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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Jack "JJ" Deveraux Jr. - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jack "JJ" Deveraux Jr. Played by Casey Moss on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Moss (James Tudor)

    Birthday: November 16 1993
    Birthplace: Kings County, California, USA
    Real Name: Casey Moss


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    Days Recap: Mommy Dearest.

    Friday, May 22 2015

    In the park, JJ says he doesn't want to lie to Paige anymore. He thought he lost her and Eve just learned she lost her singing voice for good. He calls it the worst mistake he made and says he's been trying to fix it since. Paige scoffs, knowing that JJ and "Mommy Dearest" had sex more times than once. She asks outright, "How many times did you decide to bury your grief in my mother?" JJ doesn't say but he says he loves her. She believes him but doesn't forgive him. She tells him she's a changed woman and tells him to stay out of her life. "You made me love you even when you knew it was wrong."

    Days Recap: A Ghost Just Stole Your Lunch Money.

    Thursday, May 21 2015

    Paige arrives at the Horton homestead to everyone yelling, "Surprise!" She's surprised and as pale as a ghost. There are hugs all around and Paige forces a smile. Everyone files into the living room and Jenn worries about Paige's reaction. "Maybe this was a mistake." In the foyer, JJ asks what's wrong. She says now isn't the time or place. Rory runs up wanting to show them the video he took of Paige's arrival. "You look like a ghost just stole your lunch money." Daphne hugs her friend. Jenn approaches Paige who assures her she's fine. Abby gets the cake which she tells everyone JJ made sure was perfect. JJ says nothing is too good for Paige. She's too good for him. He wants to be a better person for her. Paige imagines JJ and her mom having sex while he gives his speech and hands her the cake which she promptly hurls to the floor in a fit of rage. She winds up and hits JJ across the head, sending him flying. Everyone gasps and Jenn holds her back. Through gritted teeth, Paige says she knows he slept with her mother. JJ calls Eve a liar but Paige says she overheard the whole conversation they had discussing their affair. "Oh dude," exclaims Rory. JJ tells Paige he loves her. When Jenn doesn't look surprised, Paige realizes she knew and thinks she's just like her mother. JJ takes the blame and admits him and Eve 'just did it'. She believes this to be the only honest thing he has ever said to her and runs off. JJ runs after her. Everyone leaves and Jenn falls to her knees, crying.

    JJ follows Paige to the park and she demands to know why he did it.

    Days Recap: I Slept With JJ!

    Wednesday, May 20 2015

    Maggie, Jenn, and JJ prepare the house for Paige's surprise party. Jenn tells everyone Eve's coming and she's sure that she'll behave. She finds the cell phone instructions on the floor and questions JJ. He brushes her off and tells Abby the news about his move to California. Rory and Daphne arrive and Daphne notifies them that they didn't go together. She concedes that JJ's a good guy. She has never seen Paige happier.

    Kayla arrives at the Horton house. JJ tells Rory he handled Eve like a boss. While Kayla tells JJ how proud of him she is, Daniel rushes in. JJ takes him aside and tells him he's never going to hurt Paige again. Daniel believes him but thinks he should still tell Paige the truth. Later, when Paige arrives, JJ opens the door and everyone yells, "Surprise!"

    Days Recap: I Wouldn't Cross The Street With You!

    Tuesday, May 19 2015

    In the park, JJ gets Eve on camera and accuses her of planting drugs on him. She tries to grab the cell phone and they struggle. He tells her he backed it up and threatens to expose her unless..."We need to go somewhere more private." Eve snipes, "I wouldn't cross the street with you." He says that's her prerogative. They can go see Captain Carver.

    Eve takes JJ to her place. He warns that if she tries to make a move against him, the texts between her and Cole will go to the cops. JJ says Cole will sell her down the river. Eve says she didn't tell him to plant drugs on JJ. Sure, she said she'd love it if he was wiped off the face of the earth. Eve decides to fight fire with fire and threatens to tell Paige about their affair. She'll spin it to make it look as though JJ took advantage of her. Arguing and threats from each ensue. JJ confesses they're moving to California and Eve goes nuts. JJ tells her they're in love. Eve thinks with time that would end. JJ says it's over. There's nothing she can do to stop them.

    Days Recap: Take The Bait.

    Monday, May 18 2015

    Jenn returns home with steamers for the party. JJ keeps checking his phone. He asks her to invite Eve to the party in person. She agrees. Once she leaves, he starts texting Eve, pretending to be Cole. "Take the bait," he mumbles to himself.

    When Eve gets to the park to drop off the money, Cole calls her. She blurts out that she's delivering his money. He's perplexed. As she hangs up, JJ jumps out of the bushes filming her. "Gotcha!" he says.

    Days Recap: This Sick Game.

    Tuesday, May 12 2015

    At home, JJ puts the weed back into his bag and curses 'that bitch' Eve. Rory shows up and JJ shows him the baggie. Rory's eyes light up. JJ relays his thoughts that Eve planted it but puzzled, Rory assumed it was Cole or Roxanne. JJ needs to get rid of it and they head to the door. Jenn's outside. Jenn asks Rory to leave them alone and Jenn asks JJ who he thinks tipped the police off. JJ has no idea but is grateful for her support. He goes, planning on putting an end to this once and for all.

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