Played by Chrishele Stause on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jordan Ridgeway

    Actor: Chrishele Stause

    Who played Jordan Ridgeway over the years

    Chrishele Stause (August 15 2013 - present)

    Useful information on Jordan Ridgeway

    * Is a Physiotherapist at the hospital.
    * Hired by Kate to help Rafe Hernandez with his therapy.
    * Rafe's her main client.


    Current: Physiotherapist at Salem University Hospital
    Past: Physiotherapist


    Jordan Ridgeway came to Salem August 15 2013, hired unseen by Kate Roberts to help Rafe Hernandez as a physiotherapist after he had come out of a lengthy coma. Eventually, Jordan and Rafe became close and dated. Kate learned Jordan had a past when she snooped in her apartment and found several photo ids. She tracked down Jordan's step-father and brought him to town. Clyde Weston was abusive in the past to Jordan and her mother and after her mother's death, Jordan took Ben, her brother, and left town. They went their separate ways but Ben arrived in Salem and started working at TBD. They reconnected and when Clyde came to town, Ben and Jordan were more than wary of him. When Rafe's sister Gabi went to jail, Rafe drowned his sorrows in beer and Kate Roberts, and Kate pressured Sami to spill to Jordan. Once Jordan found out the truth, she confronted Rafe, who was about to tell her. She dumped Rafe.


    Rafeal (Rafe) Hernandez (dated)


    Ben Rogers (Brother)
    Clyde Weston (Step-father)


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    Friday, November 21 2014: Days Recap: Ball Hog!

    From the library, Chad's on a call with Tad, telling him he's counting on him to keep his mouth shut. Jordan arrives. She got lost in the mansion. He tells her he has become co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises. She congratulates him and they make out. He asks her to keep mum until the big announcement and it dawns on her that Kate's his co-CEO, and that he's living with her, too. He assures that he can handle it. Jordan blurts, "That's what Rafe said, too." She takes off for work.

    Marlena eavesdrops at the hospital while Jordan talks on the phone about Chad's good news. Afterward, Marlena brings up all that Chad's been through but also what her family has been through at the hands of the DiMera family.

    Tuesday, November 18 2014: Days Recap: Sick Poodle.

    Clyde walks into the hospital and overhears Marlena telling Jordan that whatever she tells her is in confidence if she ever needs to talk. Clyde hands over her hospital badge and says she dropped it. Later, he calls Kate who isn't in the mood to chat. Abby drags Anne into Jenn's office and Anne continues to rant. Abby plays with Anne, saying she always gets her way with men so Anne should watch her job. She and Seth Burns are close. Anne winces and calls her a sick poodle. In his room, Paul flirts with the nurse. Later, Chad picks Jordan up and they leave together.

    Chad drops Jordan off at home. They kiss and make plans for tomorrow.

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