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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Roman Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Roman Brady Played by Josh Taylor on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Josh Taylor (NBC)

    Birthday: September 25 1943
    Birthplace: Princeton, Illinois, USA
    Marital Status: Married Lisa Tremblay ( November 7,1999 - present)
    Real Name: Josh Taylor
    Web site:


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    Days Recap: Helping Yourself To My Wife.

    Wednesday, May 06 2015

    At the pub, Caroline tells Roman Sami's doing well. He'd be proud of her. They wish she was there for Will. They're upset that Will is reminding them of Sami these days. "Not in a good way," Caroline says.

    Days Recap: Wrecking Ball.

    Wednesday, April 29 2015

    In Club TBD, Hope is meeting with Abe and Roman when Aiden appears. Abe and Roman leave. Aiden confronts Hope about her investigation. Hope thinks he's upset because he believes the same thing she does - that Clyde Weston had something to do with the case in Tallahassee. Aiden says she took information she was only privy to through their relationship - he could get it thrown out. They argue. He says they're partners out of work, but not at work. Hope says he's right. They make up and kiss.

    Days Recap: Stir Crazy.

    Monday, March 23 2015

    At the nightclub, Nicole tells Eric she was right about there being two elephants. He wants to know why a light went on in her head just then. Roman joins them and says Brady's in the hospital - he was found unconscious at the Kiriakis mansion. Roman feels Brady wants it hush-hush since drugs were involved. Nicole learns Daniel found him and treated him. Roman tells them they can't talk to Brady right now and warns them to keep it quiet. Nicole and Eric realize neither Daniel nor Melanie mentioned this to them earlier. Eric wants to go check on Mel.

    Days Recap: That Man Is Using You!

    Wednesday, March 18 2015

    Lucas arrives at Will's as he's on a call discussing a follow up article on Paul Narita in another magazine. When Will hangs up Lucas remarks that another article won't save his marriage. Roman arrives. He did some research for Will who claims he's doing a historical piece on Salem. Roman tells him that back in the 90s the only people who lived at the DiMera mansion were Stefano, Kristen, and Peter Blake. They had armed guards and nobody could be near the compound unless they were connected to the DiMeras. Roman goes and Lucas chastises Will.

    Days Recap: We're No Kim And Khloe.

    Wednesday, March 04 2015

    At the pub, Aiden talks to Roman about Hope, looking for assurance that dating her isn't causing surface tension with Roman. Roman grins and says, "Why would there be? Because you're in love with my brother's ex-wife?" He just wants Hope to be happy so warns Aiden better treat Hope right.

    Days Recap: Roll Over And Play Dead.

    Tuesday, February 17 2015

    Kate arrives at Will and Sonny's and Marlena tries to get her to take over waiting for the babysitter. She asks how Sonny and Will seemed, making Marlena suspicious. Roman interrupts and upon seeing them together says he is surprised the walls are still standing. They both say, "Seriously?" simultaneously. Kate goes to the baby's room and they receive a call from the sitter who couldn't make it and is sending her sister as a replacement since she couldn't get a hold of Will. Roman hands Mar Sonny's ring which he found at the square. By the time Kate comes out, they have left.

    Days Recap: A Ghost.

    Wednesday, February 11 2015

    In the square, Roman and Abe tell Victor they can't scare up one single witness to Sonny's attack. They leave him alone and he wipes his prints off Sonny's wedding band and drops it.

    Days Recap: For The Greater Good.

    Tuesday, February 10 2015

    From the DiMera library, Kate leaves another message for Clyde to call her. Roman calls to let her know about Sonny's attack and that he'll be alright.

    Days Recap: Claw Marks.

    Monday, February 09 2015

    At the hospital, Will vows to an unconscious Sonny that he'll never let anything come between them again. Paul is about to enter, but Adrienne stops him. She tells him she knows exactly who he is and pulls him into another room. Adrienne lets him know she knows who he was to Sonny. Paul says he was already there - he heard about the need for blood. Adrienne says he saved Sonny's life and embraces him. Paul can't believe Sonny almost died. He tells her he still loves Sonny, but understands he's moved on. He asks Adrienne to call when everything's okay. Elsewhere, JJ runs into Paige, who tells him she's glad Sonny will be okay. JJ says he has plans. Paige guesses, "Your girlfriend, right?" JJ says no, but reminds her they're done. Paige can't believe she was so wrong about him. Daphne drags her away. Lucas arrives and joins Will in Sonny's room. He tells him Justin is flying home. Will notes Sonny hasn't seen his dad in a long time. Lucas muses, "Neither has Adrienne." Lucas exits and JJ enters. He talks to Will about splitting with Paige. "I cheated on her." Will grimaces. After, Roman stops in to reassure Will that Sonny will be okay. Later, Lucas and Adrienne join Will, who screams when Sonny opens his eyes and starts gasping wildly.

    Days Recap: No Victim.

    Monday, December 29 2014

    At the station, Roman plunks the letter down in front of Rafe. The look on Rafe's face when he reads it tells Roman it's true. Rafe tries to justify sitting on the information he had for his sister's sake. Roman shouts at him for not thinking. Rafe hands in his gun and badge. Roman tells him he broke his oath and the law. "Get a lawyer. A good one."

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