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    Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Started by Str8tButEqual at 2012/03/14 04:51PM
    Latest post: 2015/07/27 11:58PM, Views: 1255196, Replies: 28513
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    #27791   2013/12/11 09:25AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    DaysCafe ‏@DaysCafe #days #dool Wednesday Will hopes Nick never gonna show his face in town again. Gabi does not think he will lol

    #27792   2013/12/11 09:31AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    So far there's no mention of Sonny. I wonder if the spoilers are wrong or if he'll turn up at the end.

    #27793   2013/12/11 09:36AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Dreamer ‏@DR1Dreamer #DAYS Gabi having live visions of Nick, runs into T and gives him a hug

    Not much of a set up but...

    Dreamer ‏@DR1Dreamer #DAYS Wilson too...and a kiss. OMG...

    Krista Rudolph ‏@Kluvsja Will couldn't be further off the mark about the #Kami/Gabi conspiracy. He thinks they're planning a surprise party for him. #Days

    #27794   2013/12/11 09:46AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    DaysCafe ‏@DaysCafe #days #dool Wednesday Gabs goes for walk to get air after she tells curious Will she and kate and Sami were not talking modeling before ooo

    DaysCafe ‏@DaysCafe #days #dool Wednesday Gabs sees dead man walking Nick at park lol

    DaysCafe ‏@DaysCafe #days #dool Wednesday It is not Nick, it is T hahahahaha!

    DaysCafe ‏@DaysCafe #days #dool Wednesday Sonny comes home, Will tells him about Gab and Kate and Sami and decides they r planning his surprise party lol

    Krista Rudolph ‏@Kluvsja #Wilson are doing some loving on the couch. Give them a bed #Days.

    Dreamer ‏@DR1Dreamer #DAYS Gabi asks T to keep her company

    #27795   2013/12/11 09:55AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Sadie Esperanto ‏@SadieEsperanto ...helloooo unexpected #WilSon lovin'! 😳🎉 #DAYS

    #27796   2013/12/11 09:58AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Sadie Esperanto ‏@SadieEsperanto This is how they got that way...#WilSon

    Sadie Esperanto ‏@SadieEsperanto #WilSon

    #27797   2013/12/11 11:57AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    freddie smith ‏@freddiemsmith Packing up incentives for @AddictsAnon

    #27798   2013/12/11 01:56PM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Quote Str8tButEqual: Morning WilSon Blvd. I would be curious to know what leads Will into thinking that the three ladies are planning a birthday surprise after this episode of him learning about Nick.

    12-10-13 Will & NO Sonny

    0:06-0:49 Will “So what is going on here?”
    Kate “Hey.”
    Gabi “Will, um, what are you doing here?”
    Will “Uh, my family owns the pub.”-------Pluse it’s a place to eat and maybe he’s hungry.
    Sami “Mm-Hmm.”
    Will “So what’s the big secret?”
    Kate “Wow. I think my grandson is now a chip off the old block.”
    Will & Sami “What is that supposed to mean?”-----------In unison proves Kate’s point.
    Kate “Oh, I don’t know, “Eavesdropping”?
    Sami “Exactly.”
    Kate “Mm.”
    Will “I wasn’t eavesdropping. I didn’t hear anything.”
    Sami “Oh, well--”
    Kate “Well, actually, we’ve been pumping Gabi for information about the baby.”
    Sami “Exactly. We don’t get nearly enough time with Arianna. Satisfied?”
    Will “Well, I would be if I believed a word of that.”

    0:19 I love Will here trying to get the scoop about what’s going on.

    0:24 I like Will’s expression here.

    0:28-0:29 Will’s mouth is open is astonishment over the accusation of eavesdropping.

    0:45-0:46 Will’s expression of not buying their lies.

    0:53-1:58 Kate “Ok, that’s it. I guess we’re gonna have to give it up, because he is onto us.”
    Sami “All right, Kate, you can tell him what we were talking with Gabi about.”---------You’re good at lies why don’t you do it?
    Kate “Thanks. Well, um, her future, actually.”
    Will “Her future?”
    Kate “Mm-Hmm.”
    Will “You mean after she gave up the modeling job in New York? You ladies are, uh, are advising Gabi about life together?”
    Kate “Yes, we are, and I know it seems a bit unusual, but, um, you know, you’re mother and I were talking about, uh, having Gabi model for us.”
    Will “Really? Where? In your living rooms?”-------I love Will’s snark.
    Kate “No, in--for the business. Right, Sami?”
    Sami “Exactly. I mean, I realize it’s a bold move, but I don’t see any reason why one model can’t represent two rival companies.”-------She’s said “Exactly” three times already. I think she needs a thesaurus.
    Gabi “No, I’m not gonna model for anybody, ok? I don’t want to talk about modeling!”---------What a moron to flip out over their cover story.
    Sami “Gabi.”

