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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Eric Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Eric Brady Played by Greg Vaughan on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Greg Vaughan (ABC)

    Birthday: June 15 1973
    Birthplace: Dallas, Texas, USA
    Marital Status: Married Touryia June 4, 2006. 3 sons.
    Real Name: Greg Vaughan
    Height: 6 "


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    Days Recap: The Mighty EJ DiMera.

    Monday, July 07 2014

    Maggie plows right into Eric at the Horton square. She apologizes. She had a sponsee on her mind who is backsliding. She's sorry to hear about what happened with Nicole. Eric tells her his focus is on the future, whatever that may be. Theresa watches them and wonders, "Is that holier-than-thou b**** trash-talking me to my cousin now?" Maggie goes and Theresa goes to him. She's glad to hear he may become a priest again but is sorry Nicole lied to him. "I did warn you about her," she says. Some people can never change.

    Days Recap: Like Traffic Through A Tunnel.

    Monday, June 30 2014

    In a park, Marlena and Eric discuss Nicole. He says she'll do what she wants. They discuss not being invited to Sami's wedding. Eric cannot support her marrying into the DiMera family after Kristen.

    In Daniel's office, Eric thanks him for what he did and wants to take him and Jennifer out to dinner. Daniel says that won't work. He explains that they're on a break because Jennifer didn't believe he would do right by Eric. Eric understands - love isn't always enough.

    Outside the pub, Nicole lets Eric know she told the bishop the true story. Eric thanks her but has nothing else to say.

    Days Recap: Two-Faced Little...

    Friday, June 27 2014

    Eric sees Bishop White at St. Luke's. Everyone has been very forthcoming except for Nicole Walker, who refuses to cooperate. Eric says he prayed a lot on this and he's at peace. "It's in God's hands now."

    Ben meets Jordan at the park. She and Rafe are back on track thanks to him. She's ready to tell Rafe the truth. Nearby, Nicole overhears as Eric tries to get Marlena to admit she's jealous of Roman. Marlena brings up Nicole. Eric says it's out of his hands.

    Days Recap: All Up In My Grill.

    Thursday, June 19 2014

    Eric goes to Daniel's office, looking for help.

    Days Recap: Evil Is Vanquished.

    Wednesday, June 18 2014

    At the Brady's pub, Eric tells Nicole he's not sure what his next move is but the bishop will likely want to speak with her. She is up for that but Eric doesn't trust what she'd say. In fact, he doesn't think he'll ever believe anything she says. "And why would you," someone nearby says. Nicole looks up. It's Marlena. Nicole calls her on enjoying dispensing withering looks and judgemental remarks and goes. Eric explains that Jenn told him the truth and thinks his mom has a right to say 'I told ya so'. Eric leaves and Marlena follows.

    Eric meets Hope at the square with an update about the gala. He tells her about clearing his name, which cheers her up.

    Days Recap: The Nicole Walker Spin.

    Tuesday, June 17 2014

    Eric takes Chyka's documents to Bishop White at St. Luke's to clear his and the church's name. Eric explains Dr. Jonas tracked them down after Nicole Walker kept them hidden. The bishop can't make promises but if things work out, his case may be reopened. His entire life could be changed. Eric's relieved.

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