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    DOOL on youtube

    Started by days78 at 2009/02/16 06:17PM
    Latest post: 2009/02/17 03:15AM, Views: 1332, Replies: 1
    #1   2009/02/16 06:17PM
    DOOL on youtube

    Hi all - I've posted a lot on how I'm preferring DAYS clips on youtube to the current show.

    I've watched a lot. Here's some of what stands out to me. Much of the Salem Strangler story when Samantha got killed, when they thought Marlena was killed and it's aftermath. A lot of stuff with Maggie from early 80's - stuff with Kimberly, Liz Chandler, Renee's murder, Renee's wedding to David Banning - Doug & Julie reuniting at the Inn, some hilarious scenes with Howie Hoffstetter and Alice Horton, Alice and Kayla getting arrested, Alice helping bust Roman out of jail with laced donuts, Tony/Andre/Anna and so much more.

    What I'm trying to find is some clips from when Julie had her scar, Laura Horton form that time period, anything with Lee Dumonde (played by Brenda Benetee, may she rest in peace) Alex Marshall and Marie getting stranded after a plan crash and the whole Marie shot Liz s/l
    Can anybody out there point me in the direction of these clips and or share what some of your favorites are? Thanks - DAYS on youtube rocks - got the computer hooked up to the TV screen - man can you lose track of time on this thing. LOL

    #2   2009/02/17 03:15AM
    Re: DOOL on youtube

    I have been doing the same thing! It is so much fun watching the "Days" of old. Sure was a different show back then! I watched quite a bit of when John was "The Pawn" but can't find all of the episodes. Early Steve is a real hoot!


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