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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Jack "JJ" Deveraux Jr.

    Full detailed profile on Jack "JJ" Deveraux Jr. Played by Casey Moss on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Moss (James Tudor)
    Jack "JJ" Deveraux Jr.

    Actor: Casey Moss

    Who played Jack "JJ" Deveraux Jr. over the years

    Casey Moss. (May 6, 2013 - present.)
    Jacob and Micah Reeves (2005 - September 21, 2006)
    Nick and Jave Ravo (2004 - 2005)
    Tyler Lake (November 12, 2004)

    Useful information on Jack "JJ" Deveraux Jr.

    * Jack and Jennifer Deveraux's son.
    * Real name Jack Patrick Deveraux Jr.
    * JJ was named after his father and Patrick Lockhart.
    * Born in Melaswen September 3, 2004.


    Current: Student
    Past: Student


    JJ, or Jack Devereaux Junior, was born in September 3, 2004 on the island of Melaswen. He was brought up in England until he returned to Salem May 6, 2013.


    Jack Harcourt Deveraux (father)
    Jennifer Rose Horton (mother)
    Abigail Deveraux (sister)
    Harper Deveraux (paternal adoptive grandfather - deceased)
    Camille Deveraux (paternal adoptive grandmother - deceased)
    Duke Earl Johnson (paternal biological grandfather - deceased)
    Josephine Johnson (paternal biological grandmother)
    William Horton (maternal grandfather)
    Laura Spencer (maternal grandmother)
    Thomas Horton Sr. (maternal great grandfather - deceased)
    Alice Horton (maternal great grandmother)
    James Spencer (maternal great grandfather - deceased)
    Carrie Spencer (maternal great grandmother - deceased)
    Sid Grayson (maternal great great grandfather - deceased)
    Abigail Grayson (maternal great great grandmother - deceased)
    Steven Earl Johnson (paternal biological uncle)
    Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis (paternal biological aunt)
    Michael William Horton II (maternal uncle)
    Stephanie Kay Johnson (paternal biological cousin)
    Joseph Kiriakis (paternal biological cousin by adoption)
    Victor Kiriakis II (paternal biological cousin by adoption)
    Jackson Kiriakis (paternal biological cousin)
    Jeremy Michael Jacobs (maternal cousin)
    Lucas Roberts (maternal half uncle)
    William Reed Roberts (maternal half cousin)
    Earl Duke Johnson (paternal biological great uncle - deceased)
    Thomas Horton Jr. (maternal great uncle)
    Adelaide Horton (maternal great aunt - deceased)
    Michael Horton I (maternal great uncle)
    Marie Horton (maternal great aunt)
    Sandy Horton (maternal first cousin)
    Julie Olson (maternal first cousin)
    Steven Olson (maternal first cousin)
    Hope Williams (maternal first cousin)
    David Banning (maternal second cousin)
    Spencer Olson (maternal second cousin)
    Shawn Douglas Brady (maternal second cousin)
    Beauregard Isaac Theo Brady (maternal second cousin - deceased)
    Scott Banning (maternal second cousin)
    Sarah Horton (maternal first cousin by adoption)
    Melissa Horton (maternal first cousin by adoption)
    Jessica Blake (maternal first cousin)
    Nick Fallon (maternal second cousin)


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    Thursday, August 28 2014: Days Recap: Frogs In Their Sleeping Bags.

    Eve arrives at JJ's. He flashes to kissing Paige and worries Eve knows but she's only there to pick up her royalty check. When he can't find it, Eve asks to hear him play guitar. He plays a piece for her and she reminisces about her first guitar. She starts singing "Oh Shenandoah" but she worries her voice isn't what it was. She attempts again and sounds beautiful. JJ smiles. Eve starts coughing and becomes emotional. She tears up. He thought she sounded good. She muses about how people don't see her for who she really is, and says singing made her feel grounded and in control. She misses it terribly. She hits the road.

    Wednesday, August 27 2014: Days Recap: Hell-Cat In Bed.

    JJ follows Hope into SPD asking what he can get Aiden as a thank-you for expunging his juvenile record. Hope says he's a great guy but doesn't know him that well. JJ's surprised, considering they worked together on the auction.

    Aiden walks into SPD and JJ thanks him for getting his record expunged. He goes and Aiden and Hope can't seem to match their schedules for him to depose someone. It's tense and they start clashing again. He yells, "Why does it always have to be like this?" He leaves and she flashes to dancing with him. She decides to go for a run to take her mind off him.

    JJ and Paige take Paige's boxes from storage. He finds her "lambie" and she admits her father won it for her. She shows him a photo. She doesn't talk about him because it upsets her mother and says he walked out on them. He used to send postcards but eventually they never heard from him again. JJ can tell it still bothers her. He knows how it feels. They start making out. Theresa interrupts. She's there to pick up a photo album and comments on how "hot" it is in there. She thinks JJ should leave. Paige asks JJ to go and once he's gone, she snaps at her aunt and says it wasn't what it looked like. She isn't going to sleep around. Theresa thinks she's being smart.

    JJ plays guitar at home when Eve shows up on his doorstep. He panics that Theresa outed him for kissing Paige in the storage unit.

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