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    No Redeeming Teresa Now

    Started by Soapnexis at 2014/07/14 10:47AM
    Latest post: 2014/07/16 01:15PM, Views: 2354, Replies: 22
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    #21   2014/07/15 06:07PM
    Re: No Redeeming Teresa Now

    Quote miladytn:
    Quote HOT PINK: I hope Abe isn't gullible enough to believe the lies Theresa spewed about the "fight" between John and Brady. I would think the doctors should be able to tell John was struck from behind; and, if Brady was facing John during the fight, there's no way he could have been the one who hit him.

    I am so hoping that when the truth is revealed, Theresa is sent to prison for assault and is gone a very long time, though permanently would be my preference.

    I was in shock watching what Teresa did. And that self defense stuff she's spouting won't hold up very long, IMHO. Abe is already suspicious of her, just from the questions he was/or trying ask. I just hope that when John wakes up (hopefully THIS year!), he won't have the dreaded soap staple amnesia.

    I thought that Teresa gave the phone to Henderson to call the police. She did/or tried to erase the damning recording but I thought she then gave the phone to Henderson to call for help. The Salem PD can trace phone calls, as we heard about during the Nick murder investigation. Hopefully they won't forget that fact this time around.

    Just a guess, but maybe Kristen kidnaps John.

    My original thought was Kristin will kidnap Brady, but she could kidnap John to nurse him back to health and turn him over to Stefano for a fresh round of brain washing... however, I don't think that TPTB would commit the actors to the airtime it would take to tell that story. But then again, DOOL loves to retell the same s/l with a slightly different twist over and over again.... guess we'll know soon enough

    #22   2014/07/16 10:14AM
    Re: No Redeeming Teresa Now

    Teresa can dig her way all the way to China but luckily Salem PD seems to have gotten more professional and a lot smarter now. No one believes Teresa's story and the evidence isn't adding up.
    Just looking at the heights of Brady and Teresa and the position that she hit John, it's clear Brady wasn't holding the anvil.
    There are so many who want to take her down, I don't care who does it but it would be wonderful if Brady did it!

    #23   2014/07/16 01:15PM
    Re: No Redeeming Teresa Now

    Theresa seriously defines the phrase "piece of work". Seriously, anyone who thought she had real feelings for Brady needs to rethink ASAP. She will do whatever she can think of to weasel out of this, but Abe, Daniel, and Henderson are all suspicious, and it looks like the Salem PD has real evidence that will prove her statements false. Furthermore, I think John will wake up, and he'll remember the details. That's when Brady will turn his wrath on Theresa. Maybe he'll let Grandpa Victor have a piece of her. That woukd be entertaining. Wow! Can he pick 'em or what? Earlier I referred to Theresa as soulless. I haven't changed my mind.

    By the way, I think this whole s/l could be a winner again for Eric Martsolf come next year's Emmy time. It's heartbreaking watching Brady suffer because he believes he hurt his father. This really is a good arc.

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