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    Is Days heading out the door?

    Started by Kelby at 2013/09/05 05:51PM
    Latest post: 2013/09/10 07:20AM, Views: 4048, Replies: 32
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    #31   2013/09/09 09:01PM
    Re: Is Days heading out the door?

    In Utah they just moved Days to 1:00am....

    #32   2013/09/10 12:20AM
    Re: Is Days heading out the door?

    Quote fadingrose: Would "emergency surgery and rehab" work? Replace some writers with some new ones (who will actually read the fans' comments.) Next, scrap everything that's been shot months ago and won't be seen until the end of the year. Then call in the entire cast and crew and reshoot new episodes that can be viewed within a much shorter time gap. Take some of the fans' suggestions into account, since WE are the ones who decide to watch. Otherwise, I hear a death toll ringing...

    Good suggestions. Just not going to happen though.

    The problem with that is DOOL just does NOT have the budget to re-shoot anything that is already in the can.

    The reason they are shooting scenes so far ahead in advanced now is because of the very tight budget strings.

    The actors shoot their scenes in one take now. No retakes of scenes. And goodness does it ever show in a majority of the final product shown.

    NBC/Sony does not care about the fans or what they want. That has already been proven time and time again.

    Because of the tape to air date being so far apart now by the time the public voices it's displeasure with storylines and actors involved or not involved in the scenes it's beyond too late to make the necessary changes.

    The Days shooting schedule WILL be the death of this show. Along with the inferior writing. And the do not care attitude of the suites at NBC/Sony.

    #33   2013/09/10 07:20AM
    Re: Is Days heading out the door?

    I only recently started watching DAYS again and for one reason only: Eileen Davidson's return as Kristen. Of the four soaps still on the air, I think DAYS is definitely the weakest.

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