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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Kristen Blake Black DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kristen Blake Black DiMera Played by Eileen Davidson on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eileen Davidson (CBS)

    Birthday: June 15 1959
    Birthplace: Artesia, California, USA
    Marital Status: Married Vincent Van Patten (April 15 2003 - present) 1 kid
    Real Name: Eileen Davidson
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Sex Starved.

    Wednesday, November 13 2013

    Father Eric finds Kristen searching for Brady at the lake. How did he find her? He shows her Brady's cell phone. He intercepted her message to Brady and says, "God showed me the way." He grabs her and starts yelling about how they sat in his office, her asking him to absolve her sins, while he was unaware she raped him. She claims he seduced her. He's not leaving until she answers for what she has done. He recalls how she was licking his lips, waiting to destroy his life. Kristen asks, "Are you sure you weren't licking your lips after all those years of being sex starved?" She thinks he's demonizing her and they argue about who seduced whom. He asks why she hates him so. She cries that she doesn't and admits this was about hurting Marlena. Marlena destroyed her ambitions of becoming a wife and mother. She says the only thing worse than not having a child is to watch your child destroyed. Kristen barks out a laugh when Father Eric is astounded that she let Nicole take the blame, then walks off.

    Hope flashes her badge to Harold at the DiMera mansion. She wants to see Kristen but he won't let her in without a warrant. She leaves and Kristen sneaks to the door. Nicole grabs her and lays into her. Kristen taunts her about the sex with Eric and Nicole tells her nemesis she's going to jail. Kristen shoves Nicole and gets in her car. Nicole chases her in her own car. Nicole rams her and they swerve off the road.

    I Know I Can Be Like Eeyore.

    Tuesday, November 12 2013

    Marlena stops by the DiMera mansion and Kristen pulls a gun on her. Suddenly she sets the gun down and invites Marlena to shoot her. Marlena grabs the gun and takes out the ammo, surprised Kristen is wondering what she has to live for. Kristen sneers. She hates Marlena but was willing to let it go. Marlena wouldn't let her! Marlena cannot believe this 'revolting episode' is about her. Kristen says this goes way back to when they first met and she stole John. Kristen blathers on about Marlena enjoying watching her bleed. Marlena frowns and starts to tear up and shake her head when Kristen yells that she's to blame for playing the sex tape and ruining her son's life. Marlena defends her saintly son but Kristen knows he wants to get "his horny consecrated hands on me." Marlena recalls how ill Eric was from Kristen drugging him. Marlena put him through hypnosis and can prove she knew something horrible happened to him. Marlena will tell every Salemite what she did! She leaves and Kristen throws stuff around the room and in the process, loses the rock in her ring. She finds it and kisses it, assuming it's a sign. She flashes to the proposal and texts Brady, asking to meet where he proposed.

    Kristen waits for Brady at the lake but it's Father Eric who meets her.

    Playboy Priest.

    Monday, November 11 2013

    Brady grabs Kristen at the DiMera mansion and demands to know why she slept with his brother. She says she turned to Eric for support while they were apart and he seduced her. Brady finds that rich. She claims she can prove he preyed on her. She says afterward she felt sick about it but Eric was humming in the bathroom. It made her realize he had taken advantage of other women in the parish so she filmed their second round as proof. Brady finds this ludicrous. Kristen tells him she was going to give the bishop the DVD the day they got back together. She didn't because she didn't want to lose him. This is why she didn't want to go through pre-cana counselling because of this. Brady still doesn't believe her. She touches his face and he pushes her away. He knows she drugged his brother and forced him into bed. She cries and the lies pile up. He leaves.

    Kristen is on her way out of the DiMera mansion with her gun when Marlena arrives.

    Is This A Joke?

    Friday, November 08 2013

    Kristen storms into the DiMera mansion. This isn't happening. She guzzles some alcohol and the door slams when Brady enters. She runs. He grabs her and demands to know why she slept with his brother.

    Sweating Up The Sheets.

    Thursday, November 07 2013

    At the DiMera mansion, Kristen fondles a gun while looking at her wedding gown. She takes a call from Brady who has a surprise for her. She finds this ominous and tucks the gun into her purse. Downstairs, EJ tells Sami his sister crossed a line and he doesn't know what to do about it. He lies about being agitated over taking on her work-load for the next three months while she and Brady are on their honeymoon. Kristen shows up in her gown and Sami calls her beautiful. She goes to dress and EJ admits he lied to Sami. If sex with the priest gets out, it'll be ugly. She assures him Dr. Chyka is making a new potion that'll wipe out Eric's memories and EJ scoffs.

    False Teeth As Wedding Souvenirs.

    Wednesday, November 06 2013

    At the DiMera mansion, a disgusted EJ asks how Kristen could have sex with Father Eric. She feigns innocence but he overheard the whole conversation with Dr. Chyka. After a lot of yelling, she admits it's true. He's horrified. How could she? She explains the story and EJ blows a gasket after hearing there is a video. She's insane. She tells him not to judge. He has done far worse. Kristen's certain it'll never come out. Nicole took the blame. EJ says that's bad luck for Nicole. Kristen's confident Father Eric won't remember anything else but EJ knows Nicole won't let this go. Will he keep quiet? EJ doesn't like that she's going to drug Eric again. He can't lie to Sami. Last time he almost lost her. Kristen refuses to lose the man she loves because of his sudden attack of consciousness. She orders him to keep his big mouth shut just as Sami walks in. They cover and EJ vaguely says he supports a decision his sister made. Kristen goes upstairs and fondles a gun while Sami questions EJ.

    Off The Grid.

    Tuesday, November 05 2013

    In their room, Kristen has a nightmare about Eric confronting her. Brady asks if she's okay. He kisses her - there's nothing to worry about. Brady is confident his family and friends will soon see her the way he does. He tells her to get ready for breakfast and a surprise - her wedding gift.

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