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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Hope Williams Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Hope Williams Brady Played by Kristian Alfonso on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristian Alfonso (NBC)

    Birthday: September 5 1964
    Birthplace: Brockton, Massachusetts
    Marital Status: Married; Danny Daggenhurst (October 6th, 2001)
    Real Name: Kristian Alfonso


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    Days Recap: You'd Kill Her For It.

    Wednesday, May 27 2015

    At SPD, Hope demands Rafe tell her what he's investigating. Rafe finally comes clean and tells her about Stefano ordering the story on Weston. He shows her what he stole from Will's computer. Hope sighs. He could have asked. Rafe says everyone was afraid of Clyde except for one guy.

    Aiden interrupts Rafe and Hope at SPD. They lie about what they're working on and Rafe goes. Hope and Aiden make out like bandits.

    Days Recap: Don't Get Your Knickers In A Knot.

    Tuesday, May 26 2015

    From the square, Hope overhears a call Kate's having with Will about Will's trip to Poplar Bluff. After they hang up, Hope approaches and questions why Will was in the Ozarks. Kate tells her about Will's article and suggests they all have dinner sometime soon. She goes and Hope mutters that she'd rather hold her breath and pass out.

    At SPD, a cop tells Hope Rafe stopped by to talk to a detective. Hope finds that intriguing and pulls him into her office and demands to know why he's there. He lies and she's hurt. She thought they were friends.

    Days Recap: Suck It Up.

    Wednesday, May 13 2015

    At TBD, Rafe sends Ciara off to get him a treat and asks how Hope blew things with Aiden. She says it has to do with Clyde. Rafe encourages her to focus on Aiden and forget Clyde. "Don't start a one woman war you can't win." Ciara returns and agrees with Rafe that she needs to 'suck it up'.

    In Aiden's office, he apologizes to Clyde for taking personal time off. Clyde asks if it's about his son and Aiden frowns. How did he know he has a son? Clyde points to the photo of Aiden and Chase and Aiden learns Ben's mother passed away at the same time Chase's did. Ben shows up. He wants to change his name back to Weston but he had a few aliases along the way. Clyde grins with pride. They leave and Chase texts a photo of the four of them. Aiden considers calling Hope. She pops in with an apology. He blames himself. She's off to Chicago to wrap up a case and thinks if this is going to keep up they're better off as friends. Frowning, he agrees but promptly does a 180 and grabs her, pulling her into a kiss. She takes off and Aiden sighs with relief.

    Days Recap: Shorts And Sunblock.

    Thursday, May 07 2015

    In the square, there's a tense moment between Aiden and Hope when he hears her get a call from Poplar Bluff. The kids run off and play and Aiden lets it go. They smooch. The kids return with Julie.

    Inside TBD, Doug sings "The Big Rock Candy Mountain" to Chase. Hope, Aiden and Ciara arrive with Julie and everyone claps. Julie tells them their most recent cruise was the best of times. "Yeah I hear you're really into cruises," Aiden deadpans. Julie and Doug get romantic and rub noses. Julie and Hope go off and Julie calls her relationship with Aiden so 'Namaste'. Hope says except for their jobs. Julie tells her to 'search for her inner harmony' when things get rough. Back at the table, Doug shakes Aiden's hand, thrilled to see his daughter so happy. Everyone files out and overcome with bliss, Julie kisses Doug.

    As the children play at the square, Hope and Aiden get into it over Clyde being Aiden's client. He takes Chase and goes and Ciara asks what happened. Hope says she put her foot in her mouth.

    Days Recap: I'll Be The Judge Of That.

    Tuesday, May 05 2015

    At the pub, Rafe admits to Hope that Gabi has concerns about Will and Sonny breaking up and how it'll affect Arianna. Hope proposes she speak with a lawyer. They remember how great EJ was with her and Hope recommends Aiden. She opens up about their conflicting interests concerning Clyde Weston. Rafe thinks his 'good old boy' act is just that. He thinks she should be cautious.

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