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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Cameron Davis (past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Cameron Davis (past) Played by Schuyler Yancey on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Schuyler Yancey (NBC)

    Birthplace: Atlanta Georgia
    Real Name: Schuyler Yancey


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    You Put Away Your Pitchfork.

    Monday, May 07 2012

    Lexi sits family down at the square to tell them her tumor is growing at a faster rate than expected. She has decided to stop all medical treatment. Cameron and Celeste ask her not to give up. She claims she's not but they all heard what Dr. Yu said. Abe defends Lexi's decision and Celeste comes around. Cameron laments that he just found his sister and isn't ready to lose her yet. Lexi wants to enjoy the rest of her life. Abe jokingly asks if this means she'll refold the laundry after he does. She laughs. Of course she will. Everyone must promise not to tell Theo she's dying just yet. She pulls out a bucket list. She wants to bungee jump, and surprises Cameron by telling him she was once a cop. They agree to spend the next few weeks getting to know each other.

    Model Girl.

    Wednesday, April 25 2012

    Celeste gripes to Cameron at the cafe about not being able to do anything for Lexi. He reassures her by touching her hand and Celeste draws away. She had the strangest psychic feeling. Cameron spots Abigail and Celeste thinks her feeling has to do with perfect timing for him to get to know his half-sister. She groans about having to let Alexandra go. Later, Cam bumps into Abby. He tells her his sister's ill. She offers her help and gives him a hug and goes to Celeste to lend support over Lexi's illness. Celeste does a reading for her. One of the cards says a flirtation with an older man isn't in Abby's future.

    Rafe turns up at the hospital. EJ argues with Daniel about seeing Nicole. Rafe goes to Nicole's bedside to comfort her. Daniel gives Nicole something for the stress. He'll run tests. Outside, EJ begs Stefano to help him get into Nicole's room. "Your granddaughter is in there." Stefano says EJ's wrong. Stefano only has his daughter on his mind. EJ becomes defensive. The men argue and Lexi screams for them to stop. Her head hurts so they calm down and leave. Daniel finds Dr. Yu, who tells him there are no new treatments. The tumor has progressed too far. Lexi has weeks to live. Daniel asks to review her findings. Will shows up to find EJ, who is upset that Will didn't keep close tabs on Nicole. Will had school. EJ asks if he knows how to dig into hospital records. Will grins. In Nicole's room, she falls asleep. Cameron arrives and meets EJ who is shocked yet pleased to meet him. Cam and Abe go off to find Dr. Yu while EJ apologizes for his outburst. Lexi reminds him as the mayor, he must watch himself. Daniel finds Rafe in Nic's room and warns that EJ is still insisting on the DNA test when Nicole's 10 weeks. Meanwhile, Nicole dreams she and EJ are happy together with their baby and then EJ turns into Rafe. She wakes up with a start. In Lexi's office, Abe drills Dr. Yu, asking about her conversation with Stefano regarding the toxins. In the hall, Lexi collapses so EJ and Will open Lexi's office door to find Dr. Yu. They hear Abe saying Lexi was held in an underground tunnel. He'll kill Stefano if this is his fault.

    Cameron returns to the Coffee Bean as Celeste finishes Abby's reading. Celeste is disturbed by something in the cards but doesn't share it with Abby. Once Abby leaves, Celeste tells her son to stay away from Abby. "There's a great aura of danger around her."

    Rent A Clown.

    Monday, April 23 2012

    Lexi introduces a specialist, Dr. Yu, Abe had flown in to Cameron and Celeste at the hospital. Abe drags Celeste for coffee and the siblings discuss getting to know each other. Everyone returns and the specialist says the tumor is inoperable and nothing else can be done. Lexi starts to weep. "I'm gonna die." The doctor gives her a matter of weeks - a few months at the most, causing Celeste to cry out. Abe suggests another opinion but Lexi doesn't want one. They need to make plans. Lexi cries not wanting to leave her little boy. They profess their love for each other and Lexi groans that they've so little time. Abe kisses her and tells her he won't give up on her.

    Cam and Celeste talk about Lexi losing her life so young at the Coffee Bean just as Kate and Ian arrive and sit nearby. Kate overhears and goes to them. She gasps and concerned, rushes to tell Stefano, leaving Ian at the cafe.

    Man-Sized Bowl Of Ice Cream.

    Wednesday, April 18 2012

    Chad and Melanie walk with Abby through the square. They tell her they've invited a guy along to the movies tonight. They think she'll like him. When Cameron turns up, he tells Abby how flattered he is but she didn't have to go through all the trouble of asking Chad to set them up. Abby protests that she is as surprised as he is. He acts like a wise-ass and when she's offended, he apologizes. Chad and Mel get some popcorn while they debate whether or not Cameron and Abby will hook up. The movie begins and everyone scarfs popcorn. Abby and Cam give each other looks and when Abby starts choking on popcorn, Cameron does the Heimlich. Abby's airwaves are cleared and she blasts Cameron, insisting she didn't need help. She runs off and Mel finds her. Abby groans about Cam's help and how embarrassed she is to have coughed up popcorn in front of strangers. Melanie thinks Cameron likes her. Abby goes into denial and admits she's still trying to figure out who she is, after the horrible things she did to Austin. Melanie can see she's hiding from life. Nicole and Rafe turn up. They discuss their lives in movie montages and Nicole hopes his movie montage is over soon. He deserves a happily ever after. Nic leaves Rafe behind.

    Back at the square, Abby and Cam agree to start fresh. Chad and Mel watch the duo happily and then kiss. Rafe is about to leave the movie when it gets too corny and too close to reality when he spots Carrie.

    The Last Supper.

    Monday, April 16 2012

    Abby spills chowder all over Cameron and herself at the pub after bumping into him. He laughs, "We've got to stop meeting like this!" He accepts her apology and offers one of his own. Cameron says his mother is a friend of Caroline's and he's overwhelmed helping out at the pub. Abby dons an apron to help out. Abby is surprised to hear his mother is Celeste and he's Lexi's half-brother. Their hands touch as she takes the mop.

    Daniel watches Billie enter the pub and sit at another table. He remarks, "This is silly." She allows him to join her. After, he says they should do this more often. Nearby, Abigail slips on the wet floor and Cameron catches her. She admits she's a klutz. He teases her about not having plans on a Friday night and thanks her for helping. They gaze at each other. She heads out and he makes a point of 'hoping' to see her outside the pub sometime. Outside, Daniel and Billie awkwardly say goodbye.

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