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    *NEWS* Jason Cook's Exit Interview

    Started by JaniceSaysYes at 2006/08/30 09:04AM
    Latest post: 2006/08/30 09:07AM, Views: 1266, Replies: 2
    #1   2006/08/30 09:04AM
    *NEWS* Jason Cook's Exit Interview

    Interested in Jason Cooks EXIT interview? USE the URL below to go read the Scoop! VERY long post. Easier to link to it. Enjoy ALL! />


    #2   2006/08/30 09:06AM
    Re: *NEWS* Jason Cook's Exit Interview
    image />
    Well Poo, LOL the first link was messed up. I hope this one works. Sorry Folks!

    #3   2006/08/30 09:07AM
    Re: *NEWS* Jason Cook's Exit Interview

    Ok well....... Seems it is not working.. Ok here is the interview. I hope it is alright to share on here.

    He stayed an extra year because he was able to do some outside directing, open his production studio and because he was really excited about working with Farah and doing Shimi.

    He says he always wanted to work with her and to do a nontraditional soap relationship.

    There were a few days where he questioned his decision. Says it was hard "especially dealing with a writer who was wrecking Salem for a year and trying to fend that off."

    He feels bad leaving them, but is still glad to be going.

    Says that Hogan's appearance didn't factor in for him because he'd already made too many steps to leave. He's been doing this character for 7 years and is ready to turn it over. He'd be happy to help, but feels it won't be necessary cause what worked for him won't necessarily work for the new guy.

    His favorite story was the island story with Kirsten, Farah, Nadia and Jay. Said he felt they were all coming into their own, and that going on location was fun.

    Favorite moments: When Shawn/Belle broke up when Kirsten was still in the role and he had to cry. And a church scene between Shawn/Bo when he ripped the cross from his neck. They wanted to cut the dialogue, but Peter fought for it too. ANd it was amazing.

    He praises Kristian Alfonso as being someone who showed him how to be dedicated and prepared. He totally loves and respects her.

    Then there's Farah....He says it was great payoff for him to work with her and for their characters to get married. Said that there was a "tremendous distraction from a producer who was trying to lead him astray" during a filming what he considered an important scene that he stuck around the show in order to do. Says the producer was going on about stuff and completely missing the point and that he was trying to create something that would resonate with the fans.

    He looked at Farah nd it was *there*. "It was such a comforting feeling that after working with her for so long, that despite the BS, we could still come in and make that moment work."

    Says he'll miss his set family, but he'll be around. Doesn't live far. Says despite "all the difficulties of working here" he's taken the good with the bad and he'll miss a lot about this place.

    He thanks the fans for watching and caring about Shawn.

    When asked about the exit storyline, he says "What exit. It's really just nothing. There is no official last scene for me as Shawn."



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