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    CLOSED: Will... please stay gone

    Started by Rucas at 2013/10/29 04:46PM
    Latest post: 2013/10/30 05:02AM, Views: 590, Replies: 5
    #1   2013/10/29 04:46PM
    Will... please stay gone


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    #2   2013/10/29 09:33PM
    Re: Will... please stay gone

    Rucus, another Latent Homosexual that is only envious of those that are out of the Closet. Me thinks you protest too much.

    #3   2013/10/29 11:54PM
    Re: Will... please stay gone

    I love Chandler...(W~I~L~L~I~A~M)...and he did an
    awesome did Sonny!! As far as 'changing'
    that is a myth.....anyone that is supposedly gay...
    and changes....has just been experimenting and are
    really bi-sexual...they travel both roads....A gay
    person was born gay............and they are HUMAN
    BEINGS...just like the rest of us with two legs that
    walk up straight!!!

    The only reason I wish the WILSON s/l would quit...
    is because Chandler is gone....the writers should
    have "retired WILSON"....and had Sonny meet up with
    someone else later in the show....or stand alone as
    if he is waiting for Chandler to return!!! Chandler
    and Sonny OWNED WILSON!!!

    #4   2013/10/30 12:44AM
    Re: Will... please stay gone

    Quote Rucas: post removed.

    Will was never written straight. It was clear when he was with Mia that he was struggling with his sexuality. There have been laws passed that ban the type of "turn people straight" therapy you refer to and heads of ministries who preached and promoted this sick BS have even come out against it. Think it was on 20/20 or something like that.
    Clearly your post is meant to bait, so instead of trying to reason with someone not capable of reason, and has no idea the kind of damage something like this creates, I'm simply going to report it and see what admin does about it.

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    #5   2013/10/30 01:06AM
    Re: Will... please stay gone

    With Will gone until the recast comes on, maybe Sonny will go to confession and end up in bed with Father Eric. So many priest are gay and in the closet, this s/l would be much more believable. Don't go bashing on me. I'm not saying anything that hasn't been vetted in the news over and over again.

    Unlike your post which laws have been passed banning that kind of harmful "thearpy"

    #6   2013/10/30 05:02AM
    Re: Will... please stay gone

    When even duly certified experts in the medical and/or psychiatric professions still disagree about many aspects of sexual identity, aren't we lucky to have our own group of authorities right here on the Message Board? Just like politics and religion, "facts" on this topic get so tangled up with opinions, that "discussions" get nasty and personal and solve nothing. In the WilSon situation, it is the writers who will determine whether the characters are straight, gay, or bisexual. No?


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