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    Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Started by Str8tButEqual at 2012/03/14 04:51PM
    Latest post: 2015/07/31 12:56PM, Views: 1257492, Replies: 28521
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    #27611   2013/11/28 04:22AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Will and Sonny // Unconditionally

    #27612   2013/11/28 04:23AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    The Backlot ‏@TheBacklot #FreddieSmith leads group therapy in “Addicts Anonymous”. Watch:

    #27613   2013/11/28 04:25AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Team WilSon ‏@DaysWilson Will and Sonny! #DAYS

    Team WilSon ‏@DaysWilson Sonny looking at his boyfriend. #DAYS

    Team WilSon ‏@DaysWilson No matter how messy things get she reminded me that you'll always love me. #DAYS

    Team WilSon ‏@DaysWilson WilSon kiss! <3 #DAYS

    Team WilSon ‏@DaysWilson Will talking to Lucas. #DAYS

    Team WilSon ‏@DaysWilson Lucas is so silly with Arianna :3 #DAYS

    Team WilSon ‏@DaysWilson I just can't lose her and I can't lose you. #DAYS

    Team WilSon ‏@DaysWilson You know what Manhattan needs? -A club TBD. #DAYS

    Team WilSon ‏@DaysWilson Will&Lucas hug #DAYS

    Team WilSon ‏@DaysWilson I wonder what's taking Gabi so long... #DAYS

    Team WilSon ‏@DaysWilson Will and Sonny cuddling. #DAYS

    Team WilSon ‏@DaysWilson Will and Sonny... #DAYS

    Team WilSon ‏@DaysWilson I'm not moving to New York. YAY! #DAYS

    Team WilSon ‏@DaysWilson HALLELUJAH! #DAYS

    #27614   2013/11/28 04:26AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    #27615   2013/11/28 04:28AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Morning WilSon Blvd. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving with family & friends.

    I like the way WilSon resolves their issue which wasn’t too over the top. It would be nice though if the writers gave this story more layers by having them talk a little more about what to do but I guess it’s more important to show Sami, Kate & Gabi cover up a crime.

    11-27-13 Will & Sonny

    0:00-1:51 Skipped dialogue.

    1:53-3:35 Will “She’s asleep again.”
    Sonny “That’s good.”
    Will “So, um, where did you go before?”
    Sonny “Um, I don’t know. I wasn’t really paying attention. I was just trying to process this whole thing.”
    Will “Yeah. Listen, I-I know I-I’m asking a lot, um, you know, asking you to move to New York.”
    Sonny “Yeah, I mean, my whole life is here.”------------There was the life you had traveling too, so not all your life has been in Salem.
    Will “I know. But my daughter’s gonna be in New York, and she’s, you know, she has to be my life. And I’m-I’m sorry. I went too far when I said that you were making me choose between you and Ari. That’s not--I’m sorry. So, um, what made you come back?”-------------I’m glad Will’s apologizing.
    Sonny “Um, I ran into your mom, actually.”
    Will “Oh, and you ran for shelter? That’s a good call.”
    Sonny “No, it went well. And, uh, you know, I told her what happened, and she said something that stuck with me. She said, no matter how crazy things get, that I should never forget that you love me.”
    Will “Well, she’s right for once. I’m sorry.”
    Sonny “It’s ok.”
    Will “So, um, are you telling me that mom knows I’m thinking about moving to New York.”
    Sonny “Yeah.”
    Will “Why isn’t she here then, reading me the riot act?”
    Sonny “Well, she kind of seemed like she wanted to get away from me. Like she had something more important to do.”
    Will “More important than running my life? Oh, my God, please don’t be doing something crazy again.”--------Your prayers aren’t being answered.

    2:31-2:33 Sonny’s expression of understanding.

    2:35-2:37 I love Will’s expression here.

    2:58-3:01 Will looking at Sonny’s lips.

    3:01 I love how Will clasps the back of Sonny’s neck.

    3:02-3:04 WilSon kisses.

    3:06 Will’s really gripping Sonny’s shoulders.

    3:08-3:11 I love Will’s expression here.

    3:15 Another great Will expression.

    3:29-3:33 Uh, oh, Will’s worried.

    3:34-4:15 Skipped dialogue.

    4:19-5:00 Will “Hey. Wow, what a surprise.”
    Lucas “How you doing? Well, I had to give my, uh, granddaughter a six-month birthday present, didn’t I?”----------How common is it to celebrate 6 month babies?
    Will “You’re right. She’d be very upset if you didn’t.”
    Lucas “All right, you got me. I just wanted to see her.”
    Will “Ok.”
    Lucas “Sue me.”
    Will “Uh, But I did just put her down to sleep, so…”
    Sonny “Well, you thought you did.”
    Will “Ok, I’ll get her.”
    Sonny “No, no, I got it.”
    Will “Ok. Thank you.”
    Lucas “Everything ok between you two?”
    Will “Um, yeah, not really. Uh, Gabi got a modeling contract.”
    Lucas “Oh, she did. Well, that’s--that’s great, isn’t it?”
    Will “Well, I mean, it’s not that simple. It seems like nothing is really simple anymore.”----------That’s true on a soap.

