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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Hope Williams Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Hope Williams Brady Played by Kristian Alfonso on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristian Alfonso (NBC)

    Birthday: September 5 1964
    Birthplace: Brockton, Massachusetts
    Marital Status: Married; Danny Daggenhurst (October 6th, 2001)
    Real Name: Kristian Alfonso


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    Days Recap: That Creature.

    Wednesday, February 25 2015

    In the square, Aiden and Hope discuss the kids coming home. Aiden remarks that for the first time, this place really does feel like home. They kiss. Aiden says it means a lot for her to keep the secret about Chase.

    At Club TBD, Paul's mother, Tori, drops her china when he introduces her to Marlena. Marlena thinks Paul's mother must be proud of her son. Tori snaps that she would like to talk to her son alone before discussing him with anyone else. Paul tells Marlena he's sorry for causing the mess with Sonny and Will and follows his mother out. After, Hope meets Marlena, who asks about her time with Aiden. Hope mentions Ciara being away; it reminds her of when she was kidnapped and wonders what happens if it brings it back for her too. Marlena can't guarantee she won't remember, but advises Hope not to push it. Later, Hope tells Aiden about Ciara's kidnapping and why she talked to Marlena about it. Aiden thinks Hope's having those old feelings because of what he told her about Chase. She admits it, and prays Ciara never remembers. Aiden hopes the same for Chase. They'll protect the kids together. Across the room, Abigail confronts Chad, who says Jordan now believes everything she told her about him is true. Chad says he was falling in love with her, which was never supposed to happen. He leaves Abigail confused.

    Days Recap: I Remember Everything!

    Wednesday, February 18 2015

    At the lake house, Aiden assumes Hope will have to come clean to the force about Chase accidentally shooting his mother. Before she decides on anything, Hope asks for the entire story. Aiden starts with Meredith's DVD. He didn't know she thought he was trying to kill her and he didn't even know they had antifreeze in the house. Aiden explains that when the gun went off Chase went into shock and Meredith was gone. He cleaned Chase up, put him to bed and cleaned everything up. He arranged the room to make it look like a struggle and told the police that Meredith committed suicide. He knows there were holes in his story. He's done all he can to protect his son and would rather let Chase think he did it than know the truth. He begs her not to tell anyone the truth. "It'll destroy his life." Hope says his story will stay in the vault forever. She calls him a wonderful father and tells him they'll continue to protect Chase together. They make out.

    Days Recap: Roll Over And Play Dead.

    Tuesday, February 17 2015

    At the lake house, Aiden shakes and holds the letter opener in his hand as he confesses he's been lying to Hope - to everyone. Hope tries to get away. He can't believe she's afraid of him. She can't believe he killed his son's mother. Aiden's jaw drops in shock. She tells him it's obvious he's... "What? Guilty?" he asks. Hope tells him about what Meredith said on the DVD. There's no way she took her own life. Hope comes to the realization that Chase killed his mother. Aiden yells for her to get out with her ridiculous theories but she knows it was Chase. He sobs. Hope tells him he's not in this alone anymore. He stares at a shelf and she notes that it wasn't in the video. Hope pushes him to tell her if it marks a spot and infuriated, Aiden gets the axe and hacks away at the wall. Once it's open, he pulls out a bag of Chase's clothes. He tells Hope five years ago when Chase was four, Meredith was drinking and found Chase playing with her gun. She tried to get it from him and the gun went off as Aiden was walking down the stairs. Chase killed her. "He can never know," Aiden says. He cleaned Chase up, put him to bed and cleaned off the gun. He wonders what Hope will do with this information.

    Days Recap: The Transylvania School Of Medicine.

    Monday, February 16 2015

    At the lake house, Aiden is behind Hope when she closes the closet. She claims she was looking for a blanket. He notes it was locked, but gives her his coat. He glances at the throw pillow hiding the tablet and asks what she did while he was gone. Hope counters that she could ask the same - he just disappeared. Aiden needs a drink. They settle on hot chocolate. Aiden notes she's tense. While he's in the kitchen, Hope realizes the tablet's been moved. "He knows I've seen it." Aiden brings her hot chocolate. She flashes to Meredith claiming he poisoned her and asks for tea. Hope tries to leave but he rushes to the door. He thinks they need to talk. Hope feels behind her for a letter opener. Aiden grabs her and protests that Meredith was a convincing liar. Hope gets away and holds the letter opener out. "Don't come near me." He wrestles it away from her and admits he's been lying all along.

