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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Mimi Lockhart-Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Mimi Lockhart-Brady Played by Farah Lee Allen Fath on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Farah Lee Allen Fath (NBC)

    Birthday: 1984-05-01
    Birthplace: Lexington, Kentucky
    Real Name: Farah Lee Allen Fath
    Height: 5 ' 4"


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    I now Pronounce You Slimeball and Wife.

    Tuesday, September 22 2009

    Maggie bumps into Lucas in the park. He’s still upset she kept Chloe and Daniel’s affair from him and wants her to back off. Philip comes upon them and asks if everything’s okay. Maggie doesn’t think so and leaves. Philip can’t find their mother and Lucas tells him, "She’s getting married like I now pronounce you slimeball and wife." She’s marrying Stefano, says Lucas, shocking Philip.

    Say your goodbyes...

    Thursday, March 01 2007

    Max arrives at the Lockhart house. Mimi explains that Bonnie is out on bail. Nick comes to the door and tells Mimi and Max that the tests are back. The blood on her father's ring belongs to Mimi! Nick did the test twice, he says and as Mimi cries, he leaves. Max tries to comfort Mimi, who doesn't understand how her blood could be on the ring. Bonnie comes home and instead of a greeting, Mimi asks her who gave her the bail money. Bonnie claims that Victor Kiriakis gave it to her. Mimi accuses her mom of lying, and tells her about her blood being on the ring. Bonnie flings off her coat and tells her daughter that she should have left things alone. Mimi raises her voice. "For once in your life, jus tell me the truth." She pleads." "Okay, I'll tell you, but you're not going to like it. In fact, you'll wish you never knew!" Bonnie promises as she downs a shot of booze! She starts to tell the story.. David came home with lipstick all over his shirt and she went off on him. She says she was tired of him spending every dime they had on some floozy and they fought. She says she must have pushed him too far, because he hit her. He had never hit her in the past. Mimi came into the house and her father hit her in the face. That's how the blood ended up on the ring. She says, after David hit her he tried to strangle Bonnie and Mimi grabbed a baseball bat and hit her father on the head with it. "You hit him, he fell, there was blood he was dead." Bonnie finishes. During the entire flashback storytelling, Mimi sobs uncontrollably and says, "I couldn't have killed my own father! NO!" Bonnie explains that after it happened she gave Mimi something to help her sleep. Bonnie encourages Mimi to leave Salem for good and promises she'll take the rap for her.

    Mimi wails and blubbers, "How? How can I do that?" She paces and cries that she can't desert her mom, but Bonnie begs her. She asks her to go to Arizona and be with Connor so that he doesn't end up like she and Patrick. Bonnie tells Mimi, "You saved my life that night and it's my turn to save yours." She knows she has been a bad mother but wants more for her daughter and Connor. "But you have to go, now tonight." She demands. Mimi flashes back to the night in question. She finally remembers! Bonnie pleads with Max to force Mimi to leave and he tells Mimi that her mom is right. "You have to leave." He lets her know that he'll support her, whether she leaves or not. Mimi worries about what will happen to her mom, but Bonnie's inner strength shows and she tells her daughter she'll turn on the sprinklers in court and the judge will go lenient on her. Mimi and Bonnie tell one another they love each other and hug before Bonnie rushes Mimi out. Mimi leaves Salem. [This is the last episode you'll see Mimi and Bonnie in.]

    Bon Bon confesses!

    Thursday, February 22 2007

    Bonnie sits in Roman's office at Salem PD while Mimi and Max wait outside, distressed. Roman comes out of his office and tells a stunned Mimi that Bonnie just confessed to the murder of her father! Roman explains the whole story. "Bonnie says that David came home drunk one night, smelling of perfume and the two had a fight. She said he smacked her and she took a poker and" he says. Mimi stops him there. She doesn't believe it. Roman goes on to tell her that Bonnie then dressed up the body in a civil war uniform and dragged it into the basement of that church. Max asks if Bonnie had help but Roman tells him that she claims she did it alone and that Patrick and Connor were out of town. Roman tells her that they're not booking Connor for helping Bonnie steal the bones from the morgue but they are booking Bonnie for murder! He adds that he has no choice but to book her because she hid a lot of things from the police. He promises to be fair with her and to take good care of her. Mimi and Max try to find a way out of it and wonder if there is DNA from someone else that she's covering for on the ring. Max calls someone to get the ring back for more tests while Mimi enters Roman's office to demand Bonnie for the truth.