    4:22-4:23 Will & Lucas hug.

    4:47-4:50 Will’s expression of trying to answer Lucas’s question.

    5:05-7:48 Skipped dialogue.

    7:51-8:51 Lucas “So Gabi’s just gonna pack up and move to New York? Really?”
    Will “As far as I know.”
    Lucas “Well, she can’t do that, right?”
    Will “We don’t have a custody agreement, dad, and she’s the mom, and-and she wants to be able to support Ari.”
    Lucas “What are you gonna do?”
    Will “Don’t have a choice. Gonna have to move to New York too.”
    Lucas “You’re gonna what?”
    Will “If I don’t, I’m gonna--I’m gonna see Ari once a month at best if I’m lucky.”
    Lucas “No, I-I get that, I do. I mean, it killed me that I wasn’t there for you as much as I should have been, but New York, really?”
    Will “Well, I mean, I switched my major to creative writing, I told you, and I think I could do that at NYU.”-----------Don’t you think you should find out? Look online or make phone calls.
    Lucas “I guess I could try to sell your mom on it.”---------Good luck with that.
    Will “Thank you. Because I’m sure she’s gonna be freaking out.”---------She has her hands full with another murder.
    Lucas “What about Sonny? Where does he fit into all this?”
    Sonny “It’s funny that you ask.”
    Lucas “Oh, man.”
    Sonny “‘Cause I was, uh, playing with Ari, and, uh, it made me think, like--”
    Lucas “It’s ok.”
    Sonny “I know. I just can’t lose her, and I can’t lose you. And I also started thinking that you know what Manhattan needs? A club TBD.”--------It’s like I said the other day about how he wanted to expand before but Chad held him back.

    8:09-8:10 I like how Will tries to emphasize his point with clenching his fists.

    8:23-8:26 Will seems excited about the writing but confused at the same time if he’ll be able to do that there.

    8:47-8:51 Lucas is funny.

    9:00 Sonny’s earnest expression that he wants another club in New York.

    9:01-9:03 Will looks emotionally touched about Sonny’s decision like he’s trying to hold back tears.

    9:03-11:57 Skipped dialogue.

    11:59-12:25 Will “Hey, out when her little head hit the pillow.”
    Lucas “She looked tired. You guys look a little beat yourselves.”
    Sonny “Yeah, it’s been quite a day.”
    Lucas “I’ll tell you what, wherever she is when she turns one, I’m gonna be there. No matter what.”
    Will “Well, I hope you don’t wait that long.”
    Lucas “Good night, all right?”
    Will “Love you.”
    Lucas “Good night. Have a good one, ok?”
    Will “Good night.”
    Lucas “Call me if you need anything at all.”
    Will “Ok.”
    Lucas “All right.”
    Will “See you, dad. Well, it is getting kind of late.”
    Sonny “I know. I wonder what’s taking Gabi so long.”

    12:09 WilSon look at each other.

    12:16-12:17 WilSon smiling expressions.

    12:18-12:20 Another Will & Lucas hug.

    12:38-17:43 Skipped dialogue.

    17:47-18:03 Will & Sonny “Hey.”
    Will “You don’t look so good.”
    Gabi “No. No, I-I’m not so good.”
    Will “What happened?”
    Gabi “I…I have something to tell you both.”

    17:47 Aw, WilSon snuggling up on the couch.

    19:39-20:38 Will “Sit down.”
    Sonny “Here, have some water. Looks like you’re gonna pass out.”----------We should be so lucky.
    Will “What happened, Gabi? What’s wrong?”
    [Gabi flashbacks. I skipped dialogue.]
    Gabi “I thought--I thought I could go through with it, but I--I can’t. I just--I--”
    Will “Go through with what? What--What are you talking about?”
    Gabi “I’m not going to New York, not after--”
    Will “Yay!”
    Sonny “Hallelujah.”
    Will “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.”

    20:32-20:34 Will’s excited.

    20:34-20:39 Sonny’s excited too.

    #27616   2013/11/28 04:30AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Here’s what’s on today’s episode.

    DOOL will be preempted and the network is showing Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

    Modified 1 times(s), last time at: 2013/11/28 04:31AM
    #27617   2013/11/28 04:32PM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Will and Sonny I'll stand by you

    #27618   2013/11/28 04:33PM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Mari updated her story.

    #27619   2013/11/28 04:34PM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Thanks for the recap/comments. I was happy to see both Will and Sonny on, and we got one kiss so that was a surprise. I do not know if everyone celebrates a six-month birthday, especially with gifts, but it is nice that Kate and Lucas visited little ARIANNA. She is so cute. I read on Twitter that those little girl's were on Hawaii-5-0 the other week on the same episode that Carol Burnett guest-starred. I do not watch that show so not sure if the babies are on every episode, or were just on that one episode.

    #27620   2013/11/28 04:34PM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Will & Sonny voted #1 favorite couple for the 54th time in the past 55 weeks.

    Freddie Smith voted #4 favorite actor.

    Chandler Massey voted #5 favorite actor.

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