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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Kristen Blake Black DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kristen Blake Black DiMera Played by Eileen Davidson on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eileen Davidson (CBS)

    Birthday: June 15 1959
    Birthplace: Artesia, California, USA
    Marital Status: Married Vincent Van Patten (April 15 2003 - present) 1 kid
    Real Name: Eileen Davidson
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Days Recap: The Cool Uncle.

    Wednesday, October 29 2014

    Brady listens, stunned, to the recording of Theresa admitting she hit John over the head with the poker, not Brady, and John remembers. Brady accuses Kristen of lying. Kristen desperately rebuts but he reminds her she has edited recordings together in the past. He calls her a hateful b**** but at least she has set him free. "You're the ultimate addiction, Kristen," he says. Kristen starts to cry. She insists this is true and cries that she's only telling him this because she loves him. He's done with her and hopes he never sees her beautiful face again. He goes.

    Daniel heads home and has a drink. Kristen shows up, depressed. He was right. Brady will never take her back. She bawls on Daniel's shoulder.

    Days Recap: Slow And Easy.

    Tuesday, October 28 2014

    In her suite, Kristen listens to the recording of Theresa confessing and is pleased. Anne shows up with the scholarship program paperwork. Kristen sits her down to go over it and records Anne spelling her name. Once alone, Kristen replays her recordings.

    In Kristen's room, she tells Brady she'll leave town if he asks her to, but first he must listen. Kristen reminds him he said he could never hate her since she saved John's life, and adds that Eric is trying to forgive her too. Brady feels there's nothing to say - there's no future together. She asks why - because he has a future with Theresa? Kristen holds up her laptop. She plays the recording of Anne spelling her name - it's time Brady heard the truth. He grabs her. What truth? She pulls back and plays the recording of Theresa confessing.

    Days Recap: Salivating For Sami.

    Wednesday, October 22 2014

    In her hotel room, Kristen is insulted when Brady wants to repay her for saving his father. They dance around this. She insists she hasn't been his enemy since she fell in love with him. She just wants to prove that she still loves him so that they can have a new beginning. Brady almost believes her... but he already gave her two chances and now he's moved on. He thinks she should too and exits. She screams that he's not going to be building a future with Theresa. After grumbling about Eve, she puts on her ear phones to listen to Eve and Theresa. However, when she tries, she hears Eve knock over the bug and step on it. Kristen cringes and decides to try the Anne bug instead.

    Days Recap: Praise The Lord.

    Tuesday, October 21 2014

    Kristen drops by Eve's place. Eve can tell this isn't a social call so Kristen gets right to it. She knows what Eve's sister did to Brady Black and isn't going to stand for it. Kristen thinks they both know there's more to the story than what's being told. Eve gets a telemarketing call so Kristen uses it to her advantage and bugs a lamp. Eve gives her the boot.

    Brady takes Theresa to the Brady's pub. He loves being with her but wants to make sure they're doing the right thing. She thinks this is about Kristen. Brady guesses it is. He wouldn't feel right using Theresa to get over Kristen. Theresa doesn't care. Brady goes back to the hospital and Theresa takes a call from Eve, who tells her about Kristen's visit.

    Back at her place, Kristen orders food and pops in some eye drops before answering the door to Anne. Anne expresses her sorrow over EJ's passing. "He was a formidable person not to mention exceedingly handsome." She stammers and apologizes. She's confused as to why Kristen asked her there. Kristen has big plans which involve her. She wants Anne's department to be the beneficiary of a non-medical, professional scholarship in EJ's name. Anne is thrilled. She makes a call to the hospital as Kristen slips a bug into her purse.

    Brady goes to see Kristen at her place. She's eavesdropping on Eve and Theresa's conversation.

    Days Recap: Make Her Fix Her Shirt.

    Monday, October 20 2014

    Daniel drops by Kristen's at her behest. She hands him champagne. He doesn't want it. "You're no fun," Kristen tells him. She thinks Theresa should be the one to confess and shows Daniel pictures of Anne and Eve. What if Theresa confided in one and they know the truth? Daniel says if that's the path she wants to get Brady back, she'll have to come through him. He takes a drink of the champagne. He drinks hers too, and she admits she almost kind of likes him in a weird way.

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