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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Eric Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Eric Brady Played by Greg Vaughan on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Greg Vaughan (NBC)

    Birthday: June 15 1973
    Birthplace: Dallas, Texas, USA
    Marital Status: Married Touryia (June 4, 2006 - 2014) 3 sons.
    Real Name: Greg Vaughan
    Height: 6 "


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    Days Recap: Freakin' Greed.

    Wednesday, February 04 2015

    Nicole goes to Melanie at Mandalay and they discuss the break-up. Nic and Eric lock eyes and Eric goes on his way. Melanie assumes Nicole screwed up again. Nicole tells Mel her story. Nicole asks for help but Melanie says she has run out of chances.

    From her hotel room, Serena jumps on a call and tells someone she has confirmation. She knows what to do. She grabs a replica of the elephant. She and Eric bought them at the same marketplace. She'll switch them. She hangs up when Eric arrives. He wants to be in a committed relationship with her. She swoons and they kiss. He wants to 'do something special' tonight. "Make a night of it. All night." She agrees to meet him later. He goes and she packs the statue. Melanie arrives, sorry to hear what Nicole did. Serena says Nic did her a favor. She and Eric are closer than ever.

    Serena arrives at Eric's. He made a reservation at Green Mountain Lodge, which upsets Serena. She wants to stay put.

    Days Recap: Tobacco Head.

    Friday, January 30 2015

    In Eric's bedroom, Serena is relieved she found the elephant after all this time. Eric arrives and when she comes out of his bedroom he questions her. She drums up some tears and says she was on a call to family and it made her emotional. Eric asks if she wants to press charges against Nicole but Serena thinks Nic has learned her lesson. Besides, Ted can be so convincing. Puzzled, Eric says if she knew what Nicole was threatening to expose was fiction, why was she so freaked out? Serena says her files are confidential and her career can be destroyed if they were made public. She invites him to look at the files but he trusts her. They kiss and she hopes one day they'll make love again - when Nicole's out of his head. Right now, she needs to be alone. She says goodnight.

    Eric finds Nicole looking sad at the square and rants about being unable to forgive her. Why can’t she let Serena live her life in peace? He threatens to have her arrested if she hurts Serena again.

    Days Recap: My Little Bluebird.

    Thursday, January 29 2015

    At Daniel's, Dan opens the files on Nicole's thumb drive. He reads a diary Serena kept of her time working with Edward (Ted) who kept trying to turn their work into something romantic. He was off his medication and was thus banned from the institute. Ted weeps. Nicole asks Ted if the entries are phony while Serena tries to comfort the man. Ted bursts into tears and apologizes to Serena, calling her "My little bluebird." He forgives her for 'ending their love affair' just like how he forgave Madame Curie for discovering radium before he did. Serena calls the group home and later, Myra arrives and takes Ted home. Nicole tries to defend her actions but Serena says Ted's breakdown was out there for the public. Nic didn't verify his claims. Serena decides not to call the police. She and Eric leave and Daniel asks if she has something other than her 'usual BS' to explain to go ahead. Angry, Nicole walks out. He goes after her.

    Eric runs out to get food while Serena searches his place. She finds an elephant statue in his room and smiles.

    Days Recap: Romantic Claptrap.

    Wednesday, January 28 2015

    Daniel and Nicole open the door to Serena and Eric. Serena calls Nicole names and tells Daniel that Nicole stole her documents. Nicole shows them the thumb drive. She wants to watch it and show everyone what a fraud Serena really is. Eric starts in on Nicole, who reminds him she's a journalist. She explains that she was verifying a tip a source gave her. Daniel wants to know why she didn't tell him. Nicole says it was confidential but she doesn't need the flash drive. She has another way of showing everyone who Serena is. Ted arrives, surprising Serena. He introduces himself as an ex and fills the men in on how Serena screwed him over for a byline. Eric defends Serena's honor but Serena doesn't want to fight this. She decides to let them see what's on the thumb drive.

    Days Recap: A Clydesicle.

    Tuesday, January 27 2015

    At the hospital, Eric doesn't believe that Nicole's working at being civil with Serena. Daniel defends Nicole and thinks there's still a connection between the two. Eric says he could never love Nic again but thinks Daniel has fallen for her and cautions his friend. Daniel thinks they should start over. If he is forced to choose he'll choose Nicole. Eric would be sorry to lose his friendship. He doesn't want Daniel to go through what he did.

    Eric stops by Serena's. She tells him Nicole cleared the air. He explains that some pieces arrived from Africa that she wanted to see. She's excited about this but when she checks her laptop, she notices that Nicole stole her files. She yells about Nicole wanting to bury the hatchet in her back. Eric says he'll handle this. He calls Titan TV but Nicole's gone.

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