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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Hope Williams Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Hope Williams Brady Played by Kristian Alfonso on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristian Alfonso (NBC)

    Birthday: September 5 1964
    Birthplace: Brockton, Massachusetts
    Marital Status: Married; Danny Daggenhurst (October 6th, 2001)
    Real Name: Kristian Alfonso


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    Days Recap: A Crashing Bore.

    Friday, April 18 2014

    At the Brady's pub, Hope is ready to admit defeat about the Gala but Aiden thinks they can pull it off. He suggests they con Howell out of the ballroom. She gets a call and learns Giselle Von Hopper, who usually donates the biggest item to the Gala, has pulled out. She raises more money than anyone. Without her they may as well not have the Gala. They decide to track Giselle down and talk to her.

    Days Recap: Domino Convention.

    Wednesday, April 16 2014

    At the pub, Hope tells Aiden it meant a lot that he had Chase send her a thank-you note. Father Louis arrives, assuming they're brainstorming about the St. Luke's Summer Gala. "We were thinking about having it in the summer," Hope says. "It'd be like a Gala," adds Aiden. Father Louis likes their big picture thinking and hands over some documents. There's a hitch. Helen, the president of the PTA left things hanging. He runs away to see Caroline before they can question him. They read the documents and realize the Father was right. The Salem Ballroom was never booked. They always have it there so Aiden gives them a call. They get to work and Mr. Howell arrives. He's crusty. They ask him to switch the date of his event to another day since their Gala's been held at the Ballroom for twenty years. They try not to laugh when he tells them his event is a domino convention. They suggest the Horton Square or the new gymnasium at St. Luke's. Hope tries to play on his sympathies while Aiden tries to bribe him. Howell doesn't like it and refuses to be bought. He's also not giving up the venue. Father Louis returns and they don't tell him about the ballroom mishap.

    Days Recap: That Criminal.

    Wednesday, April 16 2014

    Liam comforts Jenn when she types out the press release for Daniel at the hospital. He offers to help her and it looks like she might agree when Hope arrives. Jenn asks Liam to leave them alone. He does but punches the wall once outside. Meanwhile, Jenn fills Hope in about Daniel's case and says to wait for the internal investigation to be done before calling Kim and Shane. Later, Hope goes and Liam finds Jenn. She tells him she's fine now and makes sure he knows she has faith in Dan.

    Hope runs into the pub and sees Aiden with Marlena. They cover and Marlena goes.

    Days Recap: A Tragedy Waiting To Happen.

    Thursday, April 10 2014

    In the Brady Pub, Ciara tells Hope she's eating a big breakfast in preparation for judo class - she plans to kick someone where it counts.

    In the square, Aiden sends Chase into judo class and takes a call. Chase comes back out and tries to phone Aiden, since he was dropped off at the wrong place. A man appears and wrestles him for the phone. Hope arrives with her gun drawn and takes the man down. Aiden returns as Hope calls it in. After, Aiden tries to dissuade Chase, who insists on going to judo class. Aiden thanks Hope. He rambles on about protecting his son. "He's my life." He apologizes for being rude to her before and for judging her. Hope accepts his apology. He proposes they work together on the committee. Ciara comes up and says she heard Hope's a hero. Aiden watches them and smiles.

    Days Recap: Lip Gloss.

    Tuesday, April 08 2014

    At the Brady's pub, Caroline complains to Hope that Bo wasn't at the wedding. Hope offers to help around the pub since Bo's not around. Caroline admits Father Louis called to ask for her help in getting Hope to work with Aiden Jennings. Hope scoffs and calls the priest incorrigible. She's not working with Aiden. Caroline piles on the guilt and when it does nothing, she wonders why Hope has such a strong reaction to the man when everyone else finds him charming.

    Back at the pub, Rafe searches Ben's name online but comes up with nothing. He types in Jordan's name but can't bring himself to commit to a search. Hope leaves and Jordan arrives. The two go for a walk and Jordan questions how distant he's being.

    Days Recap: Lurking And Gloomy Pronouncements.

    Monday, April 07 2014

    At Club TBD, Hope tells Father Louis she will be on the school committee. She is about to tell him there is someone she cannot work with when Aiden enters. Father says, "There is your partner now." Hope protests, and Aiden says maybe one person should do it. Father says it's too much work for that. He leaves. Hope tells Aiden it won't be good for the kids if one of them kills the other. Aiden assures her he'll get them out of this. She agrees since he's the one who got them into it by cooking the books. Aiden grins. "You're absolutely right." He says he'll come clean about the check and will convince Father he doesn't need her on the committee. Later, Brady joins Hope and questions if Theresa's problems in L.A. had to do with drugs. Hope isn't comfortable discussing her legal issues and suggests he ask her himself.

    Hope catches up with Marlena in the square. They discuss Eric and Nicole. Marlena thinks Nicole is hiding something.

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