    Back at Salem PD, Bonnie sobs as Mimi tells her mom that she doesn't see her as a murderer and lets her know that Max is getting DNA from the ring. Bonnie says that it won't get her anywhere and prefers that she wouldn't bother trying. She confesses, "It was me, all me and I'm going to prison where I belong." Mimi knows Bonnie is hiding something and asks straight out if she's covering for someone else. Bonnie cries and says, "You're crazy. It's me! All me!" Roman comes back to book Bonnie and Bonnie sobs in Mimi's hair as she gets a hug from her daughter. Mimi tells her mom she loves her and waits in the office as Bonnie is taken away. Max comes into the office upset that Roman is taking Bonnie away but Mimi tells him that she is certain that her mom is covering for someone else. Mimi thanks him for being in her life and gives him a hug. When she asks if they can get out of this mess for a while and go back to his place, he looks for excuses. He declines and says he has to work. Mimi leaves and Max calls Abby to leave a message for her that he'll be working at the garage if she wants to drop by.

    Down on bended knee!

    Tuesday, February 13 2007

    At the lab, Nick tells Mimi and Max that he completed the DNA testing and the sample of blood from the ring they found on the skeleton is from her father, David Lockhart! Mimi is clearly upset with the news. They go into the hallway and Mimi tells Max that she thinks that her family killed her father. "Why else would they steal his bones from the morgue and bury them?" she asks. Max isn't sure but encourages her to find out the truth.

    Mimi and Max show up at Abe's house to tell him that the DNA belongs to Mimi's father, David Lockhart. Abe is surprised and apologizes to her, and then lets them know that they'll have to talk to Roman about this now. He also tells them that they can't ignore the fact that her brothers and mother could be involved in a homicide. They leave and Celeste arrives with Theo, who is still on a high from his ice cream! The little guy runs off to remove his outdoor clothes while Abe asks Celeste if she has spoken to Theo about staying with them. She is happy to announce that she has, and Theo is very happy with it. He offers her the master bedroom to stay in, admitting to her that he can't sleep in there anymore because it's too painful.

    At the hospital, Dr. Rebert tells Nick that he's running an ad in the paper for the lab assistant job. A flustered Nick quickly calls Abby and tells her he's in trouble and needs her help!

    Nick meets with Abby at Java Caf and explains that he lied to Chelsea about there being any openings at the lab for her and now Dr. Rebert has put an ad in the paper for the position of lab assistant. He's worried that Chelsea will find out that he lied to her about there being any available openings and if she goes to apply for it, he's through! She'll find out everything once she sees Dr. Rebert. Abby fails when she tries to get Nick to finally come clean. She warns him that Chelsea is going to find out on her own and it will be worse! They leave the caf and Nick thanks Abby for listening to her. She adds that she only wishes that he'd listen to her! They agree to go together to the hospital.

    Unlikely ally!

    Monday, January 29 2007

    Mimi and Max arrive at Roman's office [at Salem PD] with the skeleton. She explains to Roman that the skeleton was found in her backyard and that Bonnie and Connor stole it. She says she doesn't know why they stole it but asks Roman if they can get a DNA test on the bones. She offers Nick Fallon's services because she knows that the lab is busy with other cases. Roman reluctantly agrees to get a DNA test on the bones and gives it one week until he brings in Bonnie and Connor. Roman is called away from another police officer, who explains that the truck that Shawn drove over the Canadian border was stolen and Max and Mimi leave.

    Max and Mimi dine out at Chez Rouge, but Mimi has no appetite. She apologizes for wasting a perfectly good meal, but he understands how she is feeling and tells her that she did the right thing by bringing in the skeleton. Mimi tells him that she worries that before too long she'll be the only one in her family who won't be locked up. She confesses that Connor told her that the skeleton is her father's and goes on to tell him that her dad went out west about 5 or 6 years ago, to look for work. Max asks her about the connection to Bonnie, and she says that she thinks her mom and brothers had something to do with his death. Max kisses her hand and swears to be with her through all of this. She's thankful but feels bad because she already lied to Roman for her family, and last night she had thoughts of hiding the bones in the backyard, instead of bringing them to Roman. Max reminds her that she did the right thing anyway, and she thanks him for hanging in there with her.

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