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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Jack "JJ" Deveraux Jr. - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jack "JJ" Deveraux Jr. Played by Casey Moss on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Moss (James Tudor)

    Birthday: November 16 1993
    Birthplace: Kings County, California, USA
    Real Name: Casey Moss


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    Days Recap: I Broke Sonny's Heart.

    Friday, March 27 2015

    In the park, Paul tells Sonny that in a way, he made Will have sex with him. Sonny doubts that and asks what Will said to him when they last met. Paul admits Will wonders why Sonny would be with him when he could be with Paul. He goes on to confess he used his celebrity and charm to get Will into his bed. Sonny snorts that Will had a choice. Still, Paul says he took advantage. As their conversation goes on, Paul learns that Sonny didn't fall for Paul because of his celebrity. Sonny asked Paul to marry him because he loved him. Will arrives, sees them together and has a cow. Elsewhere, JJ questions Paige on what she and Daniel discussed earlier. She lets him know about her mom hooking up with some guy.

    At the Horton home, Paige goes on to explain finding out her mother hooked up with a guy after she found out she couldn't have vocal cord surgery. She could tell the guy was still there because she saw his brown leather coat which looked like Daniel's. JJ's face falls. They make plans to see a movie and she goes. Jenn shows up and confirms that Daniel knows the truth.

    Days Recap: How Can You Be So Dumb?

    Thursday, March 26 2015

    From home, Daniel realizes JJ and Eve slept together. When Paige returns to the room she tells him she and JJ have reunited. Daniel tries to act happy amid his shock. Paige takes Parker for a walk.

    Jenn walks in on Eve asking JJ to stay away from her daughter. She sends JJ to class with his notes he forgot in her car and warns Eve about going near her son. If the deal is off, she'll go to Paige right now with the truth. Eve doesn't want that so Jenn says next time there will be no threat. Just action. Eve goes and JJ returns - class was cancelled.

    JJ arrives at Daniel's. He was there to see Paige and Daniel says he heard that they got back together. He asks about Roxanne. JJ says that's over. Dan offers to listen if JJ wants to discuss anything about the break-up - without judgement. Daniel brings up JJ's reaction to Daniel's offer to keep his brown leather jacket but JJ still won't come clean so Daniel lets him go. Outside, JJ calls Jenn to tell her Daniel knows.

    Days Recap: Walker, You Have A Way With Men.

    Wednesday, March 25 2015

    Paige drops by the Horton house making Abby squee. She leaves for work and Paige tells JJ she spoke with Cole and Eve about their reunion. The hardest part is over. They kiss.

    From Salem U, JJ texts Jenn asking where she is. He left some notes in her car. Eve pokes her head in and JJ tells her to go away. Jenn walks up as JJ asks what she wants from him.

    Days Recap: Don't Give Up On Me.

    Friday, March 20 2015

    In the park, JJ asks Paige to forgive him. She wants to but needs to know if there's anything else she should know. He stammers that if there was, he'd tell her. He begs and pleads. "Don't give up on me." She answers with a kiss which gets passionate fast. Paige pulls away. She still loves him but needs to talk to Cole first.

    Daniel drops by Jenn's on his way to work. Since she's not answering his texts, he came to see her in person. He asks what's going on with JJ. Jenn thinks she made a mistake coming to him about JJ and asks him to let it go. Everything is okay. JJ arrives exclaiming about having good news. He sees Daniel and it's awkward. Dan goes and JJ tells Jenn things are working out.

    Days Recap: You're Obsessed With Him?

    Thursday, March 19 2015

    At home, JJ gets gussied up, hopeful Paige will meet him today. Jenn gets a call from Daniel and ignores it. She tells her son to do the same so Daniel doesn't catch on to their secret. He goes and Abby arrives and worries about JJ. She asks Jenn what's up with him and Jenn reveals JJ and Paige may reunite. Surprised, Abby almost spits out her chamomile tea. Jenn asks her to keep it between them.

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