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    Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Started by Str8tButEqual at 2012/03/14 04:51PM
    Latest post: 2015/07/30 03:15AM, Views: 1256360, Replies: 28518
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    #27681   2013/12/04 04:36AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    #27682   2013/12/04 04:38AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Morning WilSon Blvd. I enjoyed seeing WilSon but I thought it was mostly filler with them dealing with Gabi’s crap.

    12-03-13 Will & Sonny

    0:00-0:29 Skipped dialogue.

    0:30-0:49 Will “How many bartenders do you need?”
    Sonny “Two. But I should be good ‘cause I have a whole slew of applicants.”
    Will “Ok.”
    Sonny “You should get some writing done.”
    Will “That is the plan. You’re gonna be ok, right? Are you as happy as I am that your mom’s not going to New York?”
    Sonny “Yeah, you can count me in. Gabi must be wiped. She’s still asleep.”

    0:41-0:42 Sonny rubs Will’s shoulder.

    0:43-0:46 I love how Sonny rests his chin on Will’s shoulder.

    0:47 Sonny gets Ari’s attention.

    0:49-0:51 Sonny goes back to rubbing Will’s shoulder.

    0:51-1:58 Skipped dialogue.

    1:59-2:08 Will “Well, your mom’s sleeping in late, so I think that maybe we should make her some breakfast. How does that sound?”
    Gabi “Will.”

    2:16-3:00 T “I can’t believe how many people came in for that interview.”
    Sonny “Yeah, club TBD is the place to work. See how lucky you are?”
    T “Yeah, but I only came in to help out. Although, I’ve been thinking.”-------------That could be dangerous.
    Sonny “Yeah, don’t. Don’t do that.”
    T “Seriously. You gotta hire two bartenders since Chad’s gone, right?”
    Sonny “Yes, I need a bartender, and then Chad’s gone, so I have to take his shifts, so…”
    T “So, um, why don’t you just hire one and then you keep me on, right?”
    Sonny “Really?”
    T “Really, come on. I’m the best, right?”
    Sonny “Ok, I’ll hire one and we’ll see how it goes.”
    T “Awesome, ok. Um…but you’re not doing this because I’m Will’s friend, are you?”
    Sonny “No, I’m doing this because you’re my friend. Oh! Ok.”-------Aw.

    2:45-2:46 It’s funny how Sonny closes his eyes here, like he’s going to regret his decision.

    2:58-3:01 Aw, nice hug.

    3:04-4:24 Skipped dialogue.

    4:27-4:56 Will “Wow, I didn’t realize you were such a news junkie. What’s going on? Gabi? Hello?”
    Gabi “Um, did somebody call while I was asleep?”
    Will “Mm-Hmm. My grandma did, yeah.”
    Gabi “Kate?”
    Will “Yeah.”
    Gabi “Oh, what did she say?”
    Will “Nothing really. She was just checking in, wondering how you were doing and stuff, making sure you’re ok. Actually, I’m worried about that myself. Is everything…all right?”
    Gabi “No.”

    4:43-4:45 I love Will’s expression here.

    4:51-4:53 Will’s concerned expression.

    4:59-5:45 Skipped dialogue.

    5:48-6:49 Will “Please don’t tell me you’ve changed your mind about New York.”
    Gabi “What? No. I’m-I’m not going. That’s over. You know that.”
    Will “Ok. Is that why you’re upset? Uh, listen, I-I know you gave up a lot for us, and we really do appreciate the--”
    Gabi “No, it’s not--it’s not that, ok? It’s just I have a--my brain’s kind of on pause. I didn’t get much sleep last night.”-------Your brain’s always on pause.
    Will “Ok. You know what, listen. I think if you talk to my mom--I-I could do it. I could talk to, uh, grandma or my mom and maybe they can use you as a model in their campaigns. You know, it’s not--”
    Gabi “Is that--Is that why Kate called? Can you just tell me exactly what she said, please?”
    Will “Sure. She didn’t say anything. Um, “Hello. What’s up? How’s Gabi? How’s the baby? Good-bye.”
    Gabi “Ok, I gotta go see Rafe.”
    Will “Didn’t you tell him that you weren’t gonna go to New York last night?”
    Gabi “Oh, God. Can you just please drop the whole modeling thing, ok? I-I’m not going, and I just have other things on my mind. [Flashback] I-I gotta go see Rafe.”

