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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Cameron Davis (past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Cameron Davis (past) Played by Schuyler Yancey on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Schuyler Yancey (NBC)

    Birthplace: Atlanta Georgia
    Real Name: Schuyler Yancey


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    Really Good At Being Bad.

    Thursday, June 21 2012

    John and Marlena show up at Abe's door with tears and hugs. In the garden, Cameron tries to get Celeste to head in to talk to Abe. She's not ready. She's sorry Cameron didn't have much time with Lexi. Cameron assures her he won't leave her. He's staying in Salem. Celeste assumes it's because of Abigail. She still has misgivings about Abigail and warns her son not to let Abby's darkness envelope him. Cam thinks he can protect her. Inside, Abe mutters about the flowers he and Lexi grew in the garden and how brave she was. They're surprised to learn Lexi was exposed to a toxic gas in the tunnels that caused her tumor. "She died because of Stefano," he tells them and Lexi knew. Still, she forgave him. Marlena receives a text about Will's release. John scoffs that the media doesn't check their facts but Marlena admits Will is gay. John's surprised she knew but it doesn't matter. Next time he sees him, he'll tell him he loves him. Abe respects those who learn their truths. So did Lexi. Abe realizes Chad may not know about Lexi so Marlena goes off to call him while John tells Abe it's okay not to stay strong. Abe figures he's still in shock. John cries and Abe talks about how Theo knew, the moment Lexi passed. Celeste and Cameron walk in and hug Abe. Everyone takes off and Theo asks, "Daddy, what do we do now?" They look at photos of Lexi together and flashback to better times.

    Abigail watches Chad sniffling at the square. He tells her about the argument with Melanie and that she left. What does he do? Abby's just as baffled as he is. It's not like Melanie. Chad says he was angry that he didn't let his father into his life sooner and took it out on Mel. He's considering going to Europe to apologize in person. Gabi walks up and tells him it's a bad idea. She and Abby argue and Abby eventually agrees he should give Melanie time. Chad receives a call from Marlena, telling him Lexi's dead. He holds back the tears and hangs up. Abby hugs him while he cries. Later, she finds Cameron and Celeste and gives her condolences to them. Celeste gives her a chilly reception. Cam feels cheated and hopes he can be the kind of uncle Theo needs him to be. Nearby, Gabi offers to lend him support. Chad needs his sister more than ever now, and she's gone.

    Sweating Like A Street Junkie.

    Monday, June 18 2012

    Abigail meets Cam at the pub. She got VIP tickets for them to see Black Eyed Peas in Chicago but he can't go. It's his turn to look after Theo today. Cameron suggests she invite Chad. Abby considers it but ends up giving her tickets to a kid at a nearby table, who is floored with her generosity. She goes back to her table and tells Cameron what she did.

    Brady meets Daniel at the square. He feels on edge but isn't taking any drugs. He wants the drug test as proof for Madison. It's killing him that she mistrusts him. They decide to do a full work-up and head to the hospital. Abby and Cameron get ice cream nearby and Abigail suggests they take Theo berry picking. He laughs and thinks that's code for something. He's never been. Daniel and Brady return and Brady admits he has stopped going to AA meetings because he felt so good. Daniel suggests he talk to Maggie. He'll take him there. Later, Cameron and Abby return after berry picking with Theo and Ciara. They start making out. Cam talks about being a big city boy but he's looking for a job on staff at University Hospital. He doesn't want to leave Theo or her.

    You're The Devil.

    Monday, May 28 2012

    Abby eavesdrops on Cameron's call at the Coffee Bean. She thinks he's making a date with 'Sarah' and becomes jealous so Cameron drags her to meet her.

    Cameron takes Abby to the hospital to meet one of Lexi's patients, Sarah. She's a sweet little old lady, which mortifies Abby. Cameron admits her reaction made him realize she likes him as much as he likes her. They wander to the square where Abby thinks it's sweet that he takes the time to care for Lexi's patients. They share their first kiss before she leaves to study.

    Check And Mate.

    Friday, May 18 2012

    Lexi is thrilled that EJ, Abe, Chad, and Cameron brought Paris to the square. She feels special and thankful. EJ says, "Well done, Abraham," and Abe says Melanie tutored him in French. He croons, "Je t'aime," and in turn gets a kiss and a dance. Abby's glad EJ and Abe aren't at each other's throats and mentions being close with her own brother. She learns that Cameron knows JJ from St. Albain school. EJ takes off while Melanie and Chad have their caricatures drawn. Gabi shows up and Abby and Cam stare at Abe and Lexi wistfully while Abby notices Gabi's jealous gaze on Mel and Chad. Gabi asks to take Chad aside. Lexi goes to her brother. He tells her Paris becomes her. She thanks him for Paris and for getting along with Abe. She asks if he's alright and he reluctantly confesses he's not. She assumes it's about Nicole. He admits he misses her more than he could have imagined. Nearby, Celeste consults her Tarot cards and Chad tells Abby that Gabi's been getting phone calls from her stalker. Abby wants to see Gabi's phone but Gabi gets uptight and refuses. She deleted the calls, which were blocked, anyway. Elsewhere, Lexi tells her brother that she sees him living a wonderful life. As much as he screws up, she sees good things happening.

    Sami interrupts Lexi and EJ's conversation at the square. She loves the Parisian motif. She tells EJ she's off to find Will to make things right. Celeste tells her son about the danger surrounding Abigail. "Your cards say whatever whack thing it is you want them to say." Celeste calls him foolish. Melanie and Abby discuss Gabi's stalker. Melanie lets it slip that she and Chad haven't been getting a lot of alone-time since Gabi moved in. Abe has the accordionist play Lexi's favorite song and they dance.

    I Don't Like Liars.

    Thursday, May 17 2012

    In the park, EJ and Chad wait for Abe and Cameron. Chad berates EJ for not inviting Father to the party. EJ thinks Stefano would have brought his date - 'drama'. Cameron and Abe return. They're ready. Later, Celeste, Melanie, and Abby stand around the square in awe. Abe arrives with a blindfolded Lexi. He removes the blindfold and shows her that Paris has come to them. She's touched and thrilled. There is a small Eiffel Tower, French music, and a mime who gives Lexi a 'flower'.

    Cold, Ruthless, And Unforgiving...

    Monday, May 14 2012

    At Abe and Lexi’s Theo and Cameron return from a hike and Theo says he wants his mommy to come with him and Cameron camping in the summer. Lexi’s noncommittal but hugs her son. When she and Cameron are alone, she asks him to spend time with Theo when she's gone. Cameron already planned on it. Celeste interrupts and suggests Lexi make some DVDs for Theo to watch as he grows up. They set up a recorder and while Theo does his homework, Lexi creates the first DVD. She apologizes for not being able to be with him. She calls him her angel and tells him when he needs her, he should go somewhere private and listen for her to whisper how much she loves him. She breaks down in tears. Later, Theo runs to Lexi with a Mother's Day card. She uses it for a DVD cover.

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