    1:52-1:54 I love Will’s expression here.

    2:02-3:12 Will “Ok, I don’t get it. The two of you have never teamed up on anything before, and you suddenly don’t want to even talk about modeling anymore? You were just ready to move to New York to be a model.”
    Gabi “I know, but that was before--”
    Kate “Be--Before we talked to you about you leaving town with Arianna?”
    Sami “Right?”
    Kate “Oh, honey, I know. You know what that means to us, and I know that it was a painful decision for you. Maybe you--you need a little more time. See, I told you. I told you it was too soon.”
    Sami “And you were right…”
    Kate “Well--”
    Sami “…for once.”
    Kate “Whatever. Honey, look, the doors will always be open, all right?”
    Gabi “I know, thank you.”
    Sami “But I hope you’re still gonna show us the photos of Arianna, right? You said you had some on your phone.”
    Gabi “What? Oh, yeah.”
    Will “Oh, great!”
    Sami “Will, you were there, right? It’s your child, we’re the ones who haven’t seen these pictures.”
    Will “That’s right, so “get lost,” I guess, right?”------------Aw, I wouldn’t want you to get lost.
    Sami “Well, I mean, we’re just trying to do some girl bonding, right?”
    Gabi “Mm-Hmm.”
    Will “Ok. All right, see ya. Do not get into any trouble, please.”------Too late.
    Kate “Bye, sweetie.”

    2:40-2:42 I like how Will sits up with that expression.

    2:50-2:51 Will’s eagerness.

    3:13-5:18 Skipped dialogue.

    3:29-3:33 Will’s suspicious.

    5:19-5:46 Will “Hello.”
    Hope “How are you, sweetheart?”
    Will “Very good, thanks.”
    Hope “How’s Arianna?”
    Will “She’s great. She just sat up for the first time on her own today.”----------Cool.
    Hope “Wow.”
    Abby “Hi.”
    Will “Hi.”
    Hope “Hi, Abigail.”
    Abby “Ooh, looks like a big night out.”
    Hope “Oh, a little pre-Christmas celebration.”
    Abby “Oh. Oops. So, uh, Nick got off all right?”
    Hope “Yes, that’s what I hear, I got a text.”
    Abby “Oh, wow. Christmas season in New York must be amazing.”
    Will “What? Nick’s in New York.”

    5:33-5:36 I wonder what happened that caused Will & Abby to laugh.

    5:48-6:51 Skipped dialogue.

    6:53-7:44 Hope “Can I talk to you for a moment?”
    Will “Sure.”
    Hope “Would you excuse us, just for a second?”
    Abby “Yeah, no, go ahead.”
    Hope “Will, I know, honey, that you’ll never really get past what Nick tried to do.”-------Obviously you don’t have a problem with it.
    Will “You mean trying to steal my kid? Yeah, even though all the other Hortons are ok with it, I don’t think I’m gonna be able to get over it.”--------Also how he treated you.
    Hope “Yeah, no, maybe coming back to Salem, all the memories, was a mistake for Nick. But hopefully, a big city, it’s--it’s hopefully, just what he needs.”
    Will “Mm-Hmm. Hopefully. It’s gotta be hard, though, I mean, all those people, and he doesn’t know a soul.”
    Hope “Well, actually, he really wasn’t worried about that part, not at all.”
    Will “No kidding. Um, you know what, I have to go, ‘cause I got the night shift with, uh, with Ari, but ok, I’ll see ya.”
    Hope “Wait, honey, we just got here.”
    Will “Bye, kids.”

    7:23-7:27 I like Will’s expression here.

    7:32-7:36 Will’s expression of enlightenment.

    7:48-7:52 Will looks pissed.

    7:53-8:09 Skipped dialogue.

    8:18-8:33 Gabi “Well, what a night. I just got Arianna to bed. Um, what’s wrong?”
    Will “We need to talk.”
    Gabi “Ok, about what?”
    Will “Nick.”

    I wondered about that too, because I thought Will's birthday was in November, and this is December. Unless he was gone during his "birthday" (in CA for the seminar).

    Thanks for the recap/comments.

    Looking forward to watching today's episode and also Thursday's episode (when Sonny is hiding in the closet). I have seen the preview of that and the look on Sonny's face when he hears Gabi say "we murdered Nick (or killed, can't remember)" is really good. Freddie did that reaction shot perfectly).

    #27799   2013/12/11 02:09PM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    You're welcome Kay.

    Here are the scenes for today's episode.

    12-11-13 Will & Sonny

    #27800   2013/12/12 04:21AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Will and Sonny Your eyes

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