    6:11-6:12 I love Will’s expression here.

    6:52-8:01 Skipped dialogue.

    8:03-8:48 Kate “Oh, my gosh. She is the cutest little thing. She really is. So how are you? How’s the writing going?”
    Will “It’s good. I’m supposed to do 30 minutes a day. Hopefully more than that.”
    Kate “Oh, yeah. Definitely more than that. You always wanna push yourself.”
    Will “Yeah, but, you know, I got a baby to take care of and people keep dropping by.”
    Kate “Do they? Really? That’s a good thing, though, to have family and friends come by.”
    Will “Mm-Hmm.”
    Kate “Um, so, Gabi, is she still asleep?”
    Will “No, she got up and she took off.”
    Kate “Oh, to class?”
    Will “No.”
    Kate “Is everything ok?”
    Will “I don’t know. She’s acting really odd, upset.”----------She’s always odd.

    8:27-8:31 I love their laughter.

    8:55-9:13 T “Someone’s wound a little tight.”
    Sonny “Yeah, yeah, she, uh, had a tough decision to make yesterday, but she’s gonna be ok.”
    T “Hey, I’m caught up on all the inventory. Did you still want me to get those checks to the vendors?”
    Sonny “No, I can do that. In fact…What the hell did I do? Did I leave ‘em at home?”

    9:21-10:58 Kate “So did she say why she was upset?”
    Will “No. You know what’s strange was I offered to talk to you about getting her a modeling job and she totally snapped at me and said it wasn’t important anymore.”
    Kate “Right.”
    Will “She was also, like, avidly flipping through sections of the local newspaper on her tablet. Oh, excuse me. Hey, you.”
    Sonny “Hey, uh, sorry to bother you, but did I leave my checkbook at home?”
    Will “Yes, you did.”
    Sonny “Figures. Ok, I know this is a lot to ask ‘cause you’re, like, writing, but can you bring the checkbook to me? ‘Cause I can’t leave and I really need the checks.”
    Will “Sure, I can bring it.”
    Sonny “I wish I remembered before Gabi got here. I would have had her bring them to me.”
    Will “Gabi’s there?”
    Sonny “Yeah, she’s supposed to meet Rafe.”
    Will “Oh, that’s right. Ok, uh, well, uh, I will pack up Ari and I will be right there.”
    Sonny “Ok, thank you. Love you.”
    Will “Love you too. Bye.”---------So sweet.
    Kate “So Gabi’s at the club?”
    Will “Yeah, Sonny said she’s meeting Rafe.”
    Kate “Oh. Well, she’s probably gonna tell Rafe that she’s not going to New York.”
    Will “No, she did that already.”
    Kate “Really? I wonder--I wonder why she’s meeting him this morning.”
    Will “I don’t know. She just said it was really important and couldn’t wait.”
    Kate “You know, honey, you have so much writing to do. Why don’t I take that checkbook for you and bring it to Sonny? Ok?”
    Will “What? Really?”
    Kate “Yes.”
    Will “Ok.”
    Kate “Absolutely.”
    Will “All right.”
    Kate “Get writing.”
    Will “See you.”

    10:50-10:53 Will’s a little surprised that Kate grabbed the checkbook.

    11:03-11:23 Skipped dialogue.

