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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Cameron Davis (past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Cameron Davis (past) Played by Schuyler Yancey on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Schuyler Yancey (NBC)

    Birthplace: Atlanta Georgia
    Real Name: Schuyler Yancey


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    I'll Pull Your Hair.

    Wednesday, October 31 2012

    At the hospital, workers in the lost and found discuss the missing part of the twosie baby clothing while Nicole barely misses seeing that clothing at the hub. Brady finds her and hugs her. He's sorry for her loss. She tells him she is leaving town and that she dropped all charges against Jenn. "Who got to you?" he asks and accuses her of dropping charges to get her hooks into Daniel. Cameron interrupts to discharge her.

    He Didn't Make It.

    Thursday, October 11 2012

    At the hospital, Cameron and Maxine are with Nicole while she gives birth to her son. Everyone gets quiet and Nicole asks what's going on. The baby was unresponsive, Cameron says. He assumes the child suffered trauma during the fall. Nicole says nothing and then asks how he is. "He didn't make it," Cameron says. Maxine hands the baby over and Nicole smiles at him and greets him and then starts to sob. Maxine cries along with her. Later, Daniel arrives and Maxine tells him the baby didn't make it. Daniel gives himself a moment before heading in and comforting Nicole. He hugs her and she beats on his back and sobs. She tells Daniel Jennifer pushed her. In the waiting room, Brady fills Maggie and Victor in and Billie calls. Brady shares the news about the baby.

    Lord Help That Man.

    Thursday, October 04 2012

    Abigail strikes up a conversation with a surgical intern at the pub. When Cameron walks in, the girl says, "There's my date!" Abigail's jaw drops. They're introduced and Gabi walks in as they leave. Abby breaks down in tears.

    Grinding Her To Fine Powder.

    Tuesday, September 11 2012

    Abigail lets Cameron in to the Horton home to discuss their last intimate encounter. Talking is overrated so she kisses him and brings him to her room. He points out that this is the third time he has been there in 24 hours. He isn't sure she knows what she wants. He thinks she needs time and breaks it off with her.

    Cage Match.

    Monday, September 10 2012

    Cameron shows up at Alice's to an apology from Abigail. He doesn't have an issue taking things slow. They start making out and Cameron asks if this is what she wants. It is. The clothes start coming off but Cameron puts on the brakes. He can tell she's not ready. She's embarrassed so he goes and she starts to tear up.

    Cameron meets Chad at Coffee Bean where they discuss Nick getting out of prison and Abigail not being in a good place. Cam listens to Abby's message and tells Chad how confused he is.

    Taking Rafe To The Dark Side.

    Wednesday, September 05 2012

    Cameron puts Sami's arm in a wrist guard at the hospital. Sami thanks Rafe for helping her. He's glad he was there. They share a moment before Nicole barges in. Cameron goes off and takes a call from Abigail, who invites him over. In the ER, Nicole and Sami exchange subtle barbs and Nicole leaves. Sami points out how supportive Rafe was during her pregnancy with Sydney, yet he's not like that with Nicole. Rafe covers and Sami point blank asks if the child is his. "Would I lie to you?" Sami smirks. She never thought so but he's not one to answer a question with a question. That's Sami's MO. Rafe gets defensive. Nicole eavesdrops. Sami leaves and Nicole shows herself. She's upset that he was about to blow it all. Nicole worries Sami will learn their secret. She also can see things aren't over between Rafe and Sami. Nicole asks him not to let Sami stomp all over his heart again. Rafe promises he'll never fall for Sami again.

    Cameron shows up at Alice's. Abby apologizes for cancelling their date and she explains the situation with Nick and Melanie and Steve and Kayla's divorcing. Cameron wishes he could help. They start making out. Cameron's shirt comes off and Abby jumps up and asks him to leave.

    Never Gonna Work.

    Thursday, August 30 2012

    At the hospital, Cameron confers with Daniel. He asks if Cameron's heard from Abigail. Cameron says she texted - they're back from California.

    Will enters Jennifer's house and tells her he's so sorry. They embrace as Abigail looks on. Jenn leaves and Abigail tells Will she's being strong for her mom. She asks about him, and they discuss him coming out. Will tells her he didn't get a chance to understand what being gay meant before he had to explain it to everyone else. She asks if he's met someone. Will blushingly admits there's somebody he cares about. He confides that he's barely told the guy he's gay and has sent mixed signals. Abigail urges him to come clean. He leaves and Cameron arrives. Abigail agrees to go out and have some fun with him.

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