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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Eric Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Eric Brady Played by Greg Vaughan on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Greg Vaughan (NBC)

    Birthday: June 15 1973
    Birthplace: Dallas, Texas, USA
    Marital Status: Married Touryia (June 4, 2006 - 2014) 3 sons.
    Real Name: Greg Vaughan
    Height: 6 "


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    Days Recap: Beyond The Pale.

    Monday, January 19 2015

    At Eric's place, he tells Serena he's sorry they ran into Nicole. Serena admits she got to her, but she can take it. When it becomes clear there will be no sex, Serena decides she'll head to the hotel. Eric assures her Nicole won't wreck what they have. Outside, Serena searches online and says, "This is what I'm up against."

    Days Recap: Temptation Island.

    Friday, January 16 2015

    Eric drops by Serena's place with the photo of the King Vulture she chose, blown up, and framed. Things get passionate so Eric stops things. Her envelope falls to the floor and Eric picks it up and looks inside. She tells him to stop, before he sees the photos of him half nude in a bed. They head out to the new club and the camera pans to the photo of the vulture.

    Days Recap: The Beanpole With Red Hair.

    Friday, January 09 2015

    Serena wants to talk about something important with Eric at the pub. She tells him he lost a bet and shows him a piece of paper from years ago. She's collecting.

    Eric takes Serena back to his place and they make out. She wants him but he can't do it. She wonders if he's not over Nicole. He is. They find a photo for her to keep of his that settles their long ago bet.

    Days Recap: Later Dude!

    Thursday, January 08 2015

    Serena and Eric walk in on Theresa in the lounge holding the baby rattle and looking shaken. (Sorry for the pun!) Eric takes Theresa aside, knowing she's upset. She calls him a good person. "Good people confuse me." He tells her to call anytime and goes. She leaves a message for Melanie to get to the hospital.

    Brady is introduced to Serena at the pub. He has seen her research at the hospital and is impressed. She notes that they've Melanie in common. Brady acts uncomfortable and goes and Eric and Serena agree he was acting off - Theresa, too.

    Days Recap: Selfish To The Core.

    Monday, January 05 2015

    At her hotel room, Serena refuses to let Eric in. He gets it. They need to get over what Nicole did. Eric leaves and Serena throws things around in anger and opens her safe. She pulls out an envelope and looks secretive.

    Days Recap: Happy New Year.

    Friday, January 02 2015

    In her room, Serena drops the flowers Nicole left in the trash and then checks her safe. "Thank god she didn't look in there," she says. Eric arrives and starts apologizing for what Nicole did. Serena wonders if the blond is crazy and wants him back. He insists that things are over with Nicole and she's just being protective. The redhead thinks he's being generous but suggests they forget this for tonight.

    At the pub, Caroline gives an Irish toast to Eric and Serena. She cuts her hand trying to open the champagne. Eric ushers her into the kitchen to take care of it. Some dude makes a pass at Serena so she walks outside. Nicole bumps into her. Before she can escape, the redhead stops her.

    Days Recap: The Grey Taco.

    Wednesday, December 31 2014

    Eric drops by Serena's. She answers the door in only his old t-shirt. "Don't get a swelled head," she tells him. He has pie and an invitation to the party at the pub. He's glad to see she still has the flower Nicole sent. She hops in bed to eat pie and licks her fingers. He tries to escape. "It's too tempting," he says. The ex-priest thinks they need to take it slow. "As long as we take it somewhere," she says. He leaves. In the hall, he overhears one member of staff talking to another about how they had to leave a flower in someone's room. Eric questions him to get the details.

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