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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Eric Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Eric Brady Played by Greg Vaughan on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Greg Vaughan (NBC)

    Birthday: June 15 1973
    Birthplace: Dallas, Texas, USA
    Marital Status: Married Touryia (June 4, 2006 - 2014) 3 sons.
    Real Name: Greg Vaughan
    Height: 6 "


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    Days Recap: Soon. Very Soon.

    Thursday, March 20 2014

    Nicole puts on some romantic tunes and leaves her bra unhooked before she lets Eric into her hotel room. She gets out a little vino and gets him to fasten her up. She "accidentally" spills her wine on his shirt and takes it off in order to "clean it." This turns to kissing but Eric's willpower kicks in and he stops things. Nicole doesn't get it. Eric isn't happy she couldn't honor his beliefs for one day. She sighs. He calls this a set up and asks her not to be so selfish for once.

    Back at Nicole's, she and Eric continue to fight until Daniel calls. Eric dresses and they race out.

    Eric and Nicole arrive at Daniel's and Nicole immediately demands wine. Jenn notices the wine stain on Eric's shirt and offers to clean it but Nicole doubts she can get him out of his clothes. She introduces herself to Aiden and learns that he and Hope are quibbling, too. Abe and Maxine cringe as Jenn tries to lighten the mood. It doesn't work. Jenn practically falls over herself to get the door when the pizza arrives. Rory stands there with cold pizza. He didn't expect to see her and assures her there's no weed in the pizza. Hope and Aiden try to leave but Maxine stops them. She'll heat up the pizza. Nicole spills wine on Daniel's shirt and apologizes. Eric starts in on her and Daniel mumbles, "Could this night get any worse?"

    Days Recap: The Wrong Thing For The Wrong Reasons.

    Monday, March 17 2014

    Sami walks into the community room at the hospital and assumes EJ was having a meeting with the men she saw leaving the room. He flashes to hiding on the ledge and tells her it was confidential. She grabs the Erectile Dysfunction pamphlet from his hand and asks, "Did I do this to you?" She thinks this happened because she kicked him out of her bed. He blurts out that he wasn't at the meeting for himself. She assumes it's for Stefano and grosses out. She thinks he's "omnipotent" (instead of impotent). They discuss Abigail and EJ finds it odd that Abby would accept help from Sami - a virtual stranger. Sami doesn't think the father cares but EJ doesn't think they can assume that. Sami admits Abby's helping her with a secret of her own, and they joke about keeping secrets. He says, "Let's get you home, trouble." Meanwhile, Brady finds Theresa at the hub and takes her to lunch. In Jenn's office, Eric and Jennifer see the photoshopped image of her in a bikini with two guys. Kayla calls. The photo is all over the hospital website! Jenn hopes Daniel doesn't see it. Eric leaves a message for Nicole while Jenn goes to Maxine at the hub and rips up the images. Anne interrupts and yells that she was just grilled by the chief of staff but had nothing to do with these photos. Jenn believes her and goes to find Theresa. Liam, who was eavesdropping, follows Anne and fishes for information. Later, Eric catches him in Jenn's office, looking at the photo. They introduce themselves and Liam wonders how anyone could be so cruel. He seems happy to hear Jenn will be at Daniel's for the party tonight instead of brooding over the photos.

    Days Recap: It Will Take Lobotomies.

    Friday, March 14 2014

    At the Horton Square, Eric demands to know if Marlena went to Dr. Chyka to catch Nicole in a lie. She hems and haws as John squints then admits she wanted the truth about why Nicole let Chyka get away. John attempts at intervening don't go over well and Marlena says Chyka backed up Nicole's story. He thinks this upset her but she yells, "No, no, no." Eric drags Nicole off, even though Nicole asks him not to leave things this way. John tries to console Marlena but she stomps off.

    Eric kisses Nicole in her hotel room. She kicks him out so she can shower and decompress before work. He promises not to let anyone hurt her before he goes then she starts obsessing over the documents that could prove Eric was drugged. She takes them from her desk - they've been pieced together.

    Daniel stops an angry Eric at the Horton Square, who fills him in. John follows Marlena into the park and she blames him for all of this and for bringing Kristen into their lives. Roman interrupts and she confesses what she has done to their son. Roman isn't thrilled she made a deal with Stefano but knows she did it for Eric. John watches from nearby as Roman agrees to talk to their son.

    Days Recap: Know-It-All, Stuck-Up...

    Wednesday, March 12 2014

    Roman goes to Eric at the Brady's pub to ask him to cut Marlena some slack. He defends the doctor and Eric agrees to at least listen to her. He compliments his dad on being a peacemaker. The men tell each other they love one another and Eric goes.

    Nicole finds Eric at the hospital and tells him about her run-in with Stefano. Eric's sympathetic and kisses her. Abby shows up and goes to take some boxes out of the janitor's closet. EJ follows her and asks why she's avoiding him. She tells him she's not going to his doctor, "And you can't make me."

    Days Recap: A Thousand Paper Cuts.

    Monday, March 10 2014

    At her hotel, Nicole can't wait to make love to Eric and though he's tempted by her, he doesn't want it to be 'like this'.

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