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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Eric Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Eric Brady Played by Greg Vaughan on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Greg Vaughan (NBC)

    Birthday: June 15 1973
    Birthplace: Dallas, Texas, USA
    Marital Status: Married Touryia (June 4, 2006 - 2014) 3 sons.
    Real Name: Greg Vaughan
    Height: 6 "


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    Days Recap: WilSon Wedding Part Two.

    Wednesday, April 02 2014

    At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate hopes Marlena doesn't screw up the wedding officiating today. Marlena thinks today will be what the guys want it to be. Upstairs, Gabi catches Sonny on a call, planning on 'dealing with Nick' after the wedding. She starts yelling. He hangs up and says Nick's a distributor he works with at the club. Gabi's embarrassed and apologizes. They make-up and bond. Sonny says she's grown so much since Ari's birth and is the sister he always wanted. They hug. Downstairs, Roman arrives with Eric, Caroline and Sami's children. Hope and Ciara arrive and Victor teases Ciara about how pretty she looks. They wish Bo was there. Kate wants to see Marlena's certificate so Sami interjects, saving Marlena. Kate goes to find Lucas and Marlena gets nervous. Sami asks her to keep this issue from the grooms. Sami doesn't want to ruin their day with unnecessary drama. Marlena's mind is blown by her daughter. Jenn and JJ arrive. JJ goes to Abby with the mystery box and she has another one that goes with it. Rafe and Jordan arrive outside and Rafe updates her with his warning to her brother before they head in. Victor goes upstairs and walks in on Sonny and Gabi hugging. Is there something he should know? They joke that she got Sonny to switch sides. He calls "Jackson" a true Kiriakis who makes him proud. Downstairs, Maggie seats guests.

    Will arrives at the mansion and overhears Marlena and Sami arguing. Sami covers and shoves him outside. Marlena almost spills the beans but EJ rushes up and assures everyone they're set. Sami jumps into his arms happily. Meanwhile, Adrienne is proud Sonny's wearing the cufflinks Justin wore to their wedding. She tears up. Theresa arrives and greets Brady. Everyone heads inside and Sami tears up and tells Will he's the perfect son. He's touched. They embrace and Tad and JJ walk down the aisle. Music plays and Gabi and Abby wait by Marlena at the podium while Sami walks Will down the aisle. Sami shoots Lucas a look and they grin. Adrienne walks Sonny down the aisle and his eyes lock with Will's. Everyone gets misty-eyed.

    Days Recap: WilSon Wedding.

    Tuesday, April 01 2014

    At home, Will shares his excitement with Gabi. He jokes that getting through the ceremony will be a record for his family. Gabi says she'll be changing Arianna every two hours because all of the grandmothers sent over dresses and she doesn't want anyone's feelings to be hurt. Will thanks her for dealing with the crazy. Eric arrives and Gabi goes. Eric gives Will his and his cheese hats. It's time they switched from the Bears. "Go Packers," Will says as Eric makes him put it on.

    Days Recap: It Juliennes Potatoes.

    Monday, March 31 2014

    At the square, Aiden tells Hope he heard her tell Adrienne to stay clear of him. They get at each other's throats and Eric interrupts. Aiden goes and Hope asks for one more final statement on the Dr. Chyka/Kristen case. He'll be glad when it's over.

    Hope apologizes to Aiden outside the Brady's pub. He thanks her for what she said to Adrienne. He's not in the market for a relationship. Hope gets it. Aiden tells her he'll never be in the market. Hope apologizes and things get more awkward. He goes to get Chase. Nicole meets Eric inside. He catches her in her lie about coming from work. She says she was planning a surprise. Eric gives her a card for the guys to sign and she squees. Miles texts and she has to run back to work.

    Days Recap: A Powder Blue Tuxedo.

    Friday, March 28 2014

    Eric stops by the Kiriakis mansion wanting to fix things between him and his brother but Brady isn't ready. They bicker but Brady's moved when Eric tells his brother he still loves him and thinks Brady feels the same. He goes and Brady has a drink. Theresa arrives, miffed that he missed their date. She assumes his family got to him and slaps the drink from his hand. She tells him not to call her again. She'll find a real man. Brady grabs her and clarifies that nobody tells him what to do. She's turned on by that and he kisses her and starts ripping at her clothes. They have sex in his bed.

    Eric goes to Daniel at his office and apologizes for ruining his party last night. Daniel accepts. Eric admits he asked Nicole to marry her and now isn't sure he can go through with it. He has to choose between the church and Nicole. Daniel thinks Eric ought to tell Nicole as soon as he can. He leaves and Jenn returns.

    Days Recap: Jamming To Clapton.

    Thursday, March 27 2014

    At the park, Nicole and Eric discuss not rushing into marriage. Marlena interrupts with an apology for not learning her lesson and crossing another boundary by talking to Dr. Chyka. She hopes to see Eric and Nicole at the wedding. Nicole accepts. Marlena tells them she's officiating and Eric is glad she's so supportive. He goes to work and Nicole thanks Marlena again but isn't convinced things are copacetic between them. Marlena asks once more if she's hiding something from Eric. Nicole denies it and Marlena leaves Nicole flashing back to shredding Chyka's documents.

    Liam arrives at the hospital to find Jenn. Maxine says she'll be back later and offers to help. Liam tells her it's personal and she gives him a look when he walks away. In Dan's office, Theresa is about to tell Daniel about Liam's obsession with Jenn when he calls her a bad influence on Brady and orders her to stay away from him. They bicker and she leaves. Jenn arrives at the hub and Abe needs advice. He wants to ask Maxine to Will and Sonny's wedding but is unsure if it's too soon in their friendship. With Jenn's encouragement, he asks and Maxine accepts. After he goes, Maxine and Jenn squee and Maxine's flustered, not knowing what to wear. Eric bustles in with an apology about ruining Jenn's party. Jenn brushes it off and Maxine interrupts. She says Liam was searching for her earlier. Jenn doesn't want to see him so when he shows up, Maxine fakes an important call. Jenn runs to her office to take it. Later, Theresa finds Liam and drags him off. Back at the hub, Jenn overhears Eric's private conversation on the phone and questions if marrying in the church will be an issue. He doesn't want to discuss it so she putters off to Daniel's office raving about a present she found for Will and Sonny. Dan's bummed he can't be at the wedding. They start kissing.

    John spots Eric at the Brady's pub and gives his step-son his blessing in dating Nicole.

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