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    Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Started by Str8tButEqual at 2012/03/14 04:51PM
    Latest post: 2015/07/31 12:56PM, Views: 1257712, Replies: 28521
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    #27461   2013/11/19 12:37PM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Quote Str8tButEqual: Sadie Esperanto ‏@SadieEsperanto OH SH!T. Sonny takes a call from the modeling agency. To Gabi: "You selfish. B!TCH."

    What a great show! Best ending with Sonny. Cannot wait to see the big showdown tomorrow between all 3. Gabi should have been discussing all this with WilSon instead of Nick. Her priorities are so screwed up.

    #27462   2013/11/20 04:39AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    #27463   2013/11/20 04:40AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Morning WilSon Blvd. A great episode with WilSon and of course Sonny giving Gabi hell.

    11-19-13 Will & Sonny

    0:01-0:17 Sonny “Are you bringing the coffee to Rafe at the hospital?”
    Kate “Well…”
    T “Personally, I think Rafe’s got all he needs.”
    Sonny “Oh, you saw him?”
    T “No, didn’t need to. Saw his smokin’ hot physical therapist, though, last night. I’m serious! Thinking about spraining my ankle just to get in on that action.”

    0:21-0:38 Skipped dialogue.

    0:39-1:15 Rafe “I didn’t know he was back.”
    Jordan “Who?”
    Rafe “Hey, Will!”
    Will “Oh, hey! Good to see you.”
    Rafe “Yeah, you too. You’re back already, huh?”
    Will “Yeah, just a week, yeah.”
    Rafe “Oh, ok. How’d it go?”
    Will “It was great. Then I got back here and I found out all hell had broken loose.”
    Rafe “Oh, right. You’re talking about what happened with Eric at, uh, Brady and Kristen’s wedding, huh?”
    Will “Yeah.”
    Rafe “What a mess.”
    Will “That’s not all that happened though.”
    Rafe “What are you talking about?”
    Will “I’m guessing you haven’t seen your sister lately.”

    0:52-0:53 Will’s expression.

    1:13-1:14 I love Will’s expression here.

    1:21-1:57 Skipped dialogue.

    2:00-2:37 Kate “So how did you, um, meet Rafe’s therapist? Hopefully you weren’t in the hospital.”
    T “Oh, no, ma’am. It was right here. I was bartending.”
    Kate “Jordan was here?”
    T “In all of her glory.”
    Kate “Wow, ‘cause I always think of her all work and no play.”
    T “Not last night, ‘cause she was having a good time.”
    Kate “Well, was she here with someone?”
    T “Oh, um, Abigail and Gabi. That’s how I met her.”
    Kate “Oh! Well, that’s good, she’s making friends. You know, maybe she’ll be staying in Salem. God knows she’s done wonders for Rafe. So, anyway, I need to be going. Would you tell Will to call me?”
    Sonny “Absolutely, no problem.”

    2:37 I like how Sonny looks with his chin propped on his hand.

    2:41-3:34 Rafe “What do I not know about my sister?”
    Will “Oh, it’s good news, I swear. I’ll just let her, uh, tell you herself.”
    Rafe “Ok. Oh, excuse me. This is Jordan. Will. She’s…”
    Will “Oh, hello.”---------I love how Will says this.
    Jordan “Hi.”
    Will “Mwah! Nice to meet you.”
    Rafe “Whipping me back into shape, yeah.”
    Will “Yeah, um, I saw you at the club for mom and EJ’s engagement party thing, right?”
    Jordan “Oh, yep.”
    Rafe “You’re right, yep. She was with me then too.”
    Will “Yeah, you guys are lucky you got out before the shooting happened.”
    Rafe “Yeah, yeah, that’s usually good.”
    Will “I’m glad I didn’t scare you away, though. Sonny told me you were there last night.”
    Rafe “You were at the club?”
    Jordan “Um, yeah.”
    Will “Yeah, she was hanging out with Gabi and Abby, apparently.”
    Rafe “Wait, hold on a second. You were hanging out with my sister and I didn’t know about it?”
    Jordan “It-It really wasn’t a big deal.”
    Will “That’s not what Gabi said.”

    2:54-2:55 Will’s such a sweetie to kiss Jordan’s hand.

    3:14 I like that glance that Will did here.

    3:41-4:56- Skipped dialogue.

