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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Mimi Lockhart-Brady

    Full detailed profile on Mimi Lockhart-Brady Played by Farah Lee Allen Fath on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Farah Lee Allen Fath (NBC)
    Mimi Lockhart-Brady

    Actor: Farah Lee Allen Fath

    Who played Mimi Lockhart-Brady over the years

    Doren Fein (1999 - recurring)
    Farah Fath (1999 - 2007)

    Useful information on Mimi Lockhart-Brady

    * Full name: Miriam Elizabeth Lockhart.
    * Convicted of the attempted murder of Jan Spears.
    * Found to have accidentally killed her father.
    * Dated Rex DiMera.
    * Married Shawn Brady.
    * Dated Max Brady for a time.
    * Moved away with her brother, Conner, when she found out she accidentally killed their dad.


    Current: University student
    Past: Sales Clerk at Java Cafe


    Mimi has known Belle Black since they were in kindergarten and they became the best of friends. When they got older, however, boys got in the way, one boy in particular, Shawn Brady. Both young ladies became smitten with Shawn. After begging Shawn to take her to the Last Blast dance, he turned around and took both her and Belle. This sent Mimi off into odd and anti-social behavior. Concerned friends began following her and soon realized that she and her family were homeless and living in a tent. Banding together, her friends built a Habitat for Humanity home for the Lockharts.

    Things still weren't all well for Mimi. She was becoming increasingly jealous of Belle's new friendship with Chloe. Joining up with Jan Spears, the pair set out to sabotage this friendship, hanging a dead rat in Chloe's locker and finally snapping nude pictures of her to post on the internet to humiliate her and make some easy cash. Once they snapped the shots, Mimi started having second thoughts, but Jan wouldn't back down. At the big dance, the plan went ahead and Chloe's nude body was projected for all the world to see. Mimi was quickly caught and crumbled into confession. Severely reprimanded by the court, the troublesome pair of teens were banned from extra-curricular activities and sentenced to clean toilets for the remainder of their senior term. In addition, they were ordered to go with an environmental study group to Puerto Rico.

    Mimi learned to enjoy her punishments and learned to love a boy named Kevin Lambert when on the island. Returning, she buried the hatchet with Belle and went on to university.

    This next stage of life would separate many of the nexus off friends that had formed in Salem. When Kevin went to a university out of state, he left Mimi behind to go through a series of brief and failed flirtations. Things got heavier for her when she met Rex and entered into a relationship she really wasn't prepared for. He suffered from mind warping headaches which would sometimes lead to drastic personality changes. She even began to imagine that he might be the Salem Stalker. All of her misgivings gave way eventually and she committed herself fully to Rex...then she found herself pregnant. With great difficulty, she decided that the most responsible course of action was abortion. She didn't inform Rex of this, however, and, after an infection, was rendered sterile. This choice would come back to haunt her, but she had other problems to deal with first.

    She was shocked to discover that the ever more unbalanced Jan had taken Shawn hostage at her country home. Jan threatened to reveal her secret abortion to the world if she refused to keep this quiet. Although she was conflicted, she went along, occasionally acting as a go-between for Shawn and Belle in the process. When Jan was injured during a fight with Mimi, she ended up in the hospital and Mimi took the fall for the whole fiasco. Luckily, Rex and Patrick managed to clear Mimi's name and get her released from custody after finding a video tape that shifted blame away from her.

    Unfortunately, with all of this, Mimi's secrets came out and Rex left her after she admitted to having an abortion to Belle while he was eavesdropping. He left town and Mimi put the blame on Belle, although they tried to get along after Belle gave birth to Claire. By that time, Mimi was roommates with Shawn and the two danced around starting a relationship for a long time before finally giving in. On New Year's Eve, he proposed to her.

