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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Jack "JJ" Deveraux Jr. - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jack "JJ" Deveraux Jr. Played by Casey Moss on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Moss (James Tudor)

    Birthday: November 16 1993
    Birthplace: Kings County, California, USA
    Real Name: Casey Moss


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    Days Recap: The Hollywood Guy.

    Friday, October 24 2014

    Sonny arrives home and Will tells his husband he doesn't feel respected anymore. "You think that I'm too ambitious." Will doesn't want to end up with a boring life. Sonny takes offense. He likes their life. They've different ambitions. As long as they don't cloud Will's judgement, Sonny can respect that. Now Will's offended. He feels condescended to and sexy guitar music plays as he runs off.

    At the Horton house, Rory tells JJ and Paige he saw Jill, so the gang races off to find her.

    Outside the Brady's pub, JJ, Rory, and Paige can't find Jill. Paige heads home to retrieve a photo of Jill from her computer. Meanwhile, inside, Kate receives a call that makes her happy and she agrees to another dinner date with Clyde.

    JJ arrives at Eve's. The door is open and she's carrying a box to the door. She's caught off guard and falls and the box goes flying.

    Days Recap: You Two Are Like Brangelina.

    Thursday, October 23 2014

    JJ dreams he's making love to Paige at home when she asks why he didn't tell her his dad raped his aunt. "Is it because you're just like him?" He wakes up in a sweat.

    JJ lets an angry Paige into his place. She wants answers.

    Days Recap: Make Her Fix Her Shirt.

    Monday, October 20 2014

    Paige gets into JJ's bed at the Horton home. He jumps. "What are you doing here?" She looks at him like he's dense. She says she took the hint. He left the door open for her. They kiss but soon he jumps out of bed and paces. Paige feels unwanted. JJ doesn't want to be any girl's first. Eve calls and asks how much longer she'll be. Paige will be home soon. They hang up and Paige accuses him of wanting Jill or Bev. JJ proclaims his love before Paige takes off.

    Back at Kristen's, she toys with the buttons on Daniel's shirt and tries to get him to stay and have a "meeting of the minds" when Jenn walks in. Dan takes off and Jenn gives Kristen her condolences. She asks if she's going after Daniel now. Kristen sets her straight. They argue and Jenn walks out on her.

    Days Recap: Bo Is A Damned Fool.

    Friday, October 17 2014

    At Daniel's, Paige tells JJ she's ready to make love. She shows him the birth control. Ever since she learned Kayla was raped she saw how supportive JJ has been. It convinced her that what she thought of him was true. He's amazing. They make out but JJ stops things. He just wants to "hit the hay." Paige frowns as he takes off for home.

    JJ arrives home and leaves the door open while he goes upstairs to bed. Paige arrives, waltzes in and gets into bed with JJ. This startles him.

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