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    What now Ejami?

    Started by Rosieroserson at 2013/12/04 08:49AM
    Latest post: 2014/02/26 04:32AM, Views: 9692, Replies: 120
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    #121   2014/02/26 04:32AM
    Re: What now Ejami?

    Quote flightygirl:
    Quote Rosieroserson:
    Quote stjarna:
    Quote flightygirl:
    Quote sonnyhater127:
    Quote sharon n nick 4eva:
    Quote Sunlover127: What now Ejami!! Well...

    There will be more "bumps" on the road to Ejami happiness!


    1. Sami is all fired up about the Dimeras being the cause of her brother's leaving the Catholic priesthood,
    2. The photos of EJ and Abigail kissing will undoubtedly surface,
    3. Abigail will make some sort of problem,
    4. And, who knows what else the writers have planned to be problems for the much loved couple of EJ and Samantha!!

    But....I still predict an Ejami wedding and happiness even with AS leaving the show.

    Why do I predict this?? Because, a HAPPY wedding between EJ and Samantha will be the greatest boost to viewer ratings (which in turn equals DOLLARS) in the history of Days of Our Lives!!!

    Now this may be my wishful thinking on my part but....I think there will be a happy ending for Ejami!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed!!

    I think EJAMI are old news. If there wedding spikes the ratings it will be just becuz all the EJABBY fans wanting to see Sami get knocked down. Even if you get your HEA for EJAMI it will be short loved since AS is leaving.

    We know AS is leaving and so do you?? It is still ratings gold

    The EJami no bashing thread still gets thousands hits per I guess- there is a great majority of people who love Ejami I think they are still pretty fresh news...
    Also...good luck when Ejami finishes and Ali leaves...I guess loads of Ejamis will walk too-

    unless they bring back someone who could rattle the Ejabby cage!

    They will, no doubt
    Once they've portrayed EJ as a horny cheater, Abby will get her share if Ejabby ever becomes an item. And I can't wait

    Can you imagine Ejabby without Sami? Jenn as the screaching mummyinlaw? The most interesting part has been "What will Sami do when she finds out?" Jenn and Abby have to be the most annoying screechy, judgemental characters ever....

    Lol, and don't forget the whining I think the fact that Abby complains all the time should be enough to turn EJ off completely. I'm sure Jenn'll be "thrilled" to have EJ as a possible son-in-law
    Imagine christmas at the mansion........ Jenn ans Stefano singing christmas carrols

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