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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Theresa (Jeannie) Donovan Black - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Theresa (Jeannie) Donovan Black Played by Jen Lilley on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lilley (Brian To/

    Birthplace: Roanoke, Virginia, USA
    Marital Status: Married (Jason since May 26, 2007)
    Real Name: Jen Lilley


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    Days Recap: Walker, You Have A Way With Men.

    Wednesday, March 25 2015

    Theresa is passed out in her bed as Melanie arrives. Clint is on his way out and drops vials of blood. When questioned, he's rude and covers saying he's a vet. She calls him a liar. Theresa wakes up groggy and Melanie asks if she's okay. She complains of a headache and Clint forcibly throws Melanie out. Clint puts Theresa back to bed and goes. Melanie returns and Theresa pulls herself out of bed and to the door to let her in. She runs to vomit while Melanie reads Clint's goodbye note, cringes, and then goes to take care of her archenemy. She notices a needle mark on Theresa's inner arm and exclaims. She wonders why Clint took blood from Brady and Theresa.

    Days Recap: Baby Black.

    Tuesday, March 24 2015

    From Theresa’s, Clint calls Mandrake to ask if Kristen received the blood and is fine with him getting Theresa’s today. He confirms that she won’t remember a thing. Meanwhile, in bed, Theresa wakes up mumbling, “Brady make love to me.” Clint says she looks like ‘bloody hell’, and gets her a drink. She begs off, saying she used up all her sick days. Clint manipulates her and she calls Anne.

    Nurse Maria arrives at the pub and Anne vents that she's late with her HR report. Maria admits she was overwhelmed last night and when pushed, tells her Brady Black was admitted. After Maria goes, Anne takes Theresa's call. Theresa lies that she's sick and learns that something huge is going on with Brady. She acts as though she couldn't care less and when they hang up, she drinks up.

    Back at Theresa's, she becomes groggy and Clint carries her to bed. He leaves the room and she texts Melanie, thinking she's texting Brady.

    At Theresa's, Clint takes blood from an unconscious Theresa and shoves the vial into a bag. He leaves a note and on the way out runs into Melanie and drops two vials of blood, one which reads 'baby Black'.

    Days Recap: That Man Is Using You!

    Wednesday, March 18 2015

    At Theresa's, she and Clint are in her bed when Melanie pounds at the door, thwarting Clint's attempt to get the syringe. Theresa answers and Melanie yells, asking how she could hurt Brady. Theresa's worried and learns he's in the hospital. Clint appears shirtless and offers to handle Melanie for her but Melanie takes off. Theresa vents about Melanie being all up in her grill. She asks Clint to get them food and when he's gone, she tries to get information about Brady's state from the hospital.

    Days Recap: Well Played.

    Tuesday, March 17 2015

    Theresa eavesdrops on Melanie's private call to Brady while she's making a date. After Mel hangs up, Theresa pokes fun of her boring plans. They sling insults and the name-calling begins until Daniel inserts himself in between the two. Theresa takes off and Daniel knows Mel's investigating Theresa. He asks her to explain on their way to Brady's.

    Theresa meets Clint at her apartment. She goes off to change and he pulls out a syringe and hides it. Later, he and Theresa are in bed when he grabs the syringe.

    Days Recap: Prissy Pants.

    Monday, March 16 2015

    At Salem U, Paige eavesdrops as JJ tells a drunken Theresa he regrets cheating on Paige. When Theresa calls him a worthless piece of crap, Paige tells her aunt to go. Theresa says, "Last time I try doing you a favor Prissy Pants." She goes and JJ sees this as a good sign but Paige reminds him he broke her heart.

    Clint drops by Theresa's home. She's shocked to see him and pissed he ditched her. Clint kisses her and she kisses him back momentarily. She pushes him away and says he has a lot of explaining to do starting with telling her what he was up to and who Mandrake is. He tells her he had to take care of a few debts and says Mandrake's some dealer he scores from. They start making out on the sofa until Anne messages her to get back to work.

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