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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Eric Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Eric Brady Played by Greg Vaughan on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Greg Vaughan (NBC)

    Birthday: June 15 1973
    Birthplace: Dallas, Texas, USA
    Marital Status: Married Touryia (June 4, 2006 - 2014) 3 sons.
    Real Name: Greg Vaughan
    Height: 6 "


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    Days Recap: Jenn brings up Jack and Laura's fling in the booby hatch

    Friday, June 19 2015

    Xander pounds on the basement door Eric and Nicole are hiding in at Titan. He takes the fire extinguisher to the door and Eric and Nicole start barricading. Xander takes time to put a silencer on his gun before getting off a few shots. He finally barges his way in and finds the room empty. He exclaims, "What the hell?" They've moved through a vent to the next room. Xander wedges a screwdriver in the lock next door and takes off to Nicole's office to find which room they're in while Nicole tells Eric it's over. Eric blames himself and they trash Serena. Eric tells her she's the only woman who has completely loved him.

    Days Recap: Jenn catches Eve snooping on Marlena's computer

    Thursday, June 18 2015

    At Titan TV, Xander is pissed when he can't find Nicole and Eric. He booms, "I will find you and once I do I will exterminate you." Nearby, Eric and Nicole quietly hide. Xander yells that he should have wasted them when he had the chance. Nicole asks why Eric showed up. He fills her in about the blood diamonds. He's so sorry. They hug. Meanwhile, Xander and Navidad return to Nicole's office. Xander listens to Eric's messages and realizes Serena has said something to worry Eric's mother. While Navidad finds Eric and Nicole, Xander texts Daniel with Eric's phone and says his phone is almost dead but to meet him and Nicole in Chicago. Back in the basement, Nicole shares her plan to seduce Xander to get the goods on him and Serena. Eric feels awful for thinking she was jealous and issues a heartfelt apology. Just then, Xander pounds on the door.

    Days Recap: Will turns to drastic means to hold on to Sonny

    Wednesday, June 17 2015

    Back at Titan, Nicole gasps and pleads as Xander strangles her with his hands. He pulls out the garrotte and says it's a shame she won't be pretty anymore. He details how she'll look when he's through with her and tells her how good it'll make him feel. He sees Daniel has called and pockets her phone. He booms, "Nobody plays me." She gasps that he's out of control and reveals she knows he's a murderer. He calls her a nosey bitch and slips the garrotte around her neck. He pulls tight and Nicole struggles until Eric rushes in and grabs the nearest vase and slams it over Xander's head! Xander goes down and before they can run, Xander gets up and beats on Eric. The men go at it and Nicole hits Xander and they run with him screaming after how he'll break every bone in their bodies. Navidad appears with a gun. She gets on Nicole's computer. She routed the video feed for the building there and they quickly spot Nic and Eric and go after them.

    Days Recap: Xander strangles Nicole

    Tuesday, June 16 2015

    Serena and Eric argue in her hotel room when he doesn't believe she's protecting him from Xander. Eric asks what he's supposed to do, "Turn the other cheek?" She committed a crime. He demands answers. She'll tell all if he keeps it quiet. She starts by talking about how lonely she was when they ended things. She started up with Xander right away. Eric's hurt. She talks about how exciting it was with Xander and he could make her do anything. She says they carved the compartment in the elephant statue and planned things. Eric's angry that she moved on and he was still in the city. She cries as she explains she started seeing Xander's violent temper. She saw him beat two men and had to get out. Years later, Xander wanted the diamonds but they were in Eric's elephant. She admits at first it was all about the diamonds but she fell in love with him. Fuelled by anger, Eric runs to find Xander.

    Days Recap: Theresa's hurt when Brady lays down the law

    Monday, June 15 2015

    At Daniel's, Eric tells Daniel that he has reason to believe Serena has been using them. He asks to keep the elephant statue but won't discuss any of this with Daniel. Daniel's curious but lets it go and Eric runs off.

    Days Recap: Dirt Still Sticks.

    Monday, June 08 2015

    In her room, Eric demands that Serena tell him what's going on or they're not going anywhere together. "What else are you hiding?" Serena flashes to finding the jewels and Xander's threat. Serena insists Eric knows everything. He storms out. She whispers, "I'm sorry. I'm protecting you." Serena needs to neutralize Xander.

    In the square, Daniel runs into a disgruntled Eric, and tells him about the elephant statue having a secret compartment. Eric had no idea it was there. Daniel and Parker go. Eric flashes to past times with Serena. He realizes she wanted the statue because something was in the compartment.

    Eric returns to Serena's room and informs her he knows everything. He demands to know what she hid in the elephant statue for him to bring into the country. Serena protests. He tells her to stop lying. He presumes Xander wanted whatever was in the statue. Serena wants Eric to let it go. He says whatever was inside was clearly more important than him, and leaves.

    Days Recap: I Felt Dirty.

    Wednesday, June 03 2015

    Eric confronts Serena with the incriminating photo in her room. He demands an answer and explains Xander sent it by messenger. She questions him opening it. He explains he spilled his coffee on it and wants to know why she was in bed with Xander. Serena is appalled he thinks she had an affair. Eric clarifies that he's upset because she kept their involvement from him. Serena didn't think he needed to know. Eric disagrees. Serena says she was ashamed - she found out he wasn't a good person. "I felt dirty." Eric wonders why Xander sent the picture. Serena speculates that he's trying to get them fighting. She hates him. Eric says she's lying - she was going to work with him. Serena says she'd have done it to stay in Salem with him. Eric isn't buying any of it. He demands she come clean or they're not going anywhere together.

    Days Recap: Go Fish.

    Tuesday, June 02 2015

    Serena calls Xander from home and asks him to leave Nicole alone. He tells her the diamonds have been counted and verified and they've no further business. To show there are no hard feelings he says he'll send her a souvenir of their adventure. She tells him to keep it and hangs up on him. He places a photo inside an envelope and writes her name on it. Meanwhile, Eric arrives at Serena's and she tells him she's almost packed. Eric hasn't told his family yet about his plans, nor has he given notice. It'll take a few more days but he promises he's not stalling.

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