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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Theresa (Jeannie) Donovan Black

    Full detailed profile on Theresa (Jeannie) Donovan Black Played by Jen Lilley on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lilley (Brian To/
    Theresa (Jeannie) Donovan Black

    Actor: Jen Lilley

    Who played Theresa (Jeannie) Donovan Black over the years

    Jen Lilley (Wednesday July 3, 2013 - present.)
    Caitlin Wachs (1992)
    Gabriella Massari (1992)
    Emily and Alicia Pillatzke (1991-1992)
    Hannah Taylor Simmons (1990-1991)

    Useful information on Theresa (Jeannie) Donovan Black

    * Jeannie was born September 3, 1990.
    * Was thought to be Cal Winter's daughter.
    * Brought up by Kimberly Brady Donovan.
    * Works as Jennifer's assistant at University Hospital.
    * Fired as Jenn's assistant.
    * Anne Milbauer hired Theresa back at University Hospital.
    * Married Brady Black when he was drunk in Vegas


    Current: Anne Milbauer's HR assistant at University Hospital.
    Past: Jennifer Horton's Assistant PR at University Hospital.
    Past: Unknown


    Named after her father Shane Donovan's mother Margaret, who was nicknamed 'Jeannie', Kimberly and Shane thought Jeannie was Cal Winter's daughter. Paternity tests proved she was Shane's. Theresa was brought up by Kimberly Brady Donovan, seen as a child in the 90s and returned to Salem, alone, seen picking up JJ Horton. She took a job, given to her by her Aunt Kayla Johnson as an assistant to Jennifer Horton at University Hospital.




    Brady Black Fling (Married Monday, July 14 2014)


    Shane Donovan (father)
    Kimberly Brady (mother)
    Andrew Donovan IV (sister)
    Eve Donovan (paternal half-sister)
    Andrew Donovan II (paternal grandfather)
    Margaret Donovan (paternal grandmother)
    Shawn Brady (maternal grandfather - deceased)
    Caroline Brady (maternal grandmother)
    Pete Brady (maternal great-grandfather - deceased)
    Patrick Aloysius Brady (maternal great-great-grandfather - deceased)
    Nora Molly Brady (maternal great-great-grandfather - deceased)
    Andrew Donovan III (paternal uncle)
    Roman Brady (maternal uncle)
    Kayla Johnson (maternal aunt)
    Frankie Brady (adoptive maternal uncle)
    Max Brady (adoptive maternal uncle)
    Bo Brady (maternal half-uncle)
    Carrie Brady Roberts Reed (maternal cousin)
    Samantha Brady Horton DiMera Brady Hernandez (maternal cousin)
    Eric Brady (maternal cousin)
    Rex Brady (maternal cousin)
    Cassie Brady (maternal cousin)
    Stephanie Kay Johnson (maternal cousin)
    Joey Johnson (maternal cousin)
    Shawn-Douglas Brady (maternal half-cousin)
    Chelsea Benson-Brady (maternal half-cousin)
    Zack Brady (maternal half-cousin - deceased)
    Ciara Brady (maternal half-cousin)
    Colleen Brady (current) (maternal great-aunt - deceased)
    Molly Brady (maternal great-aunt)
    Colin Murphy (maternal first cousin - deceased)
    John Black (maternal first cousin)
    Will Horton (Current) (maternal first cousin)
    Johnny Roman DiMera (maternal first cousin)
    Alice (Allie) Caroline Horton (maternal first cousin)
    Sydney Ann DiMera (maternal first cousin)
    Claire Brady (maternal first half-cousin once removed/maternal second cousin)
    Arianna Grace Horton (maternal first cousin)
    Belle Black (maternal second cousin)
    Brady Black (maternal second cousin)




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    Wednesday, March 25 2015: Days Recap: Walker, You Have A Way With Men.

    Theresa is passed out in her bed as Melanie arrives. Clint is on his way out and drops vials of blood. When questioned, he's rude and covers saying he's a vet. She calls him a liar. Theresa wakes up groggy and Melanie asks if she's okay. She complains of a headache and Clint forcibly throws Melanie out. Clint puts Theresa back to bed and goes. Melanie returns and Theresa pulls herself out of bed and to the door to let her in. She runs to vomit while Melanie reads Clint's goodbye note, cringes, and then goes to take care of her archenemy. She notices a needle mark on Theresa's inner arm and exclaims. She wonders why Clint took blood from Brady and Theresa.

    Tuesday, March 24 2015: Days Recap: Baby Black.

    From Theresa’s, Clint calls Mandrake to ask if Kristen received the blood and is fine with him getting Theresa’s today. He confirms that she won’t remember a thing. Meanwhile, in bed, Theresa wakes up mumbling, “Brady make love to me.” Clint says she looks like ‘bloody hell’, and gets her a drink. She begs off, saying she used up all her sick days. Clint manipulates her and she calls Anne.

    Nurse Maria arrives at the pub and Anne vents that she's late with her HR report. Maria admits she was overwhelmed last night and when pushed, tells her Brady Black was admitted. After Maria goes, Anne takes Theresa's call. Theresa lies that she's sick and learns that something huge is going on with Brady. She acts as though she couldn't care less and when they hang up, she drinks up.

    Back at Theresa's, she becomes groggy and Clint carries her to bed. He leaves the room and she texts Melanie, thinking she's texting Brady.

    At Theresa's, Clint takes blood from an unconscious Theresa and shoves the vial into a bag. He leaves a note and on the way out runs into Melanie and drops two vials of blood, one which reads 'baby Black'.

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