    11:25-Will “Good morning.”
    EJ “Good morning, William. I was just in the neighborhood. Thought I’d swing by, see how the little one was doing.”--------Liar.
    Will “Oh, great. She is asleep. But you know what? Come on in. Come on, please.”
    EJ “My goodness. What an angel she is.”
    Will “Yeah, she is.”
    EJ “So you must still be riding the high after winning that writing fellowship.”
    Will “Berkeley was an eye-opener.”
    EJ “Mmm, I wouldn’t know. I mean, I-I don’t really write. A few dull legal briefs on occasion, but nothing ever creative. Obviously you have an ability to truly, um, put yourself out there.”
    Will “Yeah, I don’t know. I mean, actually, to tell you the truth, I got like half an hour before she wakes up and I haven’t written a word today.”
    EJ “Oh, yeah. I apologize, William. I, um, actually didn’t just happen to chance by. I wanted to have a conversation with you…uh, about your mother.”--------------Obviously EJ didn’t take the hint to leave.

    12:19-12:21 I love Will’s expression here, like he couldn’t believe EJ’s taking off his coat and making himself at home.

    12:29-12:31 Will’s resigned expression.

    12:32-13:43 EJ “I don’t mean to put you on the spot, William, but something is going on with your mother. I mean, I know she’s been through this terrible ordeal regarding her brother.”
    Will “Yes, I know. And you’re worried that she’s not handling it well?”
    EJ “Well…I’m not entirely sure that-that’s the problem. Uh, she’s definitely hiding something from me. She came back last night and she was distinctly tense, uh, and distracted. And I asked her why and she wouldn’t tell me.”
    Will “I bet it’s Gabi’s modeling thing.”
    EJ “Really? What modeling thing is this?”
    Will “Oh, you don’t know? Apparently--I mean, well, this is what happened. Big modeling agency offered Gabi a job, wanted to make her a huge star, but she would have to move to New York.”
    EJ “And take the baby with her?”
    Will “Yes. So Sonny and I started talking about moving to New York as well, and I’m sure, you know, mom freaked out about that.”
    EJ “I don’t know why she wouldn’t mention that to me, though.”
    Will “Um, maybe ‘cause it’s all settled? Gabi changed her mind and everything’s back to normal.”
    EJ “Not for your mother.”----------When is Sami ever normal?

    13:44-14:15 Skipped dialogue.

    14:16-14:32 Kate “Hey.”
    Sonny “Hey.”
    Kate “Here it is. I spent enough time with Arianna. I wanted to give Will a chance to write.”
    Sonny “I know. Well, thank you very much.”
    Kate “You’re welcome.”
    Sonny “Uh, T? T? Can you handle things? I want to go take care of a few things.”
    T “Yeah.”
    Sonny “Ok.”
    T “Got it boss.”
    Sonny “Cool. Thank you again.”
    Kate “You’re welcome.”

    14:33-14:42 Skipped dialogue.

    14:44-15:27 EJ “You know, I ran into Gabi earlier this morning. She seemed a little tense.”
    Will “She woke up that way.”
    EJ “She told me she spoke to your mother yesterday. I wonder if it’s something your mother said that made her that way.”
    Will “You never know with mom. She does know how to push Gabi’s buttons, though.”
    EJ “Oh, well. I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s probably nothing. I will let you get back to your writing, dear boy.”
    Will “Ok, thank you.”
    EJ “Thank you.”
    Will “All right.”
    EJ “What are you up to, Samantha?”

    15:32-16:01 Skipped dialogue.

    #27683   2013/12/04 04:39AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Here’s what’s on today’s episode.

    TV Guide

    12/4 Brady has a relapse; Victor tries to get Maggie to move back home; Daniel comes up with a way for Eric to clear his name; Kate tries to stop Gabi from revealing a major secret.

    #27684   2013/12/04 08:57AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Mari updated her story.

    #27685   2013/12/04 09:26AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    It doesn't look like Will or Sonny is on today.

    #27686   2013/12/04 10:21AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Will and Sonny It must have been love

    #27687   2013/12/04 10:22AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    freddie smith ‏@freddiemsmith Episode 2 of @AddictsAnon is up! Check it out on

    #27688   2013/12/04 10:23AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Coffee Shop Chat

    #27689   2013/12/04 03:50PM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    if i lose myself: will & sonny {laura's wish}

    #27690   2013/12/05 04:02AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Will and Sonny All I want for Christmas

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