    Days Recap: Junky Loser.

    Friday, February 13 2015

    At the lake house, Hope continues watching Meredith on DVD holding a gun and appearing frightened when she hears Aiden pounding on the door asking her to open it. Hope's startled when Aiden returns with groceries and does the same thing. She opens the door and says she's not feeling well and forgot to make breakfast. Aiden says it's fine. He goes to get more bags from the car and she attempts unsuccessfully to make a call. Aiden returns and says the bridge will be out two more days. Hope's anxiety builds. She asks to use his phone but he dropped it and it's not working. He can see she's tense and offers a drink. She tells him it's too early. She goes for a walk and flashes to Meredith’s daunting words. Inside, Aiden fixes himself a drink and finds Meredith’s tablet under a pillow, accidentally. He plays Meredith’s DVD and gasps and starts to hyperventilate. Outside Hope fights with the cop side of her and the woman in her. She reminds herself she trusts him and enters the house. There’s a mark on the floor – something was dragged across it. She calls Aiden’s name and with a letter opener, unlocks the closet and finds the axe. She tells herself there has to be another explanation. Aiden walks up behind her as she holds her face in her hands and takes a deep breath.

    Days Recap: A Ghost.

    Wednesday, February 11 2015

    At Aiden's lake house, Hope watches Meredith on DVD assuming that if she turns up dead, Aiden killed her. Meredith knows his looks are deceiving but calls him a monster. She puts the tablet away and Aiden walks up. They discuss Meredith's drinking and the lies she'd spread about him. Even so, Aiden doesn't think she deserved to die - especially like that. Hope's cold and moves to the closet to get a jacket and as she's opening it, Aiden flashes to the axe and shovel inside and slams it shut. He gives her his coat and they head out for a walk. Once they return, Hope eyes the closet. They go up to bed and she returns later and tries the closet but it's locked. Aiden finds her and she lies that she came down for water. She flashes to Meredith's words and looks worried as they head back to bed.

    Days Recap: For The Greater Good.

    Tuesday, February 10 2015

    Hope prepares to watch Meredith's DVD at the lake house when Aiden calls. Their connection is bad but he tells her he'll return soon. She debates and in the end doesn't have time to watch. She puts the DVD away and when he returns, she tells Aiden about Bree's visit. Aiden apologizes for her and orders her not to entertain anything that Bree says about Meredith. He paces as he rants about Bree making it impossible to move on. He calms himself down and vows to focus on her. He tells her they'll sleep apart tonight, as much as he wants to be with her, and she understands. He goes to prepare their rooms and Hope watches the DVD where Meredith confesses she's terrified her husband is plotting to kill her.

    Days Recap: Claw Marks.

    Monday, February 09 2015

    At Aiden's place on the island, Hope gets the feeling he's not happy she's there; he seems tense. Aiden insists he's glad she's there. She says he's not, and she knows why. Aiden sighs that this is the place where his wife died in front of him, but insists being there with Hope makes it better. Aiden leaves for groceries and invites her to check the drawers for a phone charger. After, Bree arrives - she's looking for proof that Aiden killed his wife. Bree tells Hope that Meredith was terrified of Aiden. She urges Hope to find a recording Meredith left in a hidden compartment. They argue about Aiden. Hope tries to call him, but the reception's bad. Bree snoops. Bree tells Hope she's Aiden's type - she has money. She warns that Meredith trusted Aiden once, and now she's dead. Later, Hope is searching for a charger when she discovers the hidden compartment with a note: "To be played in the event of my death. Meredith Jennings."

    Days Recap: You Belong On Jerry Springer.

    Tuesday, February 03 2015

    Hope returns to the cottage in Puget Sound upon realizing she didn't have her password with her. She searches for it but notices how nervous Aiden's acting. He blames it on old memories and stares at the axe and shovel he has hidden. She finds it and calls the taxi company to return later. She wants time alone with Aiden. She talks up his skills as a father and how handsome he is. The driver arrives - the bridge went out and they can't get off the island. Hope checks her cell and learns that they'll be there overnight. Aiden jumps up, apprehensive. "What?" Hope goes outside with the driver and Aiden rushes to put away the shovel and axe.

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