    The marriage was short lived. Shawn realized that he belonged with Belle and their daughter Claire. Mimi drifted around, depressed, until she hooked up with Max. As they began digging through her past trying to uncover details about her father, they started to look at Victor Kiriakis, raising his ire and leading them to become more paranoid when they seemed to be followed. They were trapped in a church basement where the discovered a skeleton in a civil war uniform. Mimi had it analyzed and it turned out to be her father. To make things more bizarre, the ring it wore had her DNA on it. After confronting her mother, she revealed that Mimi had killed her father when she was a child and repressed the memory. Mimi left town in shock.


    Shawn Douglas Brady


    Kevin Lambert (dated)
    Rex Brady (broken engagement)
    Shawn Douglas Brady (lovers)
    Max Brady (dated)


    David Lockhart (father)
    Bonnie Lockhart (mother)
    Patrick Brian Lockhart (brother)
    Connor Lockhart (brother)


    Possibly one, with Philip Kiriakis, due to the black gloved crime killer (EJ Wells) switching the eggs with Shawn Brady's and Philip Kiriakis.


    There are no additional images yet


    Tuesday, September 22 2009: I now Pronounce You Slimeball and Wife.

    Maggie bumps into Lucas in the park. He’s still upset she kept Chloe and Daniel’s affair from him and wants her to back off. Philip comes upon them and asks if everything’s okay. Maggie doesn’t think so and leaves. Philip can’t find their mother and Lucas tells him, "She’s getting married like I now pronounce you slimeball and wife." She’s marrying Stefano, says Lucas, shocking Philip.

    Thursday, March 01 2007: Say your goodbyes...

    Max arrives at the Lockhart house. Mimi explains that Bonnie is out on bail. Nick comes to the door and tells Mimi and Max that the tests are back. The blood on her father's ring belongs to Mimi! Nick did the test twice, he says and as Mimi cries, he leaves. Max tries to comfort Mimi, who doesn't understand how her blood could be on the ring. Bonnie comes home and instead of a greeting, Mimi asks her who gave her the bail money. Bonnie claims that Victor Kiriakis gave it to her. Mimi accuses her mom of lying, and tells her about her blood being on the ring. Bonnie flings off her coat and tells her daughter that she should have left things alone. Mimi raises her voice. "For once in your life, jus tell me the truth." She pleads." "Okay, I'll tell you, but you're not going to like it. In fact, you'll wish you never knew!" Bonnie promises as she downs a shot of booze! She starts to tell the story.. David came home with lipstick all over his shirt and she went off on him. She says she was tired of him spending every dime they had on some floozy and they fought. She says she must have pushed him too far, because he hit her. He had never hit her in the past. Mimi came into the house and her father hit her in the face. That's how the blood ended up on the ring. She says, after David hit her he tried to strangle Bonnie and Mimi grabbed a baseball bat and hit her father on the head with it. "You hit him, he fell, there was blood he was dead." Bonnie finishes. During the entire flashback storytelling, Mimi sobs uncontrollably and says, "I couldn't have killed my own father! NO!" Bonnie explains that after it happened she gave Mimi something to help her sleep. Bonnie encourages Mimi to leave Salem for good and promises she'll take the rap for her.

    Mimi wails and blubbers, "How? How can I do that?" She paces and cries that she can't desert her mom, but Bonnie begs her. She asks her to go to Arizona and be with Connor so that he doesn't end up like she and Patrick. Bonnie tells Mimi, "You saved my life that night and it's my turn to save yours." She knows she has been a bad mother but wants more for her daughter and Connor. "But you have to go, now tonight." She demands. Mimi flashes back to the night in question. She finally remembers! Bonnie pleads with Max to force Mimi to leave and he tells Mimi that her mom is right. "You have to leave." He lets her know that he'll support her, whether she leaves or not. Mimi worries about what will happen to her mom, but Bonnie's inner strength shows and she tells her daughter she'll turn on the sprinklers in court and the judge will go lenient on her. Mimi and Bonnie tell one another they love each other and hug before Bonnie rushes Mimi out. Mimi leaves Salem. [This is the last episode you'll see Mimi and Bonnie in.]

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