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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Kristen Blake Black DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kristen Blake Black DiMera Played by Eileen Davidson on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eileen Davidson (CBS)

    Birthday: June 15 1959
    Birthplace: Artesia, California, USA
    Marital Status: Married Vincent Van Patten (April 15 2003 - present) 1 kid
    Real Name: Eileen Davidson
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Days Recap: Beueller. Beueller.

    Monday, September 15 2014

    At Daniel's, Kristen is positive that Theresa is the one who hit John over the head, causing his coma. Daniel thinks back to past conversations with Theresa where she appeared guilty and realizes Kristen's right. Kristen thinks this means they can work together but Daniel's not having any of that. They argue and she grabs his lapels and starts sweet talking him. He drags her to the door and opens it. Jenn's there. Daniel says Kristen was just leaving. He goes to take a call from the hospital and Jenn expresses disgust over Kristen's behavior. She thought Kristen changed and that they were friends. Kristen says Jenn's her one true friend. She wants to explain but Jenn kicks her out. She asks Daniel why Kristen was there. He tells her it's not her concern. He asks why she's there. She looks gorgeous. She admits she wanted to try a coffee date again. He wants to spend time with her but thought they agreed to take it slowly. He can't spend time with her alone in that dress! Jenn again wonders why he's okay being alone with Kristen and she second guesses his judgement. Daniel is pissed and calls her out for it. She leaves and he calls after her.

    Kristen arrives home and find Brady waiting. He warns her to leave Theresa alone or he'll kill her.

    Days Recap: I Don't Cotton To Threats!

    Friday, September 12 2014

    At the Kiriakis mansion, Kristen becomes suspicious when Theresa reacts poorly to the news that an experimental drug could mean a recovery for John. Theresa thinks she's lying. Kristen asks her to dial it down a bit. "You might lose your voice. Not that it'd be a bad thing." Theresa accuses Kristen of being jealous that she and Brady made love after he returned from her hotel room. Kristen thinks Theresa's lying and when provoked, wraps her hands around Theresa's neck and squeezes.

    Back at the manse, Kristen and Theresa wind up on the sofa fighting where Maggie finds them and breaks them up. Kristen lets herself out and Theresa explains about Kristen's "cockamamie story" about a cure for John. Maggie wonders if it's true. Theresa leaves feeling sick and receives a text from Anne about some "big news." Inside, Maggie calls Daniel to ask about the drug but he can't discuss a patient.

    Kristen barges in on Daniel at home, ranting about that s*** Theresa. She asks if Daniel gave John the drug. When pushed, Daniel admits he did and Brady knows. Kristen seems pleased with herself. She rants about Theresa sleeping with Brady and by the look on Daniel's face, realizes it's true. Kristen yells about Theresa being a black hole and tells Daniel about her reaction to learning John might come around. She realizes Brady didn't hit John - it was Theresa!

    Days Recap: Heavy Artillery.

    Thursday, September 11 2014

    Outside the pub, Kristen needles Marlena to thank her for accessing the drug that may save John. Marlena says she hasn't heard if they'll be using the drug yet - if they don't, Eric can testify against Kristen. Marlena guesses that means they're both on pins and needles. Kristen snarks that they'd be stupid not to use it. They trade insults. Kristen says she has the upper hand now. Marlena warns her if she's doing this to get Brady back there will be hell to pay. Later, Kristen runs into a smirking EJ. She baits him about Abigail and talks about how supportive Stefano's been. EJ asks, "What have you done?" Kristen realizes he's upset about what Sami will think and calls him whipped.

    Theresa pours a drink at the Kiriakis mansion and rehearses what she'll tell Brady about Kristen as she waits for him to come home. Kristen enters. Theresa says she came to complain to Brady about her. Kristen says she found a coma drug for John, who will make a complete recovery. Theresa drops her glass.

    Days Recap: Whistling Past The Graveyard.

    Friday, September 05 2014

    Eric goes to Kristen's hotel room and shows her contempt for manipulating his family in order to get her freedom. He calls her selfish, vindictive and immoral and thinks this is just another way to torture his family. He's tempted to go ahead and have his day in court. Kristen knows he won't. Eric has conditions. He refuses to sign anything nor will he promise not to testify until she makes sure John receives the medicine and awakens because of it. Eric moves to leave but she stops him and apologizes for what happened between them and for him losing his way. She saw how much he loved being a man of God. She comments he has changed a lot because Nicole made him bitter. Eric takes off and she smiles and does a little dance. "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!"

    Days Recap: Welcome Home, Sweet Cheeks.

    Thursday, September 04 2014

    At Club TBD, Theresa calls Anne with news about Brady. Kristen appears. "Oh really." Theresa hangs up and calls Kristen the b**** who ruined her cousin Eric's life. Theresa says Kristen's going to prison and Kristen throws her own criminal past up at her. Kristen leans across the table and hisses, "You stay away from Brady." Theresa says getting in her face won't work. "Brady hates you." Kristen hints about Brady being in her hotel room earlier today. Theresa muses, "Now I get it." Theresa tells Kristen she's a nasty piece of work. Kristen warns the DiMeras always get what they want - she wants her to stay away from Brady.

    Kristen arrives at Daniel's place and he says he hasn't heard from Marlena or Eric. Kristen says Marlena can be very slow. She asks Daniel about Theresa and realizes he hates her. Kristen suggest they team up to keep her in a cage. Daniel thinks it would be perfect if she and Theresa destroyed each other. Kristen says he's cold, and because he won't forgive Jennifer, he's also super stupid.

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