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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Theresa (Jeannie) Donovan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Theresa (Jeannie) Donovan Played by Jen Lilley on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lilley (Janna Giacoppo)

    Birthplace: Roanoke, Virginia, USA
    Real Name: Jen Lilley


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    Days Recap: Jamming To Clapton.

    Thursday, March 27 2014

    In the park, Theresa and Liam discuss how Jenn and Daniel deserve whatever Liam dishes out to them. They've a common enemy and Theresa has more ammunition.

    Days Recap: Miserable Little Twit.

    Wednesday, March 26 2014

    At the Kiriakis mansion, Theresa tells Brady she got another message from her boss. Brady tries unsuccessfully to convince her to stay. Once alone, he drinks. Maggie appears and asks what he's doing. Brady says he was hanging out with Theresa and it just sort of happened. He complains about his father trying to bribe Theresa. Maggie says at least it tells him she's not the only one who is concerned about him. She calls Theresa a miserable little twit. Maggie goes on until Brady hollers he doesn't want to hear it. Maggie calls someone to see them.

    Theresa arrives at the hospital. Anne asks her if she was out drinking with Brady all morning. She complains that thanks to her, Jennifer's on high alert. Theresa starts, "The thing is..." Anne hisses that she'd better remember what she's paying her to do or she can kiss Salem goodbye. Later, Liam arrives and takes Theresa to lunch. In Jennifer's office, Nicole thanks her for inviting her and Eric. Jenn thinks they'll be partying again soon.

    At Club TBD, Liam asks Theresa about her hook-up with Dr. Jonas. She wonders what's up with the lunch and questions. She accuses him of carrying a torch for Jennifer and spots the photo he has of them. She realizes he's the one who's been harassing her.

    Days Recap: Hitting One Pothole After Another.

    Monday, March 24 2014

    Theresa, at work, looks frustratedly at her phone and talks out loud about Brady ignoring her. She decides to do some work. John appears.

    At the Brady pub, Theresa and John discuss Brady. She says they're just having fun. John muses that from what he hears, she's been hitting one pothole after another in Salem. She figures he wants her away from his son. John proposes that she work for Basic Europe. Theresa accuses him of bribing her as Brady arrives. Brady tells John to fix his own life. John leaves. Theresa asks Brady about Maggie. He says they argued but he saw her again this morning. Theresa wants to get drinks. Outside, Kate runs into Nick, who tells her he knows about Sheryl and Jordan being acquaintances. He wonders what she's up to and warns her to leave him and Gabi alone.

    Days Recap: Soon. Very Soon.

    Thursday, March 20 2014

    Theresa wants sex in the Kiriakis living room so Brady reluctantly agrees, throws her down on the sofa and rips off his shirt. Maggie interrupts, revolted. She tells Brady there's been a fire in one of their factories in Indonesia. Brady jumps up and goes to make a call while Maggie launches into a tirade and Theresa gets mouthy. Maggie accuses Theresa of dragging Brady down to her level. Brady returns and Theresa taunts Maggie before leaving. Maggie tries to make Brady understand that Theresa will destroy his life if he keeps seeing her. He's pissed when she tells him Theresa's after his bank account. Maggie can't stand by and watch him destroy himself. "I'm done," she says, before storming off.

    Liam finds Theresa at Club TBD. She accuses him of stalking her. He just wants to gossip about Jenny. He asks if she's the one who wrote nasty things on the website about Jenn and created that sexy flyer. Theresa snaps that it had nothing to do with her. She walks away and he eyes her purse. At the bar, she calls Brady but he purposefully ignores her call.

    Days Recap: Straight And Narrow Disease.

    Wednesday, March 19 2014

    In the park, Liam meets Theresa and brings up their mutual acquaintance, Jennifer.

    Back at the park, Theresa and Liam gossip about Jenn and JJ and she puts her hand on his shoulder as they laugh. Brady finds them and jealously asks, "Find a new friend?" Liam leaves them alone and Theresa thinks it's cool that she made him jealous. She gets him to relax and when she brings up picking up some liquor, he balks. She agrees they're in a rut and gets another idea.

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