    5:00-6:17 Rafe “So what went on in the club last night, huh?”
    Jordan “Nothing, nothing.”
    Rafe “A little…something.”
    Jordan “You know what? That’s the hospital.”
    Rafe “Yeah, I’ll bet.”
    Jordan “This is Jordan.”
    Rafe “All right, so, uh…”
    Will “So…”
    Rafe “Your mom must have been pretty upset about what happened with Eric?”
    Will “Oh, yeah, yeah, she was. I actually just came from talking to her.”
    Rafe “Yeah.”
    Will “Mm-Hmm.”
    Rafe “What about EJ?”
    Will “I don’t know. I mean, I was talking to mom about Eric, and then he suddenly started asking me about Berkeley.”
    Rafe “Well, if my sister drugged my fiancé’s priest brother and made a sex tape, I’d probably change the subject too.”
    Will “Yeah.”
    Rafe “Right.”
    Will “Do you think, uh, Do you think EJ and Stefano are in on it? Or…”
    Rafe “I really don’t know enough about it. But I do feel bad for Eric. I mean, he’s a priest. Certainly seems like a good guy.”
    Will “Yeah, that’s what everybody says.”
    Rafe “Yeah. Hey, listen, if you talk to him, just let him know I’m in his corner, all right?”
    Will “I will, I will. Thanks.”
    Jordan “Hey, sorry, I have to get back to the hospital.”
    Will “That’s ok. I gotta go too. And I’ll see you later.”
    Rafe “All right, see you, Will.”
    Will “See you.”

    5:35 Will’s expression.

    5:44-5:46 You can see Will’s realization.

    6:17-8:29 Skipped dialogue.

    8:33-10:02 Will “Hello.”
    Sonny “Hey.”
    Will “Sorry I missed your call. What’s up?”
    Sonny “I thought you were gonna sleep in.”
    Will “Yeah, I got jet lag.”
    Sonny “Oh, that can happen after a long flight.”
    Will “I know.”
    T “Hey. So did you get my text about your Uncle?”
    Sonny “T, shut up.”
    Will “No, it’s ok. Yeah, I did. Is that what your message was about?”
    Sonny “Yeah, I wanted you to hear it from me.”
    Will “It doesn’t matter who I heard it from, I mean it--”
    Sonny “It sucks.”
    Will “Yeah. I mean, my Uncle is claiming that Kristen drugged him to have sex with him.”
    T “So is he, like, defrocked or whatever they call it now?”
    Sonny “Mr. Sensitive strikes again.”
    Will “I don’t know what’s gonna happen to him, honestly.”
    T “Where’s the chick?”
    Sonny “She left town.”
    T “Man, if she was that desperate, she could have just called me. No drugs needed.”
    Sonny “T, can you go unload the beer truck?”
    T “I already did.”
    Sonny “Can you get lost?”
    T “Sorry.”
    Sonny “Just, he doesn’t--he doesn’t take anything seriously.”
    Will “I know. He can’t help it. Ooh, what’s in the box? I’m hungry.”
    Sonny “Well, we have to wait for Gabi. And we might be waiting awhile, ‘cause she hasn’t decided on that modeling gig, yet.”
    Will “Mm-Hmm.”
    Sonny “But if she does decide to take it…ta-da. What do you think? I should have maybe waited and got your opinion, Mr. Writer.”
    Will “No, I love it, I love it.”
    Sonny “You love it?”
    Will “That’s very sweet.”
    Sonny “And if she doesn’t take the job, we can just share it.”
    Will “She’s--She’s gonna take it, trust me. Why would she pass up something like this?”

    8:46-8:47 I like the friendship that’s shown with Will & T.

    9:47 Sorry that cake doesn’t look good to me.

    9:51-9:53 I like how Sonny said “Mr. Writer”.

    10:03 I love Will’s expression.

    10:04-11:16 T “Can I come back now?”
    Sonny “Are you gonna behave yourself?”
    T “I always behave myself! Cake! Ooh! I’m gonna get a fork.”
    Sonny “No, you’re not eating the cake. This is for later. He’s been eating so much of the inventory, I’m not even gonna have to pay him.”
    Will “I can’t even believe you’re working here.”
    T “Hmm? Yep. And doing an awesome job too. Go ahead, tell him what you said.”
    Sonny “He’s not half bad.”
    T “See? Ha! Already a valued employee.”
    Sonny “Oh, man. You know what really scare me? Now that Chad’s gone, I have to give T some extra hours.”
    Will “So if you’re helping me with Ari--”
    Sonny “Oh, yeah, he might be managing the joint.”
    Will “You know, one day you’re gonna come back and club TBD is gonna be club T. I think.”
    Sonny “It’s so good to see you smile.”
    Will “Thanks, well, I’ve got a lot to smile about. I mean, this thing with my, you know, Uncle is strange, but I got a great boyfriend. I got a beautiful daughter. My writing is going well. Um, this place is turning a profit. You can buy me stuff. Uh, and Gabi’s about to do something that could really change her life for the better.”-----------I love Will’s list of things to smile about.
    Sonny “Yeah, as long as she get over herself and signs that contract.”
    Will “I know, she will, she will, I’m gonna make her. And everything’s gonna work out.”

