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    Bring back Arianna

    Started by Axl Rose at 2013/08/02 06:06AM
    Latest post: 2013/08/03 11:07AM, Views: 1148, Replies: 12
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    #11   2013/08/03 10:31AM
    Re: Bring back Arianna

    Quote wwwwww:
    Quote Axl Rose: If anything DAYS is known for bringing back dead people and no one on soaps stays dead so it would be a grand time if they could bring back Rafe, Gabi and Dario's sister Arianna, little Arianna Grace's namesake and aunt, they could bring Arianna back and how?

    They could easily pull it off by saying how Arianna faked her death and had to go into witness protection because remember she was undercover trying to bring down a drug ring so what if Arianna knew what type of danger she was really in and because of that she had realized that her loved ones would be in even more danger so the perfect way to protect them is for them to think that she had died when in actuality she fakes her death to protect her loved ones but at the same time saving her own life in the process

    And not to mention with Arianna being alive and well, Rafe and Gabi would have their sister back

    And with Ari being back she could be a love interest for Brady again or you could have her fall for EJ causing a triangle with Sami

    That's a good ideal. I do think we will see Sami fighting for EJ. EJ fighting for Sami has been done before. I would like to see a EJ Sami and Arianne triangle. They could also bring back Nicole's sister Taylor. I think EJ did love her they had that love at first sight thing. I keep waiting for EJ and Sami to be at the Dimera Mansion one day and EJ and Sami answer the door and Taylor and EJ stair at each other and Sami get jealous or have her show up with EJ's kid. Sami really needs to fight for EJ.

    The only time I'll be ok with them bringing back Arianna is if she reunites with Brady. Those two were beautiful together.

    As for new triangles and the return of Taylor.... PUKE!
    I wouldn't in my worst nightmares want to see that phony drooling over EJ....and especially not the other way around when he's got the finest, sassiest Salem girl on his arm already EJ loves Samantha and has already forgotten about Taylor. He only did her because he was bored from being married to Nicole.
    Samantha knows the value of her man. She doesn't need to fight over him with some looser!!!

    #12   2013/08/03 10:35AM
    Re: Bring back Arianna
    Axl Rose

    Yes even so with Ari being back, they could always put her back together with Brady because Brady has never been the same since Arianna's death and with her being alive again Brady can embrace the light side once again

    #13   2013/08/03 11:07AM
    Re: Bring back Arianna

    But if I am remembering right, Brady dumped Arianna for Nicole. Nicole treated her like crap and made sure she got Brady.
    Or did I dream all that?

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