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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Hope Williams Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Hope Williams Brady Played by Kristian Alfonso on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristian Alfonso (NBC)

    Birthday: September 5 1964
    Birthplace: Brockton, Massachusetts
    Marital Status: Married; Danny Daggenhurst (October 6th, 2001)
    Real Name: Kristian Alfonso


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    Days Recap: JJ will only work for the DEA if he can tell his mom

    Wednesday, July 22 2015

    From the square, Hope leaves a message for Abigail to call as Aiden pops up with flowers. Kayla appears and invites them to dinner, feeling bad that she was wrong about not giving her blessing to them both in the beginning. Aiden goes and Kay shows Hope a Salem Bicentennial flyer which she's on the committee for.

    Days Recap: Daniel sweats as he asks Nicole to marry him

    Tuesday, July 21 2015

    In Sonny's office, he tells Will he thinks he was deluded into thinking his parents were right for each other. Will says divorce happens. It could happen to them. Sexy guitar music plays as Will admits he jumped into marriage partially for the wrong reasons but he loved Sonny then and loves him now. They hold hands and talk about taking things one day at a time - together. Outside, Hope asks Rafe about Ben but won't say what her reasons are. Aiden pops up asking if she got in touch with Abigail. She seemed awfully anxious about it. Hope stutters and worries Rafe will question her but Rafe comes up with an idea to take the kids out. He listens and smiles as Aiden and Hope laugh about Ciara teaching Chase to short sheet a bed. Aiden goes and Rafe asks why she was so anxious to see Abigail. She can't get into it. "You may be able to fool Aiden, but I know you," he says. This upsets Hope. He's sorry. He knows she and Aiden are crazy about each other. "I'm crazier about you," he blurts.

    Days Recap: Clyde's snooping reveals a major secret

    Monday, July 20 2015

    Hope comforts Abigail at her apartment as she cries. Clyde arrives and upon noticing her tears questions her. Hope covers. He learns they're having issues with their drain in the kitchen and fixes it while trying to eavesdrop. He finally leaves and Hope asks if there's more she needs to know. Abby flashes to telling Will that she slept with Chad and Ben but says nothing. Hope hugs her and offers her support before leaving. Once she's out of sight, Clyde comes out of hiding. Abigail heads into the shower and Clyde lets himself in and goes snooping in her cell phone. He finds a prescription and takes a photo of it before leaving. Abigail dresses and runs out.

    Days Recap: Adrienne and Justin end their marriage

    Friday, July 17 2015

    Hope wakes up in bed with Aiden. They roll around and then have breakfast in bed. He gets a call and she heads to the shower.

    Abby sneaks out of her bed to dump the trash when Ben wakes up. He talks about how neat she is and explains he found the phone bill in there yesterday. He hops in the shower. She discovers the pregnancy test is gone. When he returns, he hints that he knows something. Hope calls and tells Abby that she cleaned out the waste basket yesterday and Ben didn't see anything. Hope soon arrives as Ben exits. She asks about the test. Abby admits she's pregnant.

    Days Recap: Hope learns Daniel plans to propose

    Thursday, July 16 2015

    At Daniel's place, Hope finds an engagement ring. Daniel asks if she likes it. She says it's exquisite. He admits he's proposing to Nicole once she settles in. Hope feels it's rushed, but Daniel says he won't take the chance of losing her again. Hope's happy for him and says Nicole's an idiot if she screws this up. They discuss Xander. Daniel hides the ring.

    Hope arrives at the room where Aiden is waiting in a tux with champagne. She kisses him and they joke around. Aiden reminds her what day it is with a dress. She puts it on and he plays music from the day they danced together a year ago. They dance. Hope thanks him for remembering. He asks how could he not remember falling in love. They dance and kiss.

    Days Recap: Serena hears Nicole and Eric's discussion

    Wednesday, July 15 2015

    At the police station, Hope tells Brady and Victor they've started looking into Xander's businesses and so-called charities. Victor flashes to a conversation with Xander about those very things. Hope says anyone else involved will go down too. She gets called away and Brady asks Victor if he's involved in any way. Victor says he wouldn't trust Xander. He's confident the Salem PD will take care of him, but maybe he should do it himself. Brady says no - Victor's changed.

    In the parkette, Xander tells Serena if anything happened to her no one would care. As he threatens her, Daniel appears. "Get your hands off of her." Daniel thinks the police would like to know about this, but Serena assures him it was just business. Xander tells her when she returns the payments he made, they're done. Once alone, Daniel implores Serena to help put Xander away. Serena argues he can manufacture an alibi. Daniel rants at her for bringing Xander to Salem which almost got Eric and Nicole killed. Serena blames Nicole. Daniel warns her about bad-mouthing Nicole. Hope arrives to question Serena, who leaves. Daniel tells Hope he'll talk to her at his place. "Nicole is moving in."

    Days Recap: Eric declares his love for Nicole

    Tuesday, July 14 2015

    Outside Ben's apartment, Hope and Jennifer have house-warming gifts. He tells them Abigail is there and to come in. Inside, he wonders why Abigail's not home and knocks over the trash. Hope cleans it up. They discuss Clyde. Ben says things are better and he has Abigail to thank for it. He admits it feels great to put down roots. Ben has to go to work so Hope and Jenn clear out.

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