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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Cameron Davis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Cameron Davis Played by Nathan Owens on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Nathan Owens)

    Real Name: Nathan Owens
    Height: 6" 2'


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    Is This A Joke?

    Friday, November 08 2013

    At the hospital, Cameron takes a call from someone telling them he's honored but needs time to think. He hangs up and Jordan asks if everything is okay. He's surprised she spoke to him. She usually keeps to herself. He compliments her work and brings up Rafe. She admires how far Rafe has come and credits him. When she's alone, she flashes to touching Rafe's hand. Nicole visits Rafe in his room. She's glum and he notices. He knows Brady's getting married today. She says that's the rumor and that they'll probably never speak again. Rafe gets her to spill. She tells him that for once, she did nothing wrong but can't prove it. It doesn't matter; she doesn't think she could forgive Eric for this. Abby finds Cameron in the waiting room. She fills him in on hearing Chad's surgery went well. He tells her Doctors With Borders called and he's leaving for South Africa. She's startled but happy for him. She congratulates him but looks shaken up. Once Nicole has left, Jordan turns up for therapy. He's bummed about Nicole's mood.

    Grammie Sami.

    Wednesday, October 30 2013

    Abigail walks into Chad's hospital room just as Cameron tells Chad that Abby wouldn't have gotten into bed with him if he hadn't backed off. Cameron's flustered. Abby feels like a piece of meat and takes out a coin. Sarcastically, she says, "Heads I'm Cameron's and tails I'm Chad's." Chad says they were competing for her, "Because you set it up that way." She sniffs that she chose Cameron. In the waiting room, Arianna's dressed as a pumpkin for the children's party. Sonny wanted to dress her as Margaret Thatcher. Ciara strolls in with Hope. She grumps that she's going as the kid who hates Hallowe'en parties. Hope gives Karin a hand with the punch. She's angry with herself for gossiping about Theresa. She didn't know she did drugs.

    Will arrives at the hospital Hallowe'en party. Everyone grins when Ciara flirts with another kid. She goes off with the kid and his mother to trick-or-treat at the nurses' stations. Back in Chad's room, Abby tells the guys it doesn't matter that she chose Cameron. She kicks Cam out and dumps Chad. He's not the person for her for now. She needs to work on herself. They hold hands and he tears up. She wishes him well and goes away, crying. Back at the Hallowe'en party, Hope and Gabi toss popcorn in their mouths and Ciara returns without candy. She traded it all with Tommy for his leather jacket. It reminds her of her dad. She misses him more and more. Hope gives her a hug. Sonny and Will take Ari to see Chad. He tells them about the break-up and blames himself. He holds Arianna. Gabi arrives to the hub and greets Cameron. He wants to see photos of Ari but when he sees Abby, he suddenly has to go. Gabi questions Abby, who tells her about the break-up but ensures she knows nothing's going on with Cameron. EJ strolls into Chad's room. He says karma really is a bitch. EJ assumes Abby ditched him. Chad thinks he had it coming. They laugh and EJ receives the 8th text from Stefano, wondering where they are. At least he won't be alone. EJ says he'll never walk alone. Chad tears up and Karin arrives with a wheelchair. A helicopter landed on the hospital for him. She goes and EJ helps Chad into the chair. Chad will miss the kids. They make plans to Skype a lot. EJ calls him a hero. He'll be forever grateful. They hug. Outside, Abby says she'll fill Gabi in on the debatable later. She plans on taking time away from dating. Some don't know how to be alone and that desperation leads to bad decisions...

    Nick watches Cameron at the Horton Square and flashes to seeing him hold Gabi's hand and then himself kissing Gabi. He tells himself he and Gabi will be together forever. At the park, Brady and Kristen discuss what happened with Nicole and Eric.

    Drugs Suck.

    Tuesday, October 29 2013

    Cameron checks on Chad while making his rounds. Chad asks how things went with Abby. He says Abby's furious with him and thinks he was handing her over on a silver platter. They argue and he goes when Kristen visits. Chad orders his sister not to postpone her wedding and they talk about Abigail and his lies. Kristen hopes he can work things out. Brady arrives and Chad asks him to take good care of his sister. "She's one of a kind." They leave and Kristen admits she almost postponed the wedding without his knowledge. She's sorry. He's not concerned. They kiss. Back inside Chad's room, Cameron returns. His surgeon is up to speed.

    Back at the hospital, Chad asks Cam not to take advantage of Abigail while he's away. Cameron's astounded. He's not calling the shots. Abigail walks in as Cameron says Abigail wouldn't have even chosen him if Chad hadn't have lied about the tumor.

    A Cold One.

    Monday, October 28 2013

    Gabi comes across Cameron deep in thought in the park. He's vague and tells her he handled something incredibly poorly but she thinks sometimes mistakes can turn out to be blessings. They decide go for coffee.

    At Club TBD, Cameron and Gabi talk about her courses in biology and her inability to dissect her frog, Kermit. They hold hands just as Nick arrives. Cameron's paged and leaves so Nick takes his place. He asks to see photos of Arianna. She shows him. They discuss Will's fellowship and Nick brings up Gabi's modelling dreams. She says those were shut down after having Ari. Nick thinks it can still happen.

    The Lie Just Slipped Out.

    Friday, October 25 2013

    Abby meets Cameron at the parkette. She knows the truth about Chad. He's glad. She yells at him for handing her over to him like a prize. He tries to explain but she slaps him and storms off.

    Anne Milbauer's Almost Right About Me.

    Thursday, October 24 2013

    At University Hospital, Chad informs EJ that Cameron knows about him faking the tumor. EJ knows. He explains he told Cameron in order to save his life and thinks he'd better tell Abby soon so he can spin the story. EJ's called away. At the hub, Abigail confronts Cameron about something being off about Chad while Maxine gives the latest labs for Chad to Kayla in her office. The reports don't look good. Maxine leaves and a specialist, Dr. Phillips, calls. They agree they need to take care of Chad's condition immediately. Back by the hub, EJ sees Cameron telling Abby to talk to Chad. EJ goes to Kayla's office. She wants to consult with Chad's tumor specialist. Cameron enters and says there is no tumor.

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