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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Cameron Davis (past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Cameron Davis (past) Played by Schuyler Yancey on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Schuyler Yancey (NBC)

    Birthplace: Atlanta Georgia
    Real Name: Schuyler Yancey


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    Friday, July 27 2012

    Bo and Hope arrive at the fundraiser and greet Abe, Maggie, and Victor. Kayla appears and they discuss Melanie. Victor hopes Daniel doesn't show up with that floozy. Maggie says if Nicole can help Daniel through this difficult time then God love her. Outside the doors, Daniel decides he can't go in. They feel a tremor. Nicole hugs him. He tries to leave on the elevator alone, but Nicole says he needs her. He doesn't want her company. Inside, everyone wonders if they felt an earthquake. Bo and Hope ask Lucas for a word - about Sami. They discuss EJ skipping town. Lucas has no idea where Sami is. Kayla has Theo say goodbye and they leave for the pub. Abby and Jack share a moment. "I'll always be your little girl." Madison arrives and Ian overhears her asking about Brady. Ian snarks that maybe he won't attend his own wedding. John tells him to get lost. Marlena says no one has seen Brady. Madison tears up and walks off. Ian follows. Doug and Julie walk Abe out. Daniel makes his apologies about not staying for the wedding. He tries calling Chad again. Nicole gets pains. Abby and Cameron are leaving, but Cameron goes back for her shawl. In the corridor, Madison accuses Ian of sabotaging her wedding.

    At the fundraiser, the explosion rocks the ballroom and chandeliers burst and fall. People are hurt everywhere. Abigail's in the elevator and the cable is breaking!

    The Third Degree.

    Wednesday, July 25 2012

    Cameron and Abby discuss the fundraiser in Lexi's memory at the pub. Abby is distracted by thoughts of Melanie. Cameron takes her hand. As Cameron is telling her it's not safe to search for Mel, Jennifer and Jack appear and agree. Cameron goes out back with Jenn. Abby tells Jack she's a mess over Melanie. He reassures her. Jack asks about Cameron. She tells him not to do that overprotective thing and embarrass her. Jack just wants to be sure he's worthy. Outside, Jenn tells Cameron that Lexi would be very proud of him continuing her work and looking out for Abe and Theo. Cameron says he's also staying in town for Abby. They go back in. Jack and Cameron go get coffee. Abby tells Jen she just asked Jack not to give Cameron the third degree. Jenn says it'll be fine. Abigail says Cameron is really dedicated to everything he cares about. At the bar, Cameron tells Jack he has feelings for Abigail. Cameron tells Jack that Abigail loves him and is happy he's back in their lives. Cameron assures Jack there's nothing he wouldn't do for her. Cameron and Abby leave. Jack tells Jenn that Cameron may be in love with their daughter. He has the same look he had when he fell for her. They kiss. Outside, Abby and Carmine agree that life is good. They kiss.

    How Could You Betray Me?

    Friday, July 20 2012

    Gabi follows Chad through the square and harasses him for not taking care of himself. Cameron and Abigail agree that he needs to take a break. Chad vows to destroy whoever is responsible, making Gabi flashback and grimace. Sonny arrives and says the police are convinced Andrew's Gabi's stalker. Abigail questions why Andrew would kidnap Melanie instead of Gabi, who he was obsessed with? There's something that doesn't make sense. Gabi starts to crack as everyone discusses theories and feels as though they're blaming her. She runs off in a snit and Chad follows. Sonny starts to smell gas and runs to the cafe to see if there's a leak. Abigail cries, worried about Melanie.

    Back at the square, Gabi almost tells Chad the truth when Bo and Hope turn up with a photo of Andrew. Abigail rushes over. Gabi feigns not recognizing him but Chad remembers him as Andrew, a photographer's assistant. Abigail watches Gabi's reaction. Hope runs to tell Daniel and Gabi assumes there's no way of tracking Andrew down. Bo says they're not planning on stopping until Melanie's home and everyone involved is brought to justice. Abigail's eyes narrow at Gabi.

    It Stinks.

    Thursday, July 12 2012

    Gabi runs after Chad through the square, grasping at straws, trying to get Chad not to start a search for Melanie. Can he trust Daniel, she wonders. He arrives after hanging up with Carly, who is frantic with worry. Abby and Cameron turn up. Abby hasn't heard from Melanie. She's filled in on what is going on. Everyone starts making calls, searching for Melanie. Abigail worries something has happened.

    Cameron and Abigail head to the pub. Abby calls Maggie who is out of town with Victor and worried because Mel didn't ask for time off. Abby calls Philip who hasn't seen Melanie. Abby and Cam discuss him growing up without Celeste. He confesses he prayed she'd come home to him. Abby calls Dario, who hasn't heard from Melanie in months. Cam asks Abby not to tell anyone that he prayed. "A real man doesn't need to rely on a higher power." Abby finds it sexy. She shows him how much with a passionate kiss and he agrees to contact a psychiatrist Melanie visited to discuss her parents.

    Are You Out Of Your Mind?

    Thursday, July 05 2012

    Abby and Cam wander into the square with Ciara and Theo. They kiss. Cam tells the kids they have to go home but Theo doesn't want to - his mommy won't be there. Cam reminds him that his mommy needs him to help his daddy and promises to help him.

    Goodnight… Sweetheart.

    Friday, June 29 2012

    Cameron, Chad, Abby, Gabi, Abe, Marlena and John head to a table together. Cam asks how Abe and Lexi met. They laugh about Lexi being a cop before Abe reveals that Lexi and her partner, his brother, went out of the system earning the nickname, The Pacifier. Marlena flashes to when Lexi confessed to being The Pacifier and to her rogue police ways. Abe mentions how she moved on to med school, graduating at the head of her class. Kayla, Jenn, Jack, Bo and Hope wander over. Abe flashes to a moment with Lexi when they were chatting about starting a family. The group shares details of what a great doctor she was before Jenn admits all of their lives will be completely different without her. Abe stands and shares that finding out they were having a baby was one of the happiest days of his life. He flashes to Lexi giving him the good news.

    The group continues to mingle. Abe talks about dealing with Theo's autism. Lexi wouldn't let him be in denial. He flashes to a memory of Theo completing a train puzzle. He tells everyone about a foundation he's created in Lexi's name to support families dealing with autism. He hopes he has what it takes to raise Theo on his own. The group offers their support. Later Abby asks Chad if Mel knows about Lexi. He left her a message. Abby looks upset when Gabi comforts Chad. Bo and Hope wander over to Abe who is just finishing a call with Brandon. Bo tells him they forgave Lexi for trying to keep Zack for herself. Meanwhile Celeste sits down with EJ to share that Lexi wanted them to get along. EJ asks her, since she has a sixth sense, if they will catch Stefano’s killer. She says it will come out - is that what he wants? She believes EJ when he says he didn't kill him.

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