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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Theresa (Jeannie) Donovan Black - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Theresa (Jeannie) Donovan Black Played by Jen Lilley on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lilley (Brian To/

    Birthplace: Roanoke, Virginia, USA
    Marital Status: Married (Jason since May 26, 2007)
    Real Name: Jen Lilley


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    Days Recap: A Vindictive Female Who Can't Spell!

    Wednesday, January 07 2015

    Back at the hospital, Kate comes across Jordan and Abigail planning their project. She calls them incompetent and Jordan finds her condescending. Kate shrugs and goes. She thought that was fun. Later, Theresa looks for Melanie but finds a baby rattle. She struggles with emotion as she picks it up.

    Days Recap: Silent Bob.

    Tuesday, January 06 2015

    At home, Theresa dreams about being kidnapped in the woods. She wakes up and wonders why she keeps having that 'stupid' dream. She feels as though something bad's going to happen. John arrives to see if she learned her lesson but she tells him she's tired of him and his whole family. She gives him the boot.

    Brady returns to the hospital and breaks up Theresa and Melanie's argument but they both tell him to get lost!

    Days Recap: The Horton Balls.

    Friday, December 26 2014

    Theresa drops by Eve’s apartment with a gift, but Eve isn’t in the Christmas spirit. Theresa wonders if something has happened and deduces it’s about JJ. Theresa thinks Eve should accept that Paige will be with JJ, but Eve tells her not to be so sure about that.

    Days Recap: Christmas Eve Shuffle.

    Thursday, December 25 2014

    At the Brady Pub, Roman and Marlena video chat with Sami. Meanwhile Theresa surprises Caroline with a handmade needlepoint bookmark for her bible. Kayla later confronts her, saying she doesn't understand how Theresa can be so caring one moment, yet horrible the next. Kayla knows what Theresa and Anne tried to do to Melanie and asks her to give Melanie a chance. Theresa says as long as Melanie stays away from her and Brady then she’ll be fine.

    Eric shows up to the pub and introduces Serena to his family. Kayla’s son Joey and Theo run off to play with Legos. Theresa says goodbye to Caroline and heads out. Later Will shows up with Arianna and meets Serena. She tells him how much she enjoyed his stories, which flatters him.

    Brady runs into Melanie in the park. As they sit together on a bench and talk, Theresa stumbles upon them. When Brady puts his arm around Melanie, Theresa runs off.

    Days Recap: Your Sister's Friend Is Off The Charts.

    Friday, December 19 2014

    Theresa and Paul show up at TBD separately. He tells her he can't see her. There's someone else. Theresa wonders why then he was hitting on everything in a skirt. He thought this person was out of the picture. Theresa understands. They agree to be friends. Paul runs into Abby on the way out and she thanks him for his generous donation to the hospital. He goes and Abby gloats to Theresa for striking out.

    Sonny arrives at TBD and overhears Theresa and Abby arguing about Paul. Theresa goes and Sonny fishes. Abby fills him in on the conversation. She also tells him Gabi's depressed because Will hasn't visited her with Arianna since he's been home. Sonny texts Will to get home. 'It's about Ari'.

    Days Recap: American Ninja Warrior.

    Wednesday, December 17 2014

    At the hospital, Brady finds Anne and declares the hospital will be a drama-free zone. In another room, Melanie counts Theresa's misdeeds. Theresa tells her the pregnancy was a mistake, she wasn't trying to trap Brady. Melanie keeps baiting Theresa so Theresa finally jumps on her. They roll around on the floor until Brady interrupts. He throws Melanie out and tries talking sense into Theresa. She tells him to get out so he finds Melanie and takes her away. Anne arrives and Theresa calls her 'worthless' because she didn't keep Melanie from working there. She gripes and moans but Anne says it's no wonder Melanie has issues with her after what she put Daniel through. Theresa whines that nobody's ever on her side. Anne tries to give her a pep talk. Theresa vows to make Melanie sorry if she goes after her again.

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