    10:58 I love Sonny’s look when Will said “he’s got a great boyfriend”.

    11:18-14:04 Skipped dialogue.

    14:07-14:23 Nick “Oh, hey, Will. Good to see you.”
    Will “Hey.”
    Nick “Hey.”
    Will “Hey.”
    Nick “Oh, I-I heard about the--about the bad news.”
    Will “Uh, what bad news?”
    Nick “It’s so weird how-how that stuff always happens, like, when you least expect it.”

    14:26-15:09 Will “Uh, what bad news?”
    Nick “Father Eric. You heard about that, right? I mean, because everybody-everybody else has.”
    Will “Yeah, I have. Um, I don’t really know, though. So if you want the inside scoop, probably ask somebody else.”
    Nick “No, no, no, no, no. It wasn’t that. Um, hey, how was Berkeley? That must have been awesome.”
    Will “It was.”
    Nick “Yeah?”
    Will “Yeah.”
    Nick “You’re-You’re still writing?”
    Will “Yeah. Changed my major to creative writing.”
    Nick “Dude. You don’t need to create anything. You know what you should do?”
    Will “Mm-Hmm.”
    Nick “Let me tell you what you should do. You should write an autobiography. I’ll bet people would line up to read that story.”
    Will “Wow.”----------Will’s reaction is like “What a dumb idea”.
    Nick “I’m serious. Yeah.”
    Will “I’ll keep that in mind.”
    Nick “Yeah.”
    Will “Yeah.”
    Nick “See you.”

    15:09 I love Will’s backward look to Nick.

    15:21-16:06 Sonny “Hey!”
    Gabi “Shhh. She just fell asleep.”
    Sonny “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. Hello. Uh, no, this is her roommate. Yeah, if you just wanna wait a minute, I can--I can get her for you. Yeah, you can just tell me. Are you kidding me? New York. Oh, yeah, I will give her the message.”
    Gabi “She’s down for the count.”
    Sonny “You selfish b!tch.”----------WooHoo let the fun begin.

    15:48-15:51 I love how Sonny goes from being in a good mood and then he slowly changes his expression to one of realization of what Gabi did.

    15:59-16:00 Sonny’s anger.

    16:04-16:07 Sonny unleashed.

    #27464   2013/11/20 04:41AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Here’s what’s on today’s episode.

    TV Guide

    11/ 20 Eric is suspended and forced to remove his collar; Gabi has a huge fight with Will and Sonny; Theresa and her mom have an emotional discussion about their relationship; EJ delivers a message to Abigail from Chad.

    #27465   2013/11/20 07:27AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    I’m So Lucky

    #27466   2013/11/20 09:10AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    DaysCafe ‏@DaysCafe #days #dool Wednesday Gabs says she not b!tch. Son says yes she is cos she hid moving to NYC from him and Will and he is mad!

    DaysCafe ‏@DaysCafe #days #dool Wednesday Gabs says she tried to say there was prob with contract but Wilson never gave her chance ...

    #27467   2013/11/20 09:12AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    DaysCafe ‏@DaysCafe #days #dool Wednesday Gabi defiant and she going to NYC!

    #27468   2013/11/20 09:15AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Dreamer ‏@DR1Dreamer #DAYS Will arrives home and Sonny immediately opens his mouth to spill the beans

    Dreamer ‏@DR1Dreamer #DAYS Will asks abt Arianna, Sonny says she has a first class ticket to NY

    #27469   2013/11/20 09:31AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    Dreamer ‏@DR1Dreamer #DAYS Wilson are interrogating Gabi...

    Dreamer ‏@DR1Dreamer #DAYS Sonny calls her,

    #27470   2013/11/20 09:33AM
    Re: Wil♥Son Fans Only. (Pro-WilSon fans only.)

    DaysCafe ‏@DaysCafe #days #dool Wednesday Gabs talks once a month visits and shared custody

    DaysCafe ‏@DaysCafe #days #dool Wednesday Will says no shared custody cos he lived that and it was not good enough, says this arrangement good for Ari

    DaysCafe ‏@DaysCafe #days #dool Wednesday Gabs says she gonna live her dream and besides Will musta known this arrangement was not perm (Nick's words hmm)

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