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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Eric Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Eric Brady Played by Greg Vaughan on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Greg Vaughan (NBC)

    Birthday: June 15 1973
    Birthplace: Dallas, Texas, USA
    Marital Status: Married Touryia (June 4, 2006 - 2014) 3 sons.
    Real Name: Greg Vaughan
    Height: 6 "


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    Days Recap: The Nicole Walker Spin.

    Tuesday, June 17 2014

    Eric takes Chyka's documents to Bishop White at St. Luke's to clear his and the church's name. Eric explains Dr. Jonas tracked them down after Nicole Walker kept them hidden. The bishop can't make promises but if things work out, his case may be reopened. His entire life could be changed. Eric's relieved.

    Eric arrives at the pub. Nicole and Sami are fighting on the floor. Eric breaks them up and Nicole tells Eric Sami would rather marry EJ than help nail the woman who hurt him. Eric asks Sami to leave and stop harassing Nicole. "Everything she said about you and EJ was true," Eric says. Sami accuses him of taking sides. Eric says he loves Sami but this is not the right time to discuss this. He knows EJ knew what Kristen was doing the entire time and Sami made the choice to stay with him. Sami's worried for Eric but he tells her to go. She sticks out her chin defiantly and leaves. Eric tells Nicole there's nothing left to say.

    Days Recap: Accidentally On Purpose.

    Wednesday, June 11 2014

    In the Brady's pub, Nicole tells Eric he doesn't know the whole story just as Marlena and Sami walk in. Marlena questions Nicole, who asks to be left alone because they're having a private conversation. Eric tells his family that he and Nicole aren't going to elope. Sami asks why nobody told her they were eloping in the first place. Nicole snaps at Sami for making it about her and Eric says he can't discuss it now. He asks them not to gloat. Sami and Marlena take the hint and go. Nicole blames God for everything she did to Eric and can't believe Eric, a man of God, won't forgive her. Eric's incredulous. He tells her their love was based on a lie but Nicole disagrees. She yells that she forgave him for accusing her of rape. "Why can't you forgive me?" she cries. They go around and around and finally Eric says he forgives her but can't ever forget what she did and how she showed him who she really is. He walks away.

    Days Of Our Lives Recap: I Hope You Hate Yourself.

    Tuesday, June 10 2014

    At the Horton house, Eric tells Jennifer he saw Daniel and got the papers. She's sorry for everything, but mainly that Nicole broke his heart. Eric explains how the documents were shredded and then pieced back together for blackmail. Eric gets angry at Nicole's actions. "She said she loved me!" Eric says the church was a victim too due to bad publicity. Jenn wonders if he'll return to the priesthood. He's taking things one hour at a time. Jenn asks, "What about you and Nicole?" He can't answer. They talk about Nicole's trust issues. Jenn says that to Nicole, what she did was a direct attack.

    Eric lets himself in to Brady's Pub after hours and Nicole enters. Eric doesn't want to hear excuses or lies. He tells her to remove the engagement ring from her finger. Nicole refuses.

    Days Of Our Lives Recap: You Made Your Bed.

    Monday, June 09 2014

    At home, Daniel texts Rafe that he heard about Gabi and to call him. Eric arrives and wants to know about the papers that will clear his name. Daniel says he's sorry for what Nicole did. Eric snaps that he just wants the papers. Daniel says she set them both up. He gives Eric the papers. He tells him to go home and read them. Daniel is glad Nicole told him the truth. Eric says she's not the one who told him - it was Jennifer.

    Eric becomes emotional as he reads the papers in the park.

    Eric arrives at Jennifer's door. They embrace.

    Days Recap: He Knew It Was Me.

    Tuesday, June 03 2014

    In the garden at St. Luke's, Eric tells Nicole deliberately keeping the evidence from him wasn't out of love. She insists it was and has something to show him.

    Nicole brings Eric to her place. She had the picture of the first sunrise he took in Africa framed for him. He gave her the photo because she helped him. She calls it a connection. He's confused. She says she'd have kept this secret until her death which is a sign of how much she loves him. He tears up and asks how she felt about lying to him. She admits she felt like hell. Eric says at least now she has absolution but that's not what she wants. Eric learns Daniel has the evidence to clear his name and leaves.

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