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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Hope Williams Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Hope Williams Brady Played by Kristian Alfonso on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristian Alfonso (NBC)

    Birthday: September 5 1964
    Birthplace: Brockton, Massachusetts
    Marital Status: Married; Danny Daggenhurst (October 6th, 2001)
    Real Name: Kristian Alfonso


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    Days Recap: That Spawn Of Satan.

    Monday, September 29 2014

    Hope arrives late for her date with Aiden at a restaurant in Chicago. They chose to leave town to get away from prying eyes. Hope's nervous. Aiden asks if she's ready for this. She assures him she wants to give them a chance and he tells her he has a great afternoon planned. The waiter comes by and dumps pasta in Aiden's lap. He apologizes and says there's been a small kitchen fire. All they have left to serve is coffee and chocolate mints. Aiden and Hope laugh and Aiden gets a text that the show they were to see is cancelled. He's crestfallen. Hope chows down half the mints and admits it was just nice spending time with him, even though things didn't go the way they had hoped. They agree to try another date.

    Days Recap: You Taste Like Chocolate Chips.

    Thursday, September 25 2014

    At the pub, Caroline says to Hope that Bo's been gone a long time, why is she doing this now? Hope says Bo chose his mission over his family - she won't change her mind. Caroline is sorry. She tells Hope she'll always be her daughter regardless. Later, Aiden appears and confirms with Hope that they're still on for tomorrow. Caroline overhears. Aiden leaves. Caroline confronts Hope, who soothes that it's just lunch. She asks for Caroline's support. Caroline can't do it. "I'm sorry." Hope exits and Aiden apologizes. They firm up lunch plans.

    Days Recap: Release The Dogs!

    Wednesday, September 24 2014

    At the hospital, Hope’s glad to hear John’s waking up. Marlena has concerns, knowing there’s no guarantee of what John will remember. John wakes up in his room and says, “Son.” Brady grins and tears up. In his office, Daniel speaks into a recording device about John’s case and that he hopes John will remember who put him in the coma. Later, he and Marlena head to see John and are happy his memory of them seems intact. Daniel sends the others out and asks John if he remembers what happened to him. Later, Daniel goes to Marlena and Brady and says John’s resting.

    Hope turns up at the Brady’s pub with an update about John. Caroline’s happy he’s waking up but can tell Hope’s got something on her mind. Hope says she loves Caroline, who has always made her feel a part of Bo’s family. She prayed Bo would come back to her but she has lost her faith and has decided to divorce him.

    Days Recap: I'll Always Love You.

    Wednesday, September 17 2014

    Hope weeps at her desk at SPD and calls Aiden. She needs to see him.

    Hope meets Aiden at TBD and admits she is done denying her feelings for him. Aiden would like to take her on a date. Out of town, preferably. Hope agrees to the date but there's something she has to do first. They agree not to tell the kids yet and grin wildly at each other. Hope leaves and Chase appears. Aiden tells him about the date and when Chase questions if she's nice and like mom, Aiden says she's nothing like his mother.

    At SPD, Hope pens a letter..."Dear Bo, I'm sending this to the last known address I have for you. I hope you get it and I know there's no guarantee that you will. Whether you read this or not I need to write it." Hope breaks down crying. "You've been the love of my life since I was 16 years old. We grew up together. God knows we've been through so much together and in spite of the tragedies and good times I never regretted loving you, choosing to spend my life with you, not for a second. Brady it's been so long since I heard a word from you. I can't even reassure our daughter or your mother that you'll ever come home. Brady you've broken my heart and Ciara's. You deserted us and your actions speak loud and clear to me. You've chosen your mission over us - your family. I get it. I get it..." she cries. "I am faced with a decision. I can either go on like this and be miserable or rejoin the living. And as hard as it is, I have to let you go. I can't do this anymore." She sobs. "I have to say goodbye to you Brady, or the ghost of you which is all of you I have left. If you do read this, I know you'll understand I'll always love you. Always love you." She sobs and looks at a petition for divorce. She cries and removes her wedding rings. In Rafe's office, Rafe updates Roman on Sami and Kate's visit and how worried they are Stefano will return to town and get even with them. Roman says they'll talk later. He goes.

    Days Recap: Starter Lover.

    Tuesday, September 16 2014

    At the Horton square, Kayla asks how Hope's talk with Aiden went. Hope wonders if her feelings for Aiden have more to do with Bo than Aiden.

    Days Recap: Frowny Face.

    Wednesday, September 10 2014

    Outside the school, Kayla interrupts Hope's daydream. They walk to Club TBD, where Hope confesses to setting up Aiden with Jennifer, and then tells Kayla about their kiss. Kayla says Bo is gone - this makes sense. She advises Hope to be honest with Aiden and to stop feeling guilty.

    In the square, Aiden tells Nicole he advised his client not to talk to her. Nicole is upset, but then admits she didn't want to do the interview anyway. They bond over being in foul moods and sit down. Nicole talks about Eric. "I didn't trust myself." She asks about Aiden and Hope. He laughs, "What?" Nicole isn't blind. Aiden says he and Hope don't line up. Nicole muses, "What you're saying is she's a b****." She trashes Hope and laughs that her husband calls her Fancy Face, but she calls her Frowny Face. Hope appears. Nicole leaves. Hope confronts Aiden about them having a laugh at her expense. Aiden asks Hope why she came over. Hope says since he makes fun of her behind her back, it won't happen again.

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