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    Kristen Dimera Gloved One

    Started by Makesha at 2006/08/29 03:13PM
    Latest post: 2006/08/30 06:19AM, Views: 839, Replies: 2
    #1   2006/08/29 03:13PM
    Kristen Dimera Gloved One

    ?) Could good old Kristen be the gloved one she has lots of enemies Please Reply

    #2   2006/08/30 04:57AM
    Re: Kristen Dimera Gloved One

    I was thinking that EJ could have been the son of Susan Banks. Wasn't Stefano the father?

    #3   2006/08/30 06:19AM
    Re: Kristen Dimera Gloved One *Spoiler*

    It has been confirmed by Hogan Shaffer the new scribe that EJ Wells is the GLOVED HAND. Please follow link for further information.

    TV Guide Sept 4-10

    See posts #1, 4 and 13 in that thread.

    Sheffer says Black Glove is EJ.
    He is working with Patrick.
    EJ is a DiMera.
    There are bigger EJ "bombshells" late this year.

    No link, just look at the new tv guide in line somewhere.
    Its the soap pg in the back.

    Well, it said EJ was behind the black glove

    Update... from The Horton Kitchen messageboard

    From the Logan Report:

    Since June, DOOL fans have seen someone with a black glove lurking around Salem. But enough already! Hogan Sheffer says he will reveal mid-fall that the man behind all this is EJ....what's more, he's in cahoots with Patrick. Also EJ is a member of the DiMera clan.

    Why spill the beans so soon? "The viewers need a payoff" says Sheffer. "He's fine with the audience being ahead of us because this mystery has been milked to death!" Sheffer says EJ's story features even bigger bombshells